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Chapter 32 – 32

After Li s.h.i.+ Ying drank the pill, her fever slowly cooled down. Her originally pale face was slowly became more rosy and healthy.

Long Ao Zhen sighed in relief when he saw that the pill worked well. He just didn’t know wether the pill would work or not but seeing this sign, he was rea.s.sured that Li s.h.i.+ Ying’s life has been saved.

Now…it’s the time to erase Li s.h.i.+ Ying memory about him.

Long Ao Zhen already thought about in ever since he talked to his father. He would erase Li s.h.i.+ Ying memory about that incident and kept her in the dark about this matter. That way she could live her life well with the protection of spiritual beasts.

Long Ao Zhen already planned to ordered Jiu Wei and other strong divine beasts in grave forest to follow and protect Li s.h.i.+ Ying well. Even though she couldn’t contracted them yet, after she was completely cured, he will teach her somehow to control her divine energy and her dragon aura.

The dragon seal made Li s.h.i.+ Ying body contain 1/10 of Long Ao Zhen divine energy which was the same with a baby dragon strength. Of course because of the seal, Li s.h.i.+ Ying body would emitted a dragon aura even though it was only a baby dragon aura, it was enough to subdue all the spiritual beasts in lower realm.

No matter how strong they were, it was their instinct to obey a mythological beast and kneel down from their aura. Even if the mythological beast was only a newborn baby.

Long Ao Zhen looked over his ‘wife’ face. He was somehow reluctant to erase her memory about him. By doing so, the next time they met, Li s.h.i.+ Ying wouldn’t recognize him at all and would treat him like a stranger.

At the thought of having his own ‘wife’ treating him like a stranger, Long Ao Zhen felt like his heart was squeezed by an invisible hand.

Just how many times he felt like someone squeezed his heart?? Could it be that someone place a curse on him like a voodoo doll or something??

Long Ao Zhen once again misthought about the pain in his heart.

Even so, Long Ao Zhen still steeled his heart to erase Li s.h.i.+ Ying memory about him.

Long Ao Zhen stare at Li s.h.i.+ Ying gradually rosy face. He then slowly put his right hand on s.h.i.+ Ying forehead.

Her fever had died down completely now. He could see her lips colour began to change into a faint pink. Long Ao Zhen shook his head and began the process.

“It will hurt a little…bear with it” Long Ao Zhen whispered faintly on s.h.i.+ Ying ear before inserted his divine energy into s.h.i.+ Ying forehead.

The energy striked Li s.h.i.+ Ying brain and she groaned in pain. Bead after bead of sweat was dripping off from her forehead.

Long Ao Zhen couldn’t bear to looked at Li s.h.i.+ Ying painful face so he fasten the process.

Long Ao Zhen search for a certain memory which was the memory of their first encounter near the river. When he found it, he used his divine energy to slowly erased every pieces of the memory resided in Li s.h.i.+ Ying mind.

Li s.h.i.+ Ying felt pain in her head. She felt like a thousand needles p.r.i.c.ked her mind and something like an eraser, erase a part of her memories with force.

Li s.h.i.+ Ying gritted her teeth in pain as she sucked in a cold air. “Hishh!”

Li s.h.i.+ Ying forehead was already knitted into an uncomfortable frown.

Long Ao Zhen kept whispering something like “Sorry”, ” bear with it”, “it will end soon”, and ” it won’t hurt anymore” to Li s.h.i.+ Ying ear.

He tried to lessen her pain by whispering encouragement speech to her mind.

Well he succeed in doing that.

Li s.h.i.+ Ying mind heard Long Ao Zhen every words and subsconsciously hypnotize itself to lessen the pain.

Long Ao Zhen magnetic and charming voice was recorded deeply into Li s.h.i.+ Ying mind as the only source of sound she could hear.

Sadly all Long Ao Zhen figure was slowly being erased from Li s.h.i.+ Ying mind until nothing remained.

Long Ao Zhen immediately stopped his divine energy supply when he knew that his goal has been achieved. He retract his hand from Li s.h.i.+ Ying forehead and asked Jiu Wei for a cloth to wipe off Li s.h.i.+ Ying sweat.

Jiu Wei brought forward the cloth and Long Ao Zhen carefully wipe off the sweat on Li s.h.i.+ Ying face.

He made sure to use his strength properly in order not to harm Li s.h.i.+ Ying skin. His action was very gentle and thoughtful that even he himself didn’t realize it.

Only Jiu Wei and Mao Mao as the ‘netizen’ saw how thoughtful Long Ao Zhen action is.

The two of them couldn’t help but to grin in a strange way.


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