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Read The Dreamer In The Spring Boudoir Chapter 439 – You Can Go Back 2

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Chapter 439 – You can go back (2)

They clearly didn’t have that many moments of intersection. Why were all of her memories about him when she was reminiscing?

Ji Man was a bit frightened by her thoughts.

The only sounds in the jail were the groaning and wailing of prisoners. There was nothing else. She leaned against the quilt that she had gotten because of connections and gradually fell asleep. Anyways, this wasn’t a Mary Sue romance fiction novel. The male lead wasn’t going to break in here through the window and take her away in the moonlight. She didn’t have any expectations.

This jail had winding corridors. A few steps from her prison cell, there was a corner. Ning Yuxuan was standing in that s.p.a.ce right now. Through the s.p.a.ces between the railings, he was able to see her.

After Qian Yingchen had stood here with Marquis Moyu for a long time, he heavily coughed a few times. Startled by the noise, Ning Yuxuan turned around and harshly glared at him. Soon after, he hastily turned back to see if there was any movement in Ji Man’s prison cell.

Fortunately, Ji Man was already asleep and didn’t hear anything. She only turned over.

Sighing in relief, but also feel disappointed, Ning Yuxuan waved his hand and lightly said, “Let’s go.”

Not having another choice, Qian Yingchen quirked his mouth and voiced his a.s.sented. Was this it? Had he just called him over here to keep him company and act out the role of a stone for a while?

The preliminary judgment of the murder case in Marquis Moyu’s estate was that Nie Sangyu had a motive for killing Wen Wan. Thus, she was the most likely suspect. However, on the second day, the coroner figured out what Wen Wan was poisoned with. It was a poison that could only be found in the palace called “Beauty Intoxication”. It was specifically given to imperial consorts that had been sentenced to death.

Marquis Moyu carried Wen Wan’s memorial tablet to the front of the palace and knelt down. This caused a group of important officials to gather around him to watch. The emperor could only come out and personally help him stand up. The emperor said he wasn’t clear about the situation, but the matter would be seriously handled.

And how would this matter be seriously handled? Every day, Ning Yuxuan went to the palace’s entrance to keep watch. He didn’t go inside. He just stayed outside holding the memorial tablet to pressure the emperor.

As a last resort, Zhao Zhe dragged out a newly promoted imperial concubine to take the fall for Wen Wan’s death. Moreover, he ordered for that imperial concubine to commit suicide so that one life was repaid with another life. This way, Marquis Moyu could set his mind at rest and leave for the military campaign.

Of course, a problem arose from Zhao Zhe’s action. That imperial concubine was the first woman that entered Zhao Zhe’s harem after he ascended the throne, so she naturally had a strong background. Her father, Sir Luo, was the Chancellor of Exchequer in the Three Departments. She was also Luo Qianqian’s younger sister.

Because Zhao Zhe had to deal with the problematic fallout of his actions, he didn’t have the energy to deal with Ji Man and Ning Yuxuan for the time being.

Ji Man was let out of jail, but she didn’t go looking for Ning Yuxuan. Instead, she continued her efforts in looking for Haohao. The emperor would only be temporarily troubled. Once he was no longer busy, he would naturally go back to making life difficult for Ji Man. But, she wasn’t scared. She had already figured out a plan. If she couldn’t find Haohao within the ten-day deadline, then on the day that Ning Yuxuan left for the military campaign, she would go send him off, put that cedar tree cloak on him, and leave this place.

She would just leave this terrible mess for these storybook characters to deal with. This old lady no longer wanted to play along!

After searching the capital for five days, there was still no inkling of Haohao’s whereabouts. Ji Man was almost ready to give up. Haohao was probably in the palace. It was all up to the emperor then.

Haohao had been taken away at such a young age to be a bargaining chip. In the future, would he even recognize her as his mom? If not, then she would ruin Ning Yuxuan’s face, that way Haohao wouldn’t recognize him either. This way, it would be fair for both sides!

Ning Yuxuan had been especially honest during the past few days. She hadn’t seen much of him. He seemed to be busy with something. When she b.u.mped into him, he would keep his distance and only nod at her before rus.h.i.+ng away.

He was probably busy with preparations for the military campaign? Ji Man chuckled as she took out a cloak from the wardrobe.

This was the cedar tree cloak that Nie Sangyu had embroidered. It would probably look good when it was worn with Ning Yuxuan’s white armor.

Three days later, it was time for Ning Yuxuan to set off. For some unknown reason, there was something special about this departure. The emperor would be personally sending off the army, and the troops would be taking off on military training ground that was outside the capital. All of the military and civil officials were also in attendance. However, it seemed as if there was something missing.

Ji Man had pleaded with Ning Yuxuan for a long time until he agreed to let her come to send him off. At that time, she would perform a gesture of conjugal love. For example, putting a cloak on him.

In the end, she had chosen to not leave the capital with him, and he didn’t try to change her mind. Ji Man thought there was a saying that was quite correct. She definitely had to tell Ning Yuxuan about it.

On the way to military training ground, they shared a carriage. Ning Yuxuan said, “If possible, you should go back to Heaven. Once everything has calmed down, come back to look for me.”

Ji Man chuckled. “Sure.”

Unfortunately for him, once she went back, she wouldn’t be coming back here again.

However, Ji Man has thought things through. This wasn’t her world. Marquis Moyu wasn’t her husband. Wanting Ning Yuxuan to only love her was like requiring a horse to stand up on its two hind legs and walk like a human. They were from different worlds. She couldn’t selfishly ask so much from him.

She would just treat everything that happened her as a dream. She had already changed Nie Sangyu’s fate. Instead of Nie Sangyu dying, it was Wen Wan that died. Since Wen Wan was dead, it was time for this novel to end.

There wouldn’t be anything here that she was reluctant to part with.

She tightened her grip on the cloak. Ji Man took a deep breath. The person next to her stayed silent.

Once they arrived at the military training ground, and after the formalities were concluded, Zhao Zhe ordered for the troops to depart.

Ji Man grabbed this opportunity to rush forward and shouted, “Yuxuan…”

The man turned his head back. Seeing that his eyes were full of gentleness and warmth, she froze slightly.

“I… embroidered this cloak for you. Please put it on before leaving.”


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