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The Dungeon’s Demon Lord is the Weakest is a web novel completed by Nichiyō, 日曜.
This webnovel is presently ongoing.

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Chapter 16: Have a good night’s sleep. See you tomorrow.


It was a mysterious day.

It was a mysterious day when nature was totally overturned, the moon rose in the morning and the sun carried the dark.  

I was able to make a friend.

With that alone, the world began to shine beyond recognition.

One was a demon lord.

My master who seemed to be weak, delicate, and fragile.

Another one was a colleague.


My friend who wasn’t timid and could vomit abusive foul language to the demon lord unconcernedly.  


Both of them were my important friends.

Was the world this beautiful? I’m surprised. At the time when I went out to cook, it was indeed so.


The [Blood Tears of a Demon King] was covered in darkness. The wasteland where nothing grew.

Nevertheless, the stars twinkled brightly and the moon was beautiful, it casted a gentle light towards the ground at night and it shined beautifully clear.



I honestly thought so.


Was this world so wide, gentle and beautiful?

I entered the thing called a bath for the first time.


It was warm, so warm, I cried again in joy for some reason.


It was really a mysterious day.


It’s a day where, even though I’m neither sad nor in pain, I cried a lot.


Cias-sama noticed me crying and had apologized for some reason. (TL: your


When he said to enter separately from tomorrow, at that time I was sad and cried.


It’s because I had became worried whether or not I was disliked. Later, I was relieved when I knew it was not so.


From tomorrow, he said that we could enter the bath together.


I had said my selfishness for the first time.


However, I don’t want to be disliked because I said too many selfish things. Let’s take care in the future.


I took the freedom to also use something called “shampoo” and “rinse”. My hair became incredibly silky. It must be some kind of magic medicine.  


It smelled very good but it was bitter when I licked it.  


Though I was told not to drink the water, but I have to be careful not to swallow this either.

When I got out of the bath, I cried again.


I think that there was no help for it.


Because, Cias-sama presented clothes to me. Moreover, it was the same clothes as Cias-sama.


I am told, it was apparently in the production, but I don’t understand it well.


Cias-sama and Andrea are skillful, they talk about such things that I don’t understand well.


It was slightly lonely.

Cias-sama ate the dried meat and bread that I had prepared, though it was only warmed, with pleasure.


However, he couldn’t bite or cut into it, I laughed a little bit.


Saying that he was just born, I think that even a child would have a more stronger jaw.


Andrea spoke ill of Cias-sama again.


Cias-sama answered it without being offended.  


He was a generous demon lord.  


After knowing Cias-sama, I recalled how small minded the demon lord I met before that humor welled up in me.

I must thank that person. Thank you for not employing me.

If I was under such a person, my world would still be painful.


“Thank you for the meal. Thank you.”


There probably wouldn’t be a person who would say that.


Truly, thank you.

The bedrooms were separate. Though I was slightly lonely, I decided that I wouldn’t say too much selfishness. Let’s endure it.


Cias-sama seems to have given a recovery attribute to the bedroom. Though I don’t understand it well, but the gentle light was very pleasant.  


Cias-sama apologized for there being no bed, but to sleep on something like a bed was an act only the demon lord or his close aides are able to do.


No, I might also be the demon lord’s aide now.


I handed over the spare demon’s fur which I had to Cias-sama and I also entered the bedroom.


Though the spare I handed over was beautiful, I wonder if it was fine to hand over that kind of thing to a demon lord.

Anyway, various things happened today.  I closed my eyes while deliberately remembering them one by one.  

Finally, I remembered the words that Cias-sama said.



“Goodnight.  See you tomorrow.”



They were wonderful words.


I’ll also say them in the future.

I’ll have a good night’s sleep tonight.


The wonderful world will be waiting for me again tomorrow.



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