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The Dungeon’s Demon Lord is the Weakest is a web novel made by Nichiyō, 日曜.
This lightnovel is currently ongoing.

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The Fight against Time


『Highest Grade Magical Attribute, Zen Tane』 (TL: ???N  Sauri: Probably “All Origin”)
『Highest Grade Light Magic』
『Highest Grade Dark Magic』
『Highest Grade Body Reinforcement Magic』
『Spirit Magic』
『Regeneration Magic』
『s.p.a.ce-Time Magic』
『Ancient Magic {Every Kind}』  (Sauri: would “Ancient Variable Magic” work? Now that sounded like “Neo Variable Sword”)
『Non-attributed Magic』
『Blacksmith Skill Level 100』
『Alchemy Skill Level 100』
『Mixing Skill Level 100』

The ‘Skills’ is a sight to behold now.
There is whole parade of ‘Highest Quality’. It’s like G.o.d just said “After strengthen you to this point, without a doubt you are the strongest in the world”.
Well of course. If not then ‘Highest Quality’ wouldn’t be there. I mean because there is ‘Highest Quality’ that proves it.

By the way, blacksmithing and alchemy can make Items as drops within the Dungeon. Kami-sama seems to have forgotten to mention that. When you talk about dungeons you think of treasures. And of course leveling to the MAX!!

ahhahahahahhaahha!!!! I won’t have any enemies at this point!!!
Hero? Don’t know such small fry. I am the Demon Lord!! I have the world’s strongest magic!!

?????????????????????? Sorry, I got to full of myself, sorry sorry, I apologize, I’m sorry, I’ll pay so don’t talk about me, don’t look at me with those eyes, it’s embarra.s.sing like it’s terribly embarra.s.sing!!!!

Somehow but whenever I referred to my “Chuunibyou” knowledge from my “Dark Past”, it feels like the final blow has been delivered!!

Though my heart have received some emotional pain, the compensation for it however is unfathomable. I might have been excessive trying to protect myself. But, it’s better to be this way than not. When the time comes, being able to raise the white flag and receive help wasn’t possible.

[Arigato, Kami-sama. With this I seem to be more able to accept your request]

[Un Un. That’s good. As expected, being thanked by someone feels good. Normally I just talk to a spirit about their blessings and that’s it.]

[U waa???(TL:Sarcastic Wow) It seems like working at a conveyor belt, doesn’t it.]
What’s more the material used are human souls??? Totally surreal.

[Kami-sama, I want to go test out my magic, is that okay??]
Forget everything else its magic time!!! Wu!!!! WakuWaku Suru (TL:feeling excited)!!!
But at that point, Kami-sama stopped me with a hurried look.

[Hold on a sec. You can do it later in a larger room or above ground]

[How come Kami-sama? You’re talking a bit fast now?]

[Iya, the truth is because of the interference of the earth, the time I have isn’t very long. The leftover time that I can stay isn’t much longer either]

[Eh, so I can’t talk to Kami-sama whenever I want?]

I was planning on it but I guess I can’t anymore. Once Kami-sama leaves I will be the only one here. That is rather saddening. I kind of fell in love with this Kami-sama. The child like love.

[I am happy for your feelings of not wanting me to leave. But just manifesting my voice is very troublesome. Anyways, the largest magic disaster is suppose to happen at {Demon Tears} around now. That’s why I have to leave pretty soon.
But before that, I can give you some advice if you like]

[Is that so???]

As I thought it is a bit sad. But after giving me all of this, and also offering to give me advice, then I must earnestly listen to what he says. I must use the leftover time wisely.

[Fufufu..Don’t make a face like that. I can make 5 seconds fill like a year, so I can talk with you however much you like.
That’s why starting now I shall tell you what your next actions should be.

First off, I would like you to build a dungeon that reaches to the sea. This is to separate the {True Continent} and the {Demon Continent} from each other, and provide you with a good amount of water.]

[Ah is that so. To be able to live here, securing water is a must huh. What about food???]

Are??? Now that I think about it, how am I going to get meat? Wait you don’t mean… I have to be a vegetarian for the rest of my life, right? Or is it I have to hunt wildlife myself?

[Well, to tell you the truth after you became a demon lord you don’t have to eat or drink anymore. But not eating or drinking, and starving yourself is bad for your spirit. So at least having water is important.]

[That’s right. Now that you mentioned it, I don’t want to do that. Eating, drinking, and sleeping. That’s how a human’s life should go.]

[Uwaaa…… What a hopeless human….]

Un. I didn’t hear anything. I didn’t hear anything at all.

[nn nn(TL: Cough noises I bet ~Sauri:It’s more of nodding really~). Now let’s put that to the side. To manage a dungeon by yourself is most likely going to be troublesome. So to solve that problem just get more companions. On the app in the {Custom} tab, use the {Summon} option to summon companions. Good luck working with them]

I see. I’ve noticed the {Summon} option in the {Custom} menu before and the use was this. I was convinced that it was used to call for a monster that could destroy the whole dungeon, or so I thought.

[Hmm? What was next? Thats right! I recommend going to other villages and towns. If you trade physical materials, it can be quite advantagous. And if you earn youself some money you can also “uhaha” and such.(TL: original= uhaha da yo)

Now that you tell me, you should of thought of that first.

No matter how strong one gets, no matter how much money they make, a life without girls present is unbearable! In villages and towns there are people there. When there are people present then there are girls. If there are girls present then there are beauties there too. If it were not for this summoning problem, I probably would have already left today to search for them.
But when I think about it, I’m pretty sure I would look like a suspicious person.

Wearing a school uniform, with a smartphone in one hand and a loose face.
Umu. I don’t understand why the date is 5.7.5 in it but if I take my uniform off I should be fine. (TL:(なぜ5・7・5なのかはわからないが、学ラン脱げばきっと大丈夫だ) I don’t know so got at it)(Sauri: research gave me a cosplay site…)

[Well since that was the last big present, I’m almost out of time. Make sure to watch yourself, and your body. You are strong but you need to watch out since you will never know what kind of traps there are in the night.]

I responded to Kami-sama’s words while smiling and nodding.

[Kami-sama I am truly grateful. For some reason after going with the flow of things it took up a lot of time, but try your best to keep the people of this world from dying!]

[Un. I must give you my thanks too. Starting today your life will be enjoyable and exciting]


[~~~~~~~ah..,oh c.r.a.p,~~~.., wai… wha..????~~~]


The last words that were heard form Kami-sama set an alarm off in the corner of my brain.


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