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Read The Empress’ Livestream Chapter 441 – Why Didn’t You Rob Instead? (V)

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Read WebNovel The Empress’ Livestream Chapter 441 – Why Didn’t You Rob Instead? (V)

Chapter 441: Why Didn’t You Rob Instead? (V)

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Please give them a dozen of such handsome workers who worked so diligently, worked overtime with zeal, and did not require salaries!

The audience in the streaming room exploded once again.

Zhou Bapi had more conscience than the Streamer.

At least Zhou Bapi would give people their salaries. The Streamer had never even given out a penny.

Host V: “Look at all of you. I gave them houses. I’m the one who supplies food for the entire district, okay?”

When she had just finished, there was a little angel who immediately lashed out at her with anger.

Tumi Dalao: “Haha. The houses are only worth three pennies and the food is traded. You’re really awesome.”

Although she was mocked, what kind of a person was Jiang Pengji? She would not take such ridicule to heart.

Jiang Pengji said in a very natural manner, “Before this batch of gla.s.s is sold, the kiln won’t continue to bake gla.s.s. After all, when a thing is scarce, it’s considered more precious. The quant.i.ty must be strictly controlled. However, I’ll also start to research other things… You’re all on my side, so how can I, as your lord, treat you poorly? Do you want to follow me to the kiln after work today and choose a set each?”

Although the gla.s.s was to be sold at a high price, a family would know about their own affairs. She was not a stingy person, so she would share her prosperity with them.

Liu She originally wanted to stay in Xiangyang District for just two days, but he stayed for three or four more days because of the gla.s.s.

The operation in the kiln ran day and night and the baking was intensified. Defective products were ruthlessly destroyed. The gla.s.s tea sets which were of standard quality were carefully packaged and placed in a case filled with layers of brocade cloth. Just as Jiang Pengji had said, gla.s.s was too fragile. In order to prevent the gla.s.s from being damaged which in turn would cause her to lose tens of thousands of strings of 1000 cash, it must be well protected. Who could afford to pay for it if it was broken?

Although the audience in the streaming room ridiculed her for being shameless, there was one thing that had to be acknowledged: no matter how much their cost, their real value lay in the market price of the final sale. The gla.s.s tea sets indeed had the market value of tens of thousands of strings of 1000 cash…

In other words, their lord gave out things that were easily worth tens of thousands of strings of 1000 cash?

The trio was so coaxed by this outrageous news they were driven a little crazy. They thanked her profusely.

Jiang Pengji responded to their thanks, and suddenly changed the topic.

“By the way, does red date and white fungus soup taste that bad?”

They had barely taken a sip of the red date and white fungus soup in front of them. It had nearly gone cold.

In the inner courtyard of the Feng residence.

It was not known as to whether Changsheng was like her father or mother. At a young age, one could already see her playful nature.

“Ya… Yaya…”

She was mumbling strange p.r.o.nunciations while flailing her limbs. With her tireless efforts, her chubby body rolled a little and she finally made a heave. She pumped her legs, as if she wanted to go back to laying down.

Wei Jingxian sat next to her and gently helped her turn over, so that she could continue to roll her body and play.

She said with a smile, “The way Changsheng fluttered just now was like a small tortoise that couldn’t right itself.”

The servant girl beside her chimed in with a smile, “I heard from the old people that it takes four to five months for a child to turn over and crawl. She has a strong body and she can already turn over at only three months old. With her precocity, Madam may be able to hear her calling you ‘Mother’ in a few months’ time.”

Upon hearing the servant girl’s words, the smile on her face became gentler and softer.

In terms of personality, it was not known as to whether Changsheng inherited her personality or Feng Jin’s. She was stubborn, lively and active.

If Changsheng wanted to play around by rolling, she must rely on her own skills.

A while ago, seeing that she had difficulty turning over and that she could not turn over for a very long time, Wei Jingxian gave her a hand, finding it funny.

She never thought that the child would immediately flush and wail. She looked like she did not like it.

Wei Jingxian could only carry her and tried every possible way to soothe her. However, Changsheng who seemed to hold grudges, would not stop crying.

She was really frightened by the child. After that, she would not help Changsheng turn over no matter what.

A baby’s energy was limited, after all. After rolling around for half an afternoon, how could Changsheng stand it?

Not long after, Changsheng was blinking sleepily and fell asleep soundly.

When Feng Jin went home at sunset, he saw Wei Jingxian sitting beside Changsheng with a tiny smile hanging in the corner of her lips. His daughter sprawled across the bed. He could easily imagine how brazen her sleeping posture would be when she grew a little older.

Upon seeing her casual sleeping posture, Feng Jin wanted to demand that the servant correct her posture several times.

However, when he made eye contact with his daughter’s sparkling eyes, he surrendered instantly. How could he be harsh on her?

“Huaiyu, why are you home so early today?”

The servant girl bowed to him upon hearing the noise, alerting Wei Jingxian, who had been lost in thought.

Feng Jin was carrying a long, black wooden case in his arms. He looked somewhat cautious.

He replied, “Well, there weren’t many things to do today and I dealt with them quickly, so I came back early.”

Wei Jingxian looked at the long, black case curiously, silently wondering what was inside.

“This was given by the lord, but it’s a bit fragile so Changsheng mustn’t touch it.”

It was not that Feng Jin was distressed over the gla.s.s tea set. It was just that broken gla.s.s could very easily cut one’s skin. In Feng Jin’s heart, no treasure in the world was more precious than Changsheng. “It’d be bad if she got cut.”

“What is it?” Wei Jingxian questioned with curiosity. Feng Jin did not keep her in suspense.

He gently put the case down, trying not to make a sound so as not to disturb Changsheng’s sleep.

“Look. Isn’t this craft a marvelous creation, and maybe the best in the world?”

Feng Jin opened the box which was filled with colorful fabrics that were carefully cut.

He took out a delicate teapot as large as his palm. It was delicate, exquisite and dainty.

In the reflection of the setting sun, it emitted colorful rays which were so enchanting that Wei Jingxian almost forgot to breathe.

“Where… where did such a wondrous item come from?” Wei Jingxian covered her mouth with her hands, for fear that her gasp might be too loud.

“Lanting gave it to me. She gave a set to Wen Zheng and the others too.”

Feng Jin rarely addressed Jiang Pengji as his lord in private. It was not that he was disrespectful, but he was more inclined to regard her as a friend.

Wei Jingxian repeated in disbelief, “Mr. Qiguan and the others have one too?”

She thought that it was already a miracle to have just a set of such a marvelous and peerless treasure in the world.

“Yeah.” Seeing his wife’s reaction, Feng Jin suddenly wanted to tease her, “Guess how much its selling price is.”

“Such a precious and beautiful item must cost a lot. The price must be at least 7000 to 8000 strings of 1000 cash.”

Feng Jin replied with a smile, “Lanting wants to sell it for 30000 strings of 1000 cash to the aristocrats of the North borderline…”

Wei Jingxian was so shocked that her eyes widened.

She said in a cracking voice, “30000 strings of 1000 cash… Why doesn’t she rob them instead?”

Feng Jin laughed quietly. Compared to its original cost, 7000 to 8000 strings of 1000 cash was also practically theft.


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