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Read The End Of The World’s Poisonous Mom And Monster Baby Chapter 178 – Volume 2 Chapter 72 Cannot cower

The End Of The World’s Poisonous Mom And Monster Baby is a web novel created by 临渊慕鱼, Lin Yuan Mu Yu.
This lightnovel is presently Ongoing.

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Chapter 178 Volume 2 Chapter 72 Cannot cower

Shao Qing saw that Er Dai had curled up into a ball. Due to his body, he was trembling in the corner, her heart hurt terribly.

Perhaps Shao Qing had treated Er Dai like a child in the beginning. If she had not been a mother at that time, if Er Dai wasn’t different from other zombies, maybe she would have killed Er Dai the first time they met.

But getting along with each other for a long time, the relationship between them has changed. Going through life and death together multiple times and also that special circ.u.mstance, it had already made their relationship impure.

If Er Dai was an ordinary person, a normal person, he could be responsible for his own choices and decisions and Shao Qing may choose to be with him.

But now he can’t, he has no memory. He was like a child, everything was taught by Shao Qing.

If Shao Qing is with him now, will he regret it when he recovers his memories? Is she taking advantage of him?

It can be said that the relationship between her and Er Dai is really chaotic.

As for Yan Qiyue, sometimes Shao Qing also spurned herself. When Yan Qiyue confessed to her, she refused his feelings but did not refuse him approaching her. She knew it was wrong but did nothing.

The few men who followed her were very good to her, so she couldn’t make a choice and pretended not to know.

But this was not possible. Sooner or later, she will have to make a choice. Choose one of the men, give up the others, or choose none and take the child away.

After letting her imagination run wild for a long time, Shao Qing looked at Er Dai in the corner and whispered to Yan Qiyue: “It’s cold at night. I forgot to bring the quilt when I went out.”

Yan Qiyue looked at Shao Qing for a while, then smiled softly and said: “I’ll go outside to find some clean beds.”

Yan Qiyue definitely knew what she was going to do. Shao Qing tasted some bitterness in her mouth. She asked Shao Tong to hold Xiao Baozi to play at the door, and then approached Er Dai.

Er Dai lowered his head silently, blue veins were popping out from his neck because of how irritable he was. He didn’t know what the source of the pain came from or how to loosen it, but he didn’t want to embarra.s.s Shao Qing. So he would rather restrain himself.

Shao Qing touched his neck and whispered: “Look up, look at me.”

Er Dai looked up obediently, and his eyes were still aggrieved. It looked pitiful. Shao Qing lowered her head and kissed him gently. She kissed Er Dai’s eyes, and then said: “Close your eyes, don’t look.”

Being looked at with such pure eyes, she would feel disgusting. Yet, Er Dai was stubborn and refused to close his eyes. Looking at Shao Qing, the grievances in his eyes became stronger and stronger.

Shao Qing sighed softly and finally reached out her hand, holding the source of sin, she said helplessly: “If you can recall everything, how good would that be.”

Then she wouldn’t need to feel guilty and wouldn’t have to bear such a burden. He could make his own decision decisively……

Yan Qiyue seriously went out and found several new bedding, then sat at the door with the soft quilt for a long time. Occasionally there were one or two low gasps or moans and

Er Dai’s restrained shouts.

Every time at this moment, he would grip the quilt as hard as possible. Because of the tight grip, his knuckles would pale.

How could he not be jealous? He was mad with jealousy. How could he not be sad? He was so sad he could die. How could he not resent this? His heart, liver, spleen and lungs were all mixed up.

The woman he cherished, the woman he wanted to be his queen, was doing the most intimate thing with another man at the moment and he could not do anything. He could only swallow the fishy thing that kept rising in his throat.

If someone paid attention to Yan Qiyue at this moment, they would find that his eyes were completely red and his expression was distorted by the extreme depression.

The jealousy and pain tormented Yan Qiyue, making him crazy. He raised his hand and bit hard down on his wrist, tearing open the flesh and letting blood flow out.

This physical pain would have brought him the most joy, but at this moment, he could not relish even a little bit of the pain.

Yan Qiyue curled up into a ball, constantly biting the skin on his arm. Finally he knelt on the ground, buried his face in the quilt, and held it tightly until the feeling of suffocation made his brain blank. He slowly released his hand, lost all his strength, and laid on the ground.

After a long, long time, there was no sound in the room. Yan Qiyue rubbed his face hard, trying to make his expression look normal. He then pulled his sleeves, covering his bruised arm before walking in with the quilt.

There was still an ambiguous atmosphere in the room that did not dissipate. Shao Qing was fully dressed and was hugging Er Dai expressionlessly. Then she walked into the room.

Yan Qiyue followed and then Shao Qing stepped away. She replaced the old bedding on the bed, cleaned up the dust, and threw on the new bedding.

Then Shao Qing put Er Dai onto the bed.

Er Dai slept deeply and Shao Qing pulled the quilt to cover him. For a while, she didn’t know what to say and the atmosphere was awkward.

Yan Qiyue glanced down with his delicate eyes, and didn’t know what to say for a while: “When we are in Jing Du, you must tell Grandpa Qin to find a s.p.a.cious house. I want to buy a large bed, which can allow several people to roll in it and sleep comfortably.”

“Qiyue, do you like freedom?” Shao Qing didn’t want to wake up Er Dai and went to the balcony. She never smoked before. After all, smoking was bad for her health, but now whenever she was irritated, she would take one.

Yan Qiyue’s face paled immediately. He leaned against the balcony door and lowered his voice, saying, “Why are you suddenly asking me this?”

Shao Qing propped herself on the railing and looked at the ruined room not far away. Her heart was empty and a little sore: “Following me is too tiring and exhausting. I travel around almost every day and I can’t give you anything. Why don’t you go back to Linchuan Base. Someone will provide for you there. You only have to do the experiments you like, then you can do whatever you want.”

“What do you want to say?” Yan Qiyue’s fingertips were trembling and he stared closely at Shao Qing’s eyes. It was red with anger and pain.

Shao Qing was shocked and then smiled bitterly: “I don’t want to drive you away. I just think you deserve better.”

Yan Qiyue grabbed Shao Qing’s hand and said coldly: “You always think you are strong. Always making decisions for others, but have you ever thought about how I feel?”

“I am cheap. I just want to follow you. Even if you don’t like me, I will stick to you like dead skin. Even if you dislike me, I want to watch you secretly in the dark.” Yan Qiyue stuck himself to Shao Qing like a snake climbing a branch.

He kept getting closer to Shao Qing and finally gently protruded the tip of his tongue and licked Shao Qing’s neck.

Shao Qing wanted to break away, but she could smell a b.l.o.o.d.y scent at the tip of her nose. She lowered her head and grabbed Yan Qiyue’s arm. When she pulled it up, his sleeves loosened, revealing his bruised arm.

Shao Qing subconsciously tightened her fingers clutching Yan Qiyue’s wrist, she couldn’t help but reveal some anger in her eyes. She kept making various foods, tried various ways to supplement his body, but he continues to hurt himself.

Those messy thoughts were suddenly thrown to the back of Shao Qing’s mind and her voice revealed some constrained anger: “Who allowed you to hurt yourself?”

Listening to her aggressive voice, Yan Qiyue’s legs were about to soften. He rubbed Shao Qing with his cheek, while provoking her: “n.o.body cares anyway…”

Then Yan Qiyue was turned over by Shao Qing and pressed against the railing. Because the action was too sudden, a slender white waist was exposed.

Shao Qing pulled out a short, thin vine whip and with some effort landed it on that white and tender waist. Immediately a red mark appeared.

“You like pain, I’ll satisfy you.” Shao Qing rubbed the mark lightly with her fingertips. One could not hear the anger in her voice, but Yan Qiyue could feel it, she was angry…

The whip gave him just the right intensity of pain. It landed on his back, waist and hips. The stimulation and unspeakable joy turned Yan Qiyue’s eyes a deeper and deeper shade of red.

He bit his finger and gasped lightly. He mindfully begged for mercy, he was like a seductive demon trying to lure away peoples’ souls.

Shao Qing’s intensity gradually became lighter and weaker. Then the vine whip landed like it was a feather, falling on him and causing no pain, just a little itching.

This itchiness gradually converged and was ingrained deep into his bone marrow, which made Yan Qiyue feel unbearable. He really begged for mercy this time.

“Ah Qing, I was wrong. Forgive me, don’t torture me …”

Shao Qing sneered while holding Yan Qiyue’s constantly twisting waist: “Didn’t you let me punish you? If you’re accepting the punishment, you should look like you’re accepting it, who allowed you to speak?”

She tore off Yan Qiyue’s top. One piece of cloth gagged his mouth, and another piece of cloth tied up Yan Qiyue’s hand. Then she rolled up the vine whip in her hand and slid it on his back.

The spikes on the vine whip curled up and became dull. When it crossed Yan Qiyue’s skin, it didn’t hurt at all, it just felt itchy.

Yan Qiyue really wanted to cry this time. He leaned on the railing and wanted to struggle, but was afraid that Shao Qing would get angry.

In the end, he didn’t dare to move and allowed Shao Qing to torture him.

Finally, Shao Qing took pity on Yan Qiyue and smacked his a.s.s: “Do you dare abuse yourself in the future?”

Yan Qiyue quickly shook his head and looked at Shao Qing pitifully. Then Shao Qing unfolded her vine whip and it fell heavily on his back.

There is a reason why Shao Qing did not allow Yan Qiyue to commit self-abuse. Using his own hands, he would never control his strength properly. Just this time, there was no good skin on his entire arm left. It was completely b.l.o.o.d.y.

She would rather do it herself, to give him pleasure and at the same time prevent him from hurting his body. This way she would be more at ease.

In fact, after counting, Yan Qiyue had not been satisfied for a long time. After all, he was a handsome man who was unhappy if he was not satisfied for one day. It is a miracle for him to be able to last until this long.

So Shao Qing fully satisfied Yan Qiyue once.

Finally, Yan Qiyue held Shao Qing’s legs and huskyly repented: “I will never dare again. My body and soul belongs to you. I am not qualified to hurt myself.”

Shao Qing pinched his chin: “Good, stretch out your hand.”

Yan Qiyue extended his injured arm honestly. Shao Qing took the medicine and bandages out, and squatted to patch him up.

Yan Qiyue looked carefully at Shao Qing’s serious eyebrows and his heart softened into a pool of spring water. He leaned on Shao Qing and whispered: “Ah Qing, when there is no one around in the future, can I call you master?”

“Don’t you feel embarra.s.sed saying that?” Shao Qingji made a 囧 expression.

Master what, it sounds so cheesy and dirty.

“Just agree with me once.” Yan Qiyue looked at Shao Qing pitifully. Shao Qing’s scalp was numb and had to say: “It’s up to you.”

She didn’t know why but she suddenly thought of Yan Qiyue wearing a maid costume with a vacuum. When she came home, he would come over with slippers and help change her shoes while asking her with a wink. “Welcome home master. Does the master want to eat dinner first or me first?”

Ugh, so scary! Can I choose to eat Er Dai first?

Finally, Shao Qing glanced at a certain one who she had patched up. The shirt on his upper body and his trousers were almost completely torn by Shao Qing, while his shoes were still hanging outside the window.

From the front, it looked normal. But from the back, he was full of vertical and horizontal whip marks, red and colorful, very ambiguous.

As a last resort, Shao Qing picked up Yan Qiyue and walked into the room. Then she finally tucked him into the bed. Yan Qiyue left his head exposed and laid in the bed comfortably, whispering: “It’s already this late, come in and go to bed.”

“You not eating, doesn’t mean Shao Tong doesn’t have to eat.” Shao Qing rolled her eyes and reached into the bed and slapped Yan Qiyue’s b.u.t.t: “Sleep well, I’ll go cook.”

When she went out to cook, Yan Qiyue turned over with a sad face and stared at Er Dai. In fact, as long as Shao Qing was willing, he was willing to stay with Er Dai and share Shao Qing.

Just like before, the three of them would live together for a long time. That wouldn’t be bad. But there was no need to ask, with Shao Qing’s type encountering this kind of thing, she would definitely become an old woman and would never agree to this kind of preposterous thing.

In fact, if it was possible to monopolize Shao Qing, who would want to share with other men?

Even he was unwilling. He just didn’t want to lose Shao Qing and he knew very well that in Shao Qing’s heart, the weight of Er Dai was heavier than him.

If one day, Shao Qing was really willing to accept both of them at the same time, it would be him taking advantage of it. This was because when he first met Shao Qing, Er Dai had already met her first and he was just a latecomer.

On the other hand, Shao Qing finished cooking. She fed Shao Tong and Xiao Baozi and asked Shao Tong to take Xiao Baozi to bed before she returned to the room.

The two men lay in the bed and slept soundly. They consciously left the middle open, just enough room for one person.

That kind of feeling felt just like the main wife and mistress waiting for her to go home to sleep.

Shao Qing struggled for a minute and then got into the bed, ready to go to sleep. The two men who were clearly sleeping immediately rolled over to her one by one.

Shao Qing’s mouth twitched. Too lazy to care about them, she fell asleep.

The first person who woke up the next day was Er Dai. He peeked at Shao Qing sideways, with joy, contentment, and shyness in his eyes.

Shao Qing always cared for him. She never allowed him to endure hardships or suffer. If he thought about it this way, he was already satisfied.

The next to wake up was Yan Qiyue, then Shao Qing. After two consecutive physical exercises last night and overthinking, she was extremely exhausted thus was the last one to wake up.

As soon as Shao Qing woke up, the two men gave her a good morning kiss wetting her face, then was kicked off the bed by her.

Then Shao Qing got up to cook.

Yesterday’s things came too suddenly disrupting their work. Today, they will have to get back to work and get a few extra crystals for contribution.

So after breakfast, the group of people got busy. The satisfied Er Dai and Yan Qiyue were very active today, especially Er Dai. He was like the wind, blowing from one place to another. Everytime he came back, he would be holding a pile of crystal nuclei and would give it to Shao Qing like a treasure.

His behavior was like a pa.s.sionately in love boyfriend sending gifts to his girlfriend.

Moreover, he was much crazier than those boyfriends. Every time he came back, he was wounded, but was still happy. Finally, he was slapped onto the ground by Shao Qing then did he calm down.

“Okay, it’s time to eat and drink.”

The entire S city was not small. If they had to clean up all of it, even if they called all the superhumans in Jing Du, it would take more than a month to clean up. Then could it be stated that the initial clean up was complete.

After the initial clean-up, there still needed another clean-up, and even a third clean-up. Each round had to be checked thoroughly, to finally confirm that there indeed are no zombies in the entire city before the survivors at the base can be accommodated.

Therefore, the S City Survivor Base had almost activated all the superhumans in the base to clean up S City. The expected goal was to clean S City within half a year.

Shao Qing led her group and no matter which direction she went, she would meet the cleaning teams of S City Survivor Base.

Generally speaking, she would always try to avoid them. If she encountered a large number of zombies, she would bring her friends and destroy those zombies.

Therefore, their fame soon spread to all the squads in S City. Almost everyone knew that there was such a team, known as the zombie meat grinders, crazily cleaning up zombies everywhere.

“The north of the city has been cleaned up by them. Let’s go to the south of the city to see.” Shao Qing counted the crystal cores, and then said helplessly.

“Okay, let me notify them, then we’ll go.” Yan Qiyue nodded seriously and then sent a signal to Yan Hanqing.

After a simple contact, Shao Qing took Er Dai and the rest to the south of the city. Whether it was luck or not, soon they encountered a large wave of zombies.


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