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Read The Entire Mankind Is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build A Battleship And Shock The World Chapter 32

The Entire Mankind Is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build A Battleship And Shock The World is a Webnovel produced by Two Langya Brothers.
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Chapter 32: Is Raymond Getting Poached? The Program Team Watches On!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Backstage of the program.

The executive director Wilson and Sam looked at the screen in silence for a long time.

“Sir, what should we do now?” Wilson asked.

“The higher-ups have already begun to look for other superpowered people,” Sam said.

“Then how should we treat Raymond?”

Wilson’s heart twitched.

He randomly picked a poor man from a slum, and he turned out to be a superpowered person?

What the f*ck!

Even sci-fi movies did not dare to write such ridiculous plots.

Were they going to force a superpowered person to make a fool of himself?

It was complete nonsense!

“Why don’t we forcefully terminate the program and replace Raymond?” Wilson asked tentatively.

Regardless, the program team’s goal seemed completely beyond reach at that point. This also meant that the huge amount of money invested in the early stage had been reduced to nothing.

“There’s no need.”

Sam shook his head, “Compared to ordinary people, people would definitely prefer to see the performance of superpowered people. Although we won’t be able to achieve our goal, perhaps because Raymond is a superpowered person, he will lift our ratings up. Why do we have to go against money?”

Wilson nodded. “Yes, sir.”

Darwin Industrial Park.

One of the power stations had been repaired.

There were another three.

By the time Raymond had completely repaired the other three power stations, it was already dusk.

Then, Raymond came to a metal mineral smelting plant.

He went in to observe it and checked for any problems.

Now, it seemed that all the previous problems had been caused by the power stations. The other places did not have as many problems.

At that rate, the power station had been restored to functionality.

Raymond examined them once more.

In his heart, he said to the system, “System, now that the power supply and the location of the s.p.a.ceship’s construction base have been completed, what’s the next plan?”

[The host needs to create an intermediate artificial intelligence and build an intelligent robot to a.s.sist you.]

[The system has prepared a code for the host, but the host needs to understand basic programming knowledge.]

[At the same time, the host also needs to learn materials science. Be it building robots or s.p.a.ceships, humans do not possess the current technology nor methods. The system has a more advanced metal smelting method stored, which can extract suitable materials. ]


Raymond replied.

Then, he left the industrial park.

“Yet another mystery. Contestant Raymond what are you going to do next with your superpowers?”

“We probably won’t see it coming. Oh right, the program team won’t replace him, right?”

“Who knows.”

Raymond first returned to the hotel and ate more tiger steak.

As expected, the two learning states could be extended again.

This also meant that.

Raymond could learn and fabricate intermediate artificial intelligence at any time.

In order not to waste time.

Raymond went to the university library again.

In the outside world, when the audience saw this, they were extremely speechless.

“F*ck, my hair, Oh Sh*t, f*ck!”

“Can the program team intervene and cut off the electricity in the university? We don’t want to see him learn!”

“Even if we cut off the electricity in the university, do you think Raymond can’t fix it?”

“Ah f*ck, that’s true. Does that mean that he’s going to spend the rest of his time learning? We’re supposed to watch a superpowered person learn for three months?”

The audience was also very conflicted.

The appearance of superpowered people was undoubtedly novel and fulfilled their fantasies about science fiction.

Naturally, it also raised their expectations.

They really wanted to see what Raymond was going to do.

However, they did not want to see Raymond engage in further boring academic deduction or study.

In the library.

In front of the same computer, Raymond sat down and opened the study website.

He found computing science, Artificial Intelligence, computing language.

He activated Ultimate Learning State and began to learn.

“F*CK, programming? Artificial Intelligence? Why is he learning artificial intelligence?”

“I suddenly feel like I’m watching a sci-fi movie. Could it be that he wants to build a robot? And then use the robot to help him do something?”

“F*ck, that can’t be right. If the program team doesn’t stop him quickly, with his learning ability, he might be able to create heaven’s eye, and then humans would be finished!”

As they thought deeply about Raymond’s motives, the audience gasped.

Soon, an expert in the field of artificial intelligence came out and said, “Everyone, don’t panic. Raymond’s superpower is rapid learning. This only means that he can accept knowledge quickly, but it doesn’t mean that he can innovate and develop.”

Other experts in the same field also chimed in. “That’s right. The amount of knowledge involved in artificial intelligence is enormous. Even if he learns quickly, he is still human.”

These words comforted a large portion of the audience.

But regarding these words…

Some people felt that since Raymond wanted to create artificial intelligence, he could pull it off and even set restrictions upon it to prevent judgment day.

However, soon after.

The United States s.p.a.ce Laboratory building spoke up, “We don’t dare to agree with the experts in the field of artificial intelligence. If he can’t innovate and develop, how can Raymond draw a sketch of an improved version of a rocket engine? How could he derive the third to ninth cosmic velocities?”

The mathematicians also spoke up. “That’s right. In our opinion, his learning ability is not only able to quickly accept knowledge, but he is also able to innovate and develop!”


The majority of the audience, who had just relaxed, became nervous again.

At the same time.

Backstage of the program team!

“With Raymond’s ability, it’s not impossible for him to compile a high-level artificial intelligence. At that time, the truth about the disappearance of the entire human race would be exposed very soon.”

In front of the executive director, Wilson, an a.s.sistant was reporting.

The content was the report of the expert group.

“Then what should we do?”Wilson asked.

The a.s.sistant looked at the report and said, “The only method provided by the expert group is to use physical means to cut off the undersea optical cable connecting the island city to the outside world.

“This way, the artificial intelligence he creates won’t be able to scan the area outside the island.”

“F*ck, this person wouldn’t give us any peace of mind! F*ck!”

Wilson was a little annoyed. He said, “I’ll ask the higher-ups.”

Not long after, the ten consortia released instructions and agreed to cut off the submarine cable!

In the library.

As time pa.s.sed, Raymond had already learned the relevant knowledge about programming and mastered various programming software.

[Host, now the system will present the code in your mind. You just need to write it according to the code.]


The next moment, Raymond felt a string of code appear in his sea of consciousness.

Raymond immediately began to copy accordingly.

And at this moment.

Internet companies all over the world, including a few giants.

All arranged professional personnel to watch Raymond type the code.


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