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Read The Evil Consort Above An Evil King 103 Does The Crown Prince Wish To Find A Wife?

The Evil Consort Above An Evil King is a web novel made by Mu Danfeng.
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Read WebNovel The Evil Consort Above An Evil King 103 Does The Crown Prince Wish To Find A Wife?

The Crown Prince and the Twelfth Prince had arrived and were being welcomed into the General’s residence.Rong Yan has been a regular guest of the family. Hence, there was nothing uncommon for his future son-in-law to visit him. Gu Xietian was surprised by the arrival of the Crown Prince.Why would the Crown Prince come?This had made Gu Xietian confused and worried.Almost all the government officers knew that the General’s family was very close with the Fourth Prince but the Crown Prince did not usually pay any visits. No matter what, Gu Xietian had to welcome him as a courtesy. He immediately got his servants to serve them…Rong Jialuo raised his hand to greet them and smiled, “Thank you General Gu, we are good. We heard that your son has just come home and we thought we’d visit him. Please feel free to sit together with us and relax.” Gu Xietian could not come up with any excuse to reject their invitation. After a quick chat, he invited them to a different area. Both of the princes were considered outsiders, and they were not supposed to have their dinner at the same table together with the female family members of the General. Hence, Gu Xietian planned to have dinner with them along with his son and the let the female family members have their dinner in their courtyard.However, Rong Jialuo interrupted his plan and said, “General, no need for any special arrangements. Just have your dinner how you would usually do. I’d like a simple family dinner.” He glanced across the hall and said, “I’ve heard that you have quite a few good daughters, but I always missed the chance to meet them. Since my twelfth brother is the future son-in-law of your family, we are considered as family. Besides that, there is no outsider here, why not invite all your daughters for dinner together?”Gu Xietian remained silent. He had no idea what was in the Crown Prince’s mind. Had he fallen for his daughter? Did he want to select a wife? Or did he plan to expand his organization? All were plausible…The cabinet was similar to the battlefield, and the taboo was being indecisive.Gu Xietian supported the Fourth Prince. Hence, he did not want his daughter to have any relations.h.i.+p with the Crown Prince. He gave numerous excuses to the Crown Prince and claimed that his daughters were ugly and rude which made them not worth his time.Rong Jialuo was fiddling his finger against the table. He looked like he was smiling but he was not. “I’m just curious and want to see them. How come General keeps giving so many excuses? Do you mean I’m not qualified to see them?”Gu Xietian turned pale instantly when he heard such a big accusation and quickly apologized. He quickly got the servants to invite all his daughters to the hall….Although Gu Xijiu just came to this world not long ago, she knew many things including the compet.i.tion between all the princes.She also knew that her father supported the Fourth Prince, hence, she was also wondering why the Crown Prince visited her family…

“Master, do you think he already found out that you were the one who saved his life?” The Firmament Stone Bracelet asked.Gu Xijiu did not bother it as she was very confident with the disguise she used. Even her closest friends could not recognize her when she disguised herself. Thus, she did not think the Crown Prince who had just seen her once could recognize her.


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