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Read The Evil Consort Above An Evil King 2062 Was There A Young Couple With Such A Huge Age Gap?

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Gu Xijiu was also housed in Long Siye’s favorite place- the Hexian Tavern. General Long would make it a point to visit her and accompany her whenever he returned. Hence, it was reasonable for the little maids to gossip about her privately and regard her as the sweetheart of Long Siye. Some even guessed that good news between her and General Long was coming soon!

In a turn of events, Gu Xijiu now lived in the Fantian Palace that belonged to Di Fuyi. In the Fantian Palace, there were no maids, only the eight mythological beasts who were in charge of everything in the palace. Nonetheless, Bai Ze specially invited four little flower fairies to be her maid and take care of her. The four little flower fairies were very sensible and lively. They were also very attentive to serve her. However, occasionally they also had a little gossip about her.

The theme of the gossip was similar to the gossip in the house of Long Siye, except that Di Fuyi had replaced the male character. It was the same for the eight mythological beasts. Except for Bai Ze, the other seven were very curious about her. They often found various excuses to visit her and intentionally complimented their smart and wise young master. It was evident that they wanted to make her Di Fuyi a pair!

This made Gu Xijiu somewhat speechless. There was once when Bai Ze intentionally talked about it in front of her. Gu Xijiu simply asked, “General Bai, you should know that I am much older than him. The people outside call me ‘old evil lady’ and say that I am an old cow that wants to eat fresh gra.s.s. Don’t you have any concerns in this regard?”

Bai Ze sneered and sized Gu Xijiu. “Miss Gu, you are just over 200 years old. Women at this age are considered young in our world. How can you be an old lady? As for the age difference between you and our young master, it is actually not too big. His Highness is ten thousand years older than the Devil Master! Aren’t they a lovely couple living happily with each other? It has made so many people envious about them…”

Gu Xijiu was speechless.

Bai Ze seriously looked at her with a serious expression. “Miss Gu, in my eyes, our young master and you are like a young couple that grows together. You are the perfect pair for each other!”

Gu Xijiu was speechless again.

She was not convinced! Was there a young couple with such a huge age gap? Perhaps the eight mythological beasts in the Fantian Palace also shared a difference of opinion from the rest of the people here! 

Gu Xijiu was delighted that Di Fuyi had such good servants. However, she did not want to be a pair with the young master of this house. She just wanted to complete her mission. After she recovers from this injury, she must go out and find the right place to build a house so that she would not have to listen to these gossips anymore.

The scenery at the Fantian Palace was extraordinarily beautiful. The architecture was amazing, and clouds were floating underneath the palace. There was flowing water all around the palace as well. The lake looked picturesque! Although Gu Xijiu had been to the Fantian Palace several times, she was usually in a hurry and never had time to enjoy the scene. This was the first time that she could explore the palace. 

Bai Ze was very hospitable. It allowed her to walk around and asked her to take this place as her home. However, Gu Xijiu did not walk around too much. In these days, she spent most of her time in the Qingxiao Pavilion that Bai Ze prepared for her to meditate and rest.


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