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As Celestial Master Zuo was with a wagon team this time, the other wagons slowed down after him.

The scurry just now had made them rather breathlessness. When they finally got to breathe a sigh of relief, they quickly tidied themselves up so that they would not be fooled by their master who liked to be cleaned…

“Master, we caught another tracking bird!” Somebody reported to Di Fuyi who was sitting in the wagon.

“Follow the old rule, roast it.” Di Fuyi drawled.

The young attendant standing outside, “…yes!”

He felt a tinge of heartache as he looked at the struggling bird.

The tracking bird was very rare and cost millions of gold ingots each. Furthermore, they were reared by the Tianwen clan with a method sworn to secrecy, hence, their pricing was even more inestimable. Nonetheless, Celestial Master Zuo had already ordered to roast three of them in less than half a day!

Though the bird tasted good, it was still a waste!

“Master, are we going with the original plan? We are being tracked again!” Somebody came reporting again.

“How far?”

“It was about 500 meters away; it seemed that person was hiding himself.”

“You realized this only when they are this near? Have your eagle eyes malfunctioned?” Di Fuyi said rather coldly.

The reporting youth dared not speak a single word while the round-eyed, golden fur eagle on his shoulder shuddered and watchfully raised the feathers on its head, afraid that it would be roasted too.

“Shah!” A large belt was thrown out of the wagon, “Cut this belt into twelve pieces, put them into twelve different wagons and let them run towards twelve different directions.”

The youth received the belt and recognized it from that fatty squire in the master’s arm. He was surprised but dared not ask anything and did according to his will immediately.

The Celestial Master usually did not like to explain to his followers. Besides, they came over quickly right after they received the orders. They were unaware of who Celestial Master Zuo wanted to catch.

Then, when they saw Celestial Master Zuo carrying out that ball-like fatty squire, everyone was shocked but dared not ask.

Celestial Master Zuo did not like people going near him; even an angel-like beauty could go no closer than three feet near him.

His followers thought that their master was immortal, one who would not talk to anyone, get close to anyone and would not be involved in any emotional issues. He should be alone and superior.

Later, they heard that he took Gu Xijiu out of the palace and held her hand. Though there was a layer of cloth in between their hands, his followers were already very surprised to know that their master would be so close to people.

Then, the sudden disappearance of Gu Xijiu had made them feel a sense of pity as they felt rather hand wringing that the person who managed to get close to their master had disappeared.

Nonetheless, they did not take it to heart.

After all, they knew about Gu Xijiu, that she was quite a figure recently but she was ugly and was also the fiancée of the twelfth prince. Therefore, such a person could not match their master.

Even if their did master fall in love, he would not be loving a young girl like her.

Even when Celestial Master Zuo held the hand of that ugly girl had yet to be forgotten, they now saw their master carrying out an ugly, ball-like squire…

At that moment, they were all bewildered, to the point of trauma!

The people maintained their calm minds, but they were having various a.s.sumptions within themselves.

The followers were also wondering if Celestial Master Zuo was h.o.m.os.e.xual, justifying his carrying of that squire and sitting in the same wagon with him.


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