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Feng Ruhuo was shocked. It would appear as though the two of them were exposed! She subconsciously wanted to attack the chef but was stopped abruptly by Gu Xijiu. “Don’t do anything rash. I have cast a spell to hide us. He can’t see us.”

The cook had obviously not seen them. He even took the opportunity to pee in the corner of the yard before returning to the restaurant.

Feng Ruhuo could help but Gu Xijiu a thumbs up in admiration. “Miss Gu, you are brilliant!” She was very impressed by how quickly Gu Xijiu could think of everything in advance. 

There were dozens of baskets in this yard; all of them looked rather big. Each basket had a lid on it, and there was a creaking sound coming from the inside. It was evident that the snakes were inside.

Feng Ruhuo took two steps forward, but Gu Xijiu held her wrist and whispered, “Don’t act rashly! There are traps around here! There are also people hiding in the dark.” Feng Ruhuo subconsciously looked around but did not see anyone. She was dismayed. 

“There is a wizardry barrier at the northwest corner of this courtyard. There are 18 masters inside there. Each of them is a master with at least a level three spiritual power. In the kitchen, in the lobby, and even on the second floor, these people are not just cooks and guests. There are six masters in the kitchen. There are ten inside the restaurant, and there are four on the second floor of the private room.” Gu Xijiu was talking to Feng Ruhuo through a directed audio spell.

Feng Ruhuo was stunned. She had not sensed that there were ambushes in the vicinity. In fact, she did not even pick up any signs. She had certainly not expected Gu Xijiu to have gathered so much information just from standing in this courtyard for a brief moment! What an amazing observation!

Perhaps, it was not an exaggeration to say that she could be on par with the Devil King. Nonetheless, given that Feng Ruhuo was personally involved in this matter, she clearly did not want to believe in what Gu Xijiu had said. 

Being able to sense her eagerness to still go after the baskets, Gu Xijiu merely looked down in disappointment. Without Di Fuyi around, she needed to prove her value to the team so that they would follow her instructions. She wanted to be able to save Di Fuyi with minimal cost.

Instead of continuing to convince Di Fuyi’s subordinate, she lifted her finger, and a gust of wind seemed to storm toward one of the baskets.

“Pak!” The lid opened halfway.

“Shuaaa!” All of a sudden, many figures appeared from all directions. A big net also descended from the sky to cover the basket tightly! 

Fortunately, after Gu Xijiu had already teleported to the roof of the restaurant with Feng Ruhuo, otherwise, they would definitely have been trapped in the big net.

Finally, she understood what Gu Xijiu was telling her. To confirm the accuracy of Gu Xijiu’s comments from before, she counted the number of people who were present. Consequently, she now had full respect for Gu Xijiu! The numbers were exact. “Miss Gu, you are a G.o.d!”

Meanwhile, Yun Yanli’s men searched the entire place but could not find even a single strand of hair.

“It seems that it was just the wind blowing? Otherwise, there was no way the culprit could escape from the net.”

“Perhaps, you are right. I have not heard of any subordinates of the Devil King that could avoid the net.”

Seeing nothing out of the ordinary, the men dispersed and returned to their hiding places.

Feng Ruhuo sighed. “I don’t seem to be able to save these snakes.” If she did it forcibly, it would surely alarm these people. She was not worried about going into battle, but she knew that the entire plan was at stake because it might expose Gu Xijiu’s whereabouts. 

“Is Xiao Chi there?” Gu Xijiu asked.

Feng Ruhuo shook her head. “No, it is not there.” Since Xiao Chi was their primary concern, the two of them decided to leave the place.


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