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Lan Waihu clenched her fists in frustration; she really wanted to kill the imposter.

“Do you want to kill her? It is easy,” Duan Muyan offered help. He seemed to have read her thoughts. 

The woman stared at his smile and was somewhat perplexed. “By this hour, she should be asleep. I can take you there, and you can kill her.” He offered his hand again and asked, “Would you like to go?”

The woman stayed very still.

“What is the matter? Are you afraid that you might see Yan Chen embracing the naked woman in his arms? Are you worried that he might attack you again?”

She sat quietly in contemplation.

Meanwhile, Duan Muyan looked at her fixedly, but his temperament became soft and gentle. After a while, he softly said, “Here, look at me.”

The lady seemed to be hypnotized all of a sudden. Slowly, she lost her consciousness, and there was only one thought in her head, which was to kill the imposter.

A shade of emerald green slowly replaced her pitch-black eyes. At the same time, a steady flow of energy slowly took over her body like currents. Abruptly, she raised her arms and launched a strike across the fields, thus chopping the long gra.s.s into half. It looked as if the gra.s.s had been burnt off. 

Duan Muyan grasped her hand by the wrist. “Little Fox, let’s go. I will let you do what you wish to do.”

He was about to perform a spell but was startled by a visitor nearby. “Little Xijiu, you are here so quickly! Never mind. I shall postpone the trip. There are still plenty of opportunities.”

He snapped his fingers before Lan Waihu’s eyes to wake her up from the state of hypnosis. She opened her eyes and quickly freed her hand from his grasp. “What have you done?”

“Nothing much. Little Fox, we should go. You are still very weak, so you need to rest. I will escort you back.” Without further ado, Duan Muyan took her hand and shoved her into a flying machine that was parked nearby. The machine rose into the sky and disappeared almost instantaneously.

Not long after their departure, Gu Xijiu showed up at the same spot. She took a turn around the fields trying to catch some scents but was disappointed. There was only fresh air that surrounded the hill. There was no lead for her to trace. 

Nonetheless, the withered gra.s.s on the ground caught her attention. Unfortunately, as the gra.s.s was all yellow and shriveled, she could not tell exactly when it was cut. Troubled, Gu Xijiu could not help but wonder if her sixth sense had failed her this time. It would seem that no one had been here.

She yawned as she looked up at the moon. It was already very late at night. She knew that she should rest, for the sake of her child.

In Tianju Hall, Lan Waihu could be seen lying on her bed. She was not asleep yet, and there was a little earpiece in her hand. “Master, Gu Xijiu will be going to the base of the Blue Fox family tomorrow, along with Yan Chen and me. I will try to delay her,” she hoa.r.s.ely whispered.

“No need. Let her come to me,” a stern voice replied from the other end.

“I… I will not be comfortable there. I am worried that my ident.i.ty will be exposed.”

“Don’t worry. I will readjust and lower the sound waves in the base. You should be safe. There should not be a problem of keeping your ident.i.ty concealed unless you are an idiot. Also, there will be a good show for you tomorrow.”


Meanwhile, Gu Xijiu had just returned to her house. As soon as she arrived, a silvery blue jade on her waist started flickering. Surprised, she answered it and overheard a conversation between a man and a woman. 

Attentively, she listened to every word that they said and was pleased. “You have finally revealed who you truly are,” she said scornfully. She had bugged Lan Waihu’s room earlier to get some evidence.


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