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He saw her ruthlessness and how she fell in love with someone else. She had shattered his spirits in the past. 

The man hated her!

He hated her so much that he even dreamt about her at night and could not even sleep well, all because he wanted to get his revenge. 

Seeing the dark side of his master right in front of him, he did not know what to do.

He was the G.o.d of creation who had been practicing for tens of thousands of years, and his skill was undoubtedly powerful. Therefore, the ice that the G.o.d of demons fired at him would not actually kill him though it certainly made him uncomfortable. 

Nonetheless, he simply could not believe that his master was standing in front of him right now. 

She had always seemed so pure, so it was hard to believe that any part of her existence could be demonic. To make matters worse, this creature appeared to be the G.o.d of demons. 

How did this demonic side come into existence? 

At first, Fan Qians.h.i.+ had retreated from the demon. But now, he decided to step forward. He smiled slightly as he asked, “Master, what type of wine do you want to drink? I will get one for you.”

The woman in white bit her lip with confusion. “What kind of wine do I want to drink? What kind of wine do I want to drink?” She tapped her chest and shook her head. Soon, there was a frown on her face. “I feel very empty here. It is very uncomfortable! I am in pain! I want to drink; any drink is fine…”

Fan Qians.h.i.+ was speechless.

Was the demon side of his master driven by wine?

He was her apprentice for a few decades back then. Certainly, he knew her taste. He knew what kind of wine she liked, but because of the hatred in his heart, he never drank the ones she loved.

There were some wines that he gave up drinking simply because of his master. 

Therefore, although he had brought wine with him, none of them were her favorites!

Nevertheless, seeing his master in despair had certainly made him uncomfortable! It seemed she was genuinely suffering. 

He suddenly regretted not bringing her favorite wines. 

If he had known earlier, he would have brought it along with him. 

He had asked his candle dragon to trace Di Hao’s soul for 20 days before he found this continent.

The candle dragon, also known as Little Black, told him firmly that the pink candle dragon that cut him off was located here.

When he finally found it, he had made some inquiries about the place before finally stepping into the desert. 

Apparently, he did not mind the danger.

He thought the story was all made up by the pink candle dragon. After all, the candle dragon was a fire dragon. It was effortless for it to make a desert hotter and hotter.

As for those masters who could not come back, he suspected that the candle dragon probably ate them…

With this speculation, he walked into the desert with the black candle dragon but did not expect to see the fluttering woman in white there. The first thing he saw was a man trying to take advantage of Gu Xijiu. 

He was furious and subconsciously wanted to punish Fu Xiaotian!

But now that everything was said and done, he looked up at the woman in white who looked confused and said softly, “Master, do you want to drink the green plum wine? Let me get some for you. Can you wait for me?”

The woman in white did not respond to him. She only stared at the sky, hugged her arms, and murmured, “It’s so cold! Where did the sun go? It is freezing…”

Her eyelashes also seemed to be frosted, and her thin body seemed to be swaying in the wind. “I am so cold…”

She looked very vulnerable at the moment, which gave Fan Qians.h.i.+ an involuntary impulse in his head while his blood circulation had rapidly increased. He wanted to hold her in his arms to warm her up so that her pale face could turn pink again.

He stepped forward and opened his arms slightly, “Master…”

“Ponggg!” An enormous, dark, and cold body landed into his arms! The black candle dragon’s voice sounded in his head, “I am so cold! Give me some warmth!”

Fan Qians.h.i.+ was speechless.

He kicked the dragon. “Get off!” 


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