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Read The Evolution Of A Goblin To The Peak Chapter 209 I’m now stopping the outdoor training

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Chapter 209 I“m now stopping the outdoor training

The six-circle officers turned into charcoal as Bargan’s flames swallowed their whole bodies.

“H-How…? I-I… have… the… b-bloodstone…” Frels muttered as she looked at the crimson-colored stone in her hands. Her body was slowly crumbling away. She couldn’t feel anything from her body. The same thing was happening to the rest of the six-circle officers. Two of them died on the spot as soon as the flames landed on their bodies.

She the only one who could speak among the six-circle officers, thanks to the power of bloodstone.

To think that they would fail this mission. It was unforgivable to the Deadly Sins.

“Huff… We… will… c-come back… you… shouldn’t stop… our… mission…” She muttered with great effort. The crimson-colored stone fell on the ground along with her hand.

The black robe she was wearing was slowly dissipating into thin air.

The six-circle officers didn’t have a chance to fight at all. They suffered an overwhelming defeat today.

Bargan Hevifield, the Flame Master, showed his power to the students this day. As one of the most powerful figures in the whole Hebrei Kingdom, the students could rarely see such a figure showed his power.

“It will take an army of your level to stop me…” Bargan said before he walked towards Alex.

“Grr…” Souta who was watching this scene gritted his teeth. The extreme pain once again a.s.saulted his body. His muscles were twitching uncontrollably. It was painful.

The best feram were seeping into his mana pool. Cracks started to appear in his mana pool as the best feram suppressed all the mana in his body. The cells on his body were dying one by one as it couldn’t take the power of the best feram.

‘It hurts… I’m suffering more pain than those people! d.a.m.n!’ Souta lifted his head and he looked at the six-circle officers with madness in his eyes.

Suddenly, the energy in his body exploded.


Countless black spikes burst out of the ground. Not just black spikes, black tentacles also rose from the ground. All of Souta’s spell started to appear around him.

“Argh!” Souta screamed but his eyes were still on the six-circle officers. He raised his hand with great effort and some of the black spikes pierced the bodies of the six-circle officer.

Bargan appeared in front of Souta. The black spikes couldn’t do anything to his body. He lifted his hand and tapped Souta’s forehead with his fingers.

“Sleep…” Bargan muttered and Souta lost his consciousness. The spells around Souta also disappeared. He shook his head and said, “You’re too reckless for your own good. I don’t know how will this affect your body.”

Before he fell Bargan caught his body. He then placed Souta on the ground and started to heal his wounds.

“Bargan, you’re here.” Someone called Bargan from behind.

Bargan slightly turned his head and saw that it was the captain of the corps guardians. “I’m sorry that I couldn’t save your subordinates.” He said in an apologetic tone.

“No, don’t be sorry. I’m sure that they were grateful that you save the students. Their sacrifice wasn’t in vain.” The captain of the corps guardians shook his head and said. He then looked at the unconscious Souta. “Is that Souta? The one who used the monster potion.”

“Yes, and it’s bad this time as he drunk two potions,” Bargan replied to him.

“Two potions? That’s insane…” The captain if the corps guardian couldn’t believe what he heard.

“Well, it was thanks to that that he could delay the enemies from killing everyone,” Bargan said with a calm expression.

“We don’t know the effect of drinking two monster potion. Some people don’t even drink monster potion because they were afraid to face the backlash of the potion. Even I wouldn’t want to experience that feeling again.” The captain of the corps guardians said with a gloomy look in his eyes. From his tone and his words, it was like he was saying that he drunk a monster potion before.

“Well, what could I say this student is very special. I could see in his eyes that he was afraid but he’s fighting it.” Bargan said as he shrugged his shoulder. He then added, “We can just hope that he will recover from his injuries. From what I could see, his mana pool and cells were severely damaged.”

“Mana pool? That’s right, every person who drunk monster potion suffered the same consequences.” The captain of the corps guardians said while watching Souta’s face. “We owe this time. If not for him the casualties will be great.”

His expression turned into rage and said, “But who are these people? Their strength isn’t ordinary. They killed the vampire that was hiding beneath the village.”

“I saw the symbol on their robes…” Bargan glanced at the captain before he said, “If I’m not wrong, that’s the symbol of one of the bringer of calamity, the Deadly Sins. A famous organization that brought fear in the whole continent.”

“The Deadly Sins…!?” The captain of the corps guardians was shocked. “What are they doing here!? Every movement of that organization some kingdom and countries will disappear!”

“Yes, it seems that the stone there is a bloodstone. Never in my entire life, I saw a bloodstone. This is the first time I saw it but there’s no reason to doubt the words of these people. We need to handle it carefully.” Bargan explained to the captain with a serious expression.

The captain turned his head and looked at the corpses of the six-circle officers of the Deadly Sins. He saw a hand on the ground holding a crimson-colored stone.

He strode forwards and carefully looked at the crimson stone. He narrowed his eyes and felt an enormous amount of energy inside it.

Bloodstone was a super rare stone that vampires created using the blood of countless creatures. According to the rumors, anyone who possessed it would gain immense power. But from the looks of it, Bargan easily subdued these people even with the possession of bloodstone.

So the captain didn’t think much about it.

“If a powerful person used that then it would become a problem. That woman before used the bloodstone and I felt that her strength increase by two-fold.” Bargan said as he shook his head. “Also, I think that woman didn’t know how to fully utilize the power of the bloodstone as she wasn’t a vampire.”

“You’re right… Our knowledge about this stone is close to none. We have to do further research about it.” The captain said. He then sat down and sighed. He was exhausted and he wanted to rest right now but the situation didn’t let him rest.

After a while, he stood up and said, “I’m going to check the students and give them first aid.”

“You should have done that from the beginning,” Bargan said as he smirked. He then turned around and looked at Yujin who was approaching. “Do you have any injuries that need healing?”

“I’m fine, my wounds already closed. It’s not grave so you don’t have to worry about me.” Yujin said as he shook his head. He looked around and found the five corpses of the six-circle officers and Alex resting on the ground.

He found a corner and sat there without saying anything. He then closed his eyes and rest for a while. He was sure that the outdoor training would be stopped today as most of the students need treatments.

Lumilia, Lynn, Alice, and Yuko arrived after Bargan finished healing Souta’s external injuries. They quickly went towards Souta with a worried expression.

“T-Teacher? How is Souta?” Lumilia asked Bargan without taking off her eyes at Souta’s face.

Lynn and Alice looked at Bargan waiting for his answer.

“I’ve done everything that I could. I’m not proficient in healing spells but I managed to close most of his wounds. Later, I’ll let an expert take a look at his condition.” Bargan slowly explained to them Souta’s condition.

Souta’s condition was very sensitive right now. He’s vulnerable. Bargan couldn’t even find a single speck of mana inside Souta’s body. It’s not his expertise Souts he didn’t dare to do anything inside his body. One wrong move and it would worsen Souta’s condition.

He then smiled and a.s.sured them, “Don’t worry, I will not let him die on my watch. I will call someone to check his condition later.”

Lynn and Alice sighed in relief when they heard his words but Lumilia still have that worried expression on her face. She was blaming herself. If she was stronger then Souta wouldn’t have to consume two monster potions.

Yuko just sat beside Souta while looking at his face. Sometimes she would open her mouth and lick his face. It seems that she was trying to wake him up.

“Then…” Bargan stood up and picked up the bloodstone on the ground. He observed it as he squinted his eyes. He was wondering what makes this stone very special.

After a while, he took a deep breath and opened his mouth, “I’m Bargan Hevifield. Under the authority that was given to me by the, I’m now stopping the outdoor training.”

His voice wasn’t that loud but every first-year student across the whole region heard his announcement.

He had a worried expression on his face. Despite defeating the henchman of the Deadly Sins, Bargan didn’t know how would they react at this situation. If the bloodstone was really important in their organization, then they will come and retrieve it back. Even he wasn’t fully confident in fighting the Deadly Sins head-on.

Their Hebrei Kingdom would probably fall if the Deadly Sins launched an all-out attack towards the kingdom.

If Souta knew what he was thinking then he would say his opinion without hesitation, the percentage of Hebrei Kingdom collapsing against an all-out attack of Deadly Sins was one hundred percent. There’s no doubt about it. The Deadly Sins could plummet the whole kingdom.

One huge country like Hebrei Kingdom wasn’t enough to handle the calamity brought by the Deadly Sins. It needed the help of the great countries if they wanted to fend off an all-out attack of the Deadly Sins.

Souta wasn’t joking at all. He personally experienced the power of Deadly Sins when various countries tried to attack their base in the Giza continent. At that time, Souta was the representative of the Mechanic country. As a commander of Mechanic country’s army, he naturally had thousands of subordinates so he brought them.


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