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Read The Fading Away of Our Youth (So Young) Volume 1 Chapter 27 Part4

The Fading Away of Our Youth (So Young) is a Webnovel created by Xin Yi Wu, 辛夷塢.
This lightnovel is right now ongoing.

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“Chi [1], when do you not have the world’s best gossip?” After hearing it for four years, Zheng Wei had already lost her excitement towards Li Wei Juan’s “Rumors of the Country”, and continued to dial her phone.

Li Wei Juan used one hand to press on the phone, “I’ll say, you’ve already been sold off by someone but still help them count their money. Just now I heard some very reliable news from the Student Council. The whole school was only able to send two students abroad, and your Chen Xiao Zheng is one of them. I heard he’s going to America, and he’s even already signed for the U.S. visa. He may become very promising. Such a big matter and he still hid it airtight. You fool, was kept in the dark too right?”

Zheng Wei was thrown off, and snorted, laughing,”I’ll say, those small rumors are really getting more and more off of the mark. The previous day, I just had a meal with him and he even brought up going to Wu Yuan. Li great teacher, don’t joke around with me, the bluff can be taken a bit too far.”

This time, Li Wei Juan was truly anxious. She pointed at Zheng Wei’s nose and said, “I said you were a fool, and you really are a fool. How can you joke around with this matter, don’t even talk about the courtyard, this news has spread all across all the students in the department. You can believe it or not, but don’t have nowhere to cry later.”

“You are talking nonsense!” Zheng Wei also stood up, “He never told me this before, of course I believe him. I’m his girlfriend, how can I not know his matters?”

“You……fine fine, it was I who cared so much, my kind intentions have become trash under your hands. If you don’t believe it then go find him and confront him face to face.” Li Wei Juan stomped her foot.

“If I go, then I’ll go.” Zheng Wei was someone who would immediately act upon whatever she was thinking. Her voice had just reached the ears of the people when she already ran to the door. “Wait for me to ask him clearly, and we’ll see who’s talking!”

The sound of the closing door was heavy and anxious, shaking Ruan Ruan and Zhu Xiao Bei as they looked at each other. Ruan Ruan suddenly said, “Oh no.” Zhu Xiao Bei knew immediately and stared, “OMG nothing will happen right?” The two people didn’t speak at all when they ran outside.

They went downstairs, and Zhu Xiao Bei pulled Ruan Ruan, “Do you think we should go look for her at the lakes or the rivers, she won’t be unable to think it through……”

Ruan Ruan immediately broke her words, “What time is it, and you’re still talking about these things. You go towards our department’s self studying rooms, and I’ll go near Chen Xiao Zheng’s dormitory. Remember, you only need to look around. If there’s nothing happening, then we’ll come back.”

“Got it, got it.” Zhu Xiao Bei replied, and the two people separated, and took action.

Ruan Ruan didn’t guess wrong, Zheng Wei did go towards Chen Xiao Zheng’s dormitory, she walked for a while, and ran for a while. When she went upstairs, she met some guys from her cla.s.s. She didn’t even say hi before rushing towards where he lived.

When she pushed open the door, he was standing by his bed, his back towards her, cleaning up his things. At his feet was a big suitcase.

Only after he heard her rapid breathing did he turn around. “Wei Wei?” He was a little surprised at first, but then he quickly looked as gentle as usual, “Why did you come?”

[1] Chi: scoffing sound


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