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Read The Failed Swordsman Who Became The Strongest After Spamming The 100 Million Years Button Chapter 7 Part1

The Failed Swordsman Who Became The Strongest After Spamming The 100 Million Years Button is a Webnovel completed by Shuichi Tsukishima, 月島 秀一.
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Translator: Saitamsensei Editor:Ryunakama

7. Black-And-White Princess and Soul Dress [1] – part 1

After bidding farewell to Paulsan, I headed for Thousand Blade Academy’s dormitory.

The key to the dormitory has been mailed by the academy during the admission process, so it is already in my pocket.

「Now then – I’m coming in.」

I know there isn’t anyone here – but I always end up saying it when going home.

「Oh, it’s much wider than I thought.」

It was one room of six tatami mat size.

The room is large enough to live comfortably alone.

The toilet was foreign styled and very beautiful, and the bath was large enough to extend my legs.

In addition, basic appliances such as a refrigerator and washing machine were already installed.

Also the location of the dorm is great.

This dormitory is located in Thousand Blade Academy, so I can go to cla.s.s easily.

「This is more than satisfactory.」

As expected of one of the Five Academy’s – Thousand Blade Academy.

They certainly have tremendous financial power because these rooms are prepared for all the students of this academy.

「Well then, shall I change my clothes?」

From within the wrapped clothes, I took out the Thousand Blade Academy uniform and changed into it,

And then, I checked my appearance in front of the dresser.

「Yoshi, perfect.」

Thousand Blade Academy uniform was a mixture of black and white.

I’m told black symbolizes the sheath and white symbolizes the blade.

By the way, the academy uniform for girls is a short skirt that emphasizes ease of movement.

They haven’t changed the design for hundreds of years, it was a tradition and formality – I remember it being written on the pamphlet.

Personally, I like the pattern of sword crosses on both shoulders.

「Now… it’s still a little early, but shall I get going soon?」

The entrance ceremony begins in fifteen minutes.

I left a little early, but if I walk slowly while looking at the school building and the surrounding buildings, I should arrive at the right time.

After that, on the way to the gymnasium where the entrance ceremony was held.

I overheard what the two girls walking in front of me were talking about.

「Hey, did you hear? There were three people who pa.s.sed the exam through recommended admissions!」

「I heard that too. That’s so unfair. Because they entered the academy with just an interview, without going through that extremely difficult test.」

「That’s true! They definitely came in here through dirty connections!」

……From that story, it seems better not to reveal that I am a recommended enrollee.

I want to spend my life in Thousand Blade Academy in a quiet and peaceful manner as an ordinary student–just quietly swinging my sword.

The three years at the Gran Swordsmanship Academy were really terrible.

I didn’t belong to any school until I graduated from the academy, and I’ve been bullied for a long time, so I don’t even have any friends.

I absolutely don’t want to go through that dark period again.

I want to learn a lot, train a lot, make friends normally, and sometimes play with everyone in the cla.s.s – living an ordinary student life.

(…It will be alright. If I don’t accidentally slip my mouth, they’ll never know that I’m a recommended student.)

Anyway, I was lucky.

If I hadn’t listened to this story, I might have let slip about being a recommended admission during the flow of a conversation.

To be able to avoid it is honestly quite lucky for me.

(Yeah, I feel like today’s flow is really good.)

Then I headed to the gymnasium in a good mood.

Several teachers stood in front of the gymnasium, and were guiding the new students into the gymnasium.

I joined in with the line of people before me and entered the gymnasium.

There is something like a sheet laid out on the floor.

Inside the gymnasium, there were many simple ceremony chairs lined up.

Apparently there seems to be no seat a.s.signment, and the teachers are organizing the new students saying, 「Seat in order from the front.」

I walked along the flow of people and sat down in the middle of the front row.

Since I was at the very front, I could see the stage of the gymnasium clearly.

An advantageous seating position.

I then patiently waited for the entrance ceremony to start.

Then, an advanced-aged teacher climbed onto the stage and started testing the microphone.

The entrance ceremony seemed to begin at last.

The aged man who climbed onto the stage, looked to be the, stating that the ceremony will proceed with a simple opening speech.

「And… next is the ceremonial address from the president. – Thank you, President.」

Then a female teacher started walking to the center of the stage.

「Good morning everyone. My name is Leia Lasnode, and I am the president of this academy. Pleased to make your acquaintance from here on out.」

Leia bowed in a beautiful posture. She was an extremely beautiful young woman.

Glossy black hair that extends to the back. Long slit eyes. Tall and very stylish.

Wearing a tight black suit, with a matching black tie. Tight black gloves on both hands.

She seemed like a person who can get things done.

No, since she became the president of one of the Five Academy’s at such a young age, I’m sure she’s actually an excellent person.

Her actual age is unknown, but judging from the looks, she seemed to be in her twenties.

Then, the president raised her head slowly and spoke again.

「Congratulations to all the new students!」

The president, who read a long ceremony speech, then began to talk about the current situation of the school.

「As you already know, our academy has been in a difficult situation in recent years. We can already hear rumours and fears that the Five Academy’s will become the Four Academy’s if we keep it as it is.」

Then she further added.

「So we made a major reform this year. We renewed the teachers who had problems, including the former president, and introduced a recommended admission system to secure excellent human resources from this year. And this time – I was very thankful that I succeeded in securing three recommended students. These students are all the swordsmen that I have judged to be『transcendent』 in my eyes.」

While listening to the story silently, I had a bad feeling.

Should I say as expected or else, because the president said the unthinkable.

「Then, the three students who have been enrolled through the recommended admission: Ria Vesteria, Rose Valencia, and Allen Rodore please come up to the stage.」

…………I’m done for.

The peaceful and safe student life I sought, disappeared like mist with just a single word from the president.

The surrounding students looked around to see the recommended enrollees, and the entire gymnasium became noisy in an instant.

(…I wonder if I can just sit like this and hide away?)

Such a wicked thought crossed my mind for a moment, but Leisensei was beckoning while looking straight at me, so I gave up on it.

Then, when I moved up to the stage, there was a face I knew in front of me.

A dignified face featuring red eyes and beautiful pinkish silver hair extending to the back.


Rose-Valencia: Sakura Blossom One Sword-style user who fought in the finals of the Sword Festival.

She recognised me and raised her right hand to greet me.

「It’s been a while, Allen.」

「W-Why are you here!?」

「Nn? Obviously to pursue you… oops, we’re still in the middle of the ceremony. Let’s talk later.」

She shuts her mouth and I followed suite.

「Now, from the right, please introduce yourself one by one in order. Please give us your name, school, and a simple word at the end.」

The president handed the mic over to Ria.

As she stepped forward, she opened her mouth with a bold posture.

「Everyone, I am glad to meet you. My name is Ria Vesteria. I came from the neighboring Vesteria Kingdom to study abroad here. My affiliated school is the, High King Style. Although I am royalty, in this academy, I am a student like everyone else. I hope to get along well with everyone.」

She said that and gently laughed.

RiVesteria. She was a gentle person with long and beautiful golden hair tied into twin tails with wine-red coloured ribbons. She was like a princess who jumped straight out of a story, with large clear eyes and snow-white skin.

Although I was a little surprised that she was a princess of the neighboring country, she had a dignified aura surrounding her that was convincing.

Then, the new student’s who heard about Ria’s self-introduction began to clamour.

「By Risama… you mean the same person who won the Sword Festival at the age of five!?」

「An amazing person just became our cla.s.smate…」

「W-Well… she is a recommended admission after all. They would have to be at this level at the very least」

Then Ria lowered her head and a big applause erupted from all over the gymnasium.

「Thank you very much. Next, Rose, please take the stage.」


Then, Rose also stepped forward and cleared her throat.

(…Why is Rose-san enrolled at Thousand Blade Academy in the first place?)

She never even attended the middle school of swordsmanship…

When I was thinking about that, she started introducing herself.

「I am Rose-Valencia. My school is Sakura Blossom One-Sword style. Pleased to make your acquaintance.」

It was a very simple self-introduction, but the impact on freshmen was great.

「Ro-Rose Valencia is that 『Bounty Hunter』!?」

「Terrifying ones keep appearing one after the other… Thousand Blade Academy is going all out this year…!」

「The legendary Sakura Blossom One-Sword style which is said to be pa.s.sed down from father to child. I want to witness it at least once with my own eyes!」

Then, when Rose-san bowed, the same applause as before erupted.

「Thank you very much. Well then, the last one is Allen, please take the stage.」


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