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Read The Famous Painter Is The CEO’s Wife Chapter 307 The Stars Of The Even

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February 1, 20X2 ( Night)Hao Manor

Surprised and alarmed at the swamped of people and paparazzi at the gates of Hao Manor, Mei Lin could not help but gape in agast. The rest of the Zhao family had gone ahead as both Yue and Mei Lin had taken their time dressing for the night, forcing Yang to stay with them. Because the event starts in the evening and ends close to midnight, The kids were told to stay in the safe hands of their French grandfather. “Is this kind of Charity event normal?” Mei Lin asked. She had also hosted something like this too, but it had been so grand because of its large scale that reaches to almost all orphanage of the city. This charity event was only a fraction of that event, but the grandness was near likeness. The fact that is was held in a Manor rather than a large building already told the guest that it should be a warm and smaller scale, to see the opposite made the visitors hesitant. Yang and Yue snorted in unison, making Mei Lin giggle in amus.e.m.e.nt as the siblings proceeded to have a short glaring war. After a while, Yue rolled her eyes and quickly said to Mei Lin, “This was supposed to be a small-scaled charity event, but I’m sure Ye Lan want all the attention to herself.”Yang agreed, “We have to be careful with her.” Seeing Mei Lin’s and Yue’s different incredulous looks directed at him, Yang continued, “Mei Lin is pregnant, remember. Who knows how small that woman’s brain is? Anything stupid could happen regardless of time and place.” Sobered up with her husband’s words, Mei Lin nodded. She had wanted to help protect Yue from the messy affairs of the Hao Family but, as her hands cradled her small bulging stomach, Mei Lin was reminded that she had to care for the precious life she was carrying too. Yue’s hands covered Mei Lin’, and the model threw her best friend a comforting look. On the side, Yang sighed as he watched his wife and sister subtly showed affection and drama. He could not see why they needed to comfort each other. He was at their side; no man nor woman can hurt them without going through him. He, alone, could make a crowd of paparazzi split like Moses did with the red sea. When the car reached the end, and they were expected to go out as the car door beside Yang opened, Mei Lin held Yang’s hands tightly. Feeling her nervousness with the light shaking of her hands, Yang made sure to escort Mei Lin out of the car as gently as he could. He had even helped her smoothen her dress, so everything appeared perfect and clean. The crowd went wild as they appeared. Flas.h.i.+ng lights blinded Mei Lin’s eyes causing her to squint, and then clicking her tongue in annoyance. Yang, true to his slave husband t.i.tle, immediately covered Mei Lin’s eyes with his large hands, effectively creating a s.h.i.+eld and barrier with his arms circled the painter. “Mrs. Zhao, look this way,” someone in the crowd shouted.”No, this way, please!” begged another one. As they walked inside the manor, slowly, Yang could not help his sister to get out of the car as they were slowly pushed away by the crowd. With the group was a never-ending list of questions that the couple had expected and more questions that they have never expected at all.

“CEO Zhao, is your wife pregnant?” “Was the news true?””When can we hear confirmation?””How many weeks has it been?””Will your adopted children know about your biological child?””What will happen with your two adopted children?””Have CEO Zhao done a Paternity test?””Is it a boy or a girl?””What do you plan to name it?”Both Mei Lin and Yang were annoyed at all the questions, but they know that if they answered, it would get worse, yet if they don’t explain anything, it would be even worst. So Yang cleared his throat while pulling Mei Lin closer to him, slowly walking inside the manor while saying, “My wife is around 13-14 weeks now. I am thankful for your kind concern, and our kids at home will be grateful for your care towards them. They could not come today because of how late the event will end. Our daughter, Ling Ling, had made me promise to bring her some cake if there is one.” Knowing the diversion that Yang was doing, Mei Lin added, “We told her that we were attending a charity event and not a birthday party, so we have to bring some finger foods at least or else she will not allow us access to her room.” The paparazzi continued to ask them about things they did not want to answer, but thankfully, Hao Chen arrived with more bodyguards. The das.h.i.+ng young man smirked at Yang and said, “It’s not every day that I get to save you.” Yang rolled his eyes and pointed at the direction of where they initially came from and said, “Yue is still in the car. Go, save her. We are not the stars of this show- you two are. I can take care of us from here on out.” Mei Lin almost swooned when Hao Chen did not even hesitate to go and run to Yue’s aid. Yue must have been anxious in the car, waiting for help that they could not provide because of the relentless crowd. Mei Lin felt angry at herself for her helplessness.Yang kissed Mei Lin’s cheeks and briefly muttered to inform her, “The Hao Family is watching all the proceeding in the entrance. Hao Chen and Yue planned this, just wait and watch the show. Today, we are the spectators.” Her interest peaked, Mei Lin could barely contain her excitement.


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