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Read The Famous Painter Is The CEO’s Wife Chapter 4 I Want To Meet Her

The Famous Painter Is The CEO’s Wife is a web novel created by Lady_Liah.
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Read WebNovel The Famous Painter Is The CEO’s Wife Chapter 4 I Want To Meet Her

October 22, 20XX (Monday)

Hôtel Emeraude

Secretary Bai observed the way Zhao Yang, the CEO of the expansive Zhao Conglomerate and the youngest multi-billionaire today, leaned against the dainty chair in the monitoring room.

Secretary Bai watched as the Zhao Yang’s grinning face faltered as the video with clear audio hidden in the pen intentionally placed in the bodyguard’s left breast pockets was displayed into 2 of the 36 monitors placed in a table of rows and columns.

The first thing that they saw on the first camera was the face of Snow White-like beauty and the other was the face of the CEO’s younger sister.

“Well, she certainly is beautiful.”

“Pardon?” Secretary Bai could not believe the words that flowed out from his CEO and long time friend’s mouth. They had known each other since childhood and never had he seen Yang showing an immediate interest as he did just now. In fact, the only woman Yang had called beautiful and meant it was his mother. This was the second time.

“How did those boys describe her again? Oh yeah! Skin like Pearl, Lips like a rose, and gravity like a sun… Certainly describes a portion of her well.”

Secretary Bai momentarily gaped in amazement. This was certainly a first. It felt like the s.a.d.i.s.tic CEO Zhao, who grins like a madman especially if there is something chaotic happening, was smitten with the best friend of his younger sister.

Secretary Bai’s stoic face returned when the two women arrived in front of the door of the executive suite and suddenly the CEO and him began to shake their head when Little Yue was goofing off at the CCTV placed in the hallway of the 6th floor while her friend merely glance at her with a small smile and opened the door.

Bai Yu Sheng knew that the small smile her friend gave her was not noticed by Little Yue. Secretary Bai grew up with Zhao Yang and Zhao Yue in the same mansion since his mother and father served as the head housekeeper and driver respectively to the previous CEO. He never expected Little Yue to retain the innocence she had in her childhood. Probably because everyone in the mansion spoils her more than they did with the capable Yang. Zhao Yang had always been the responsible one while Yue the mischief maker.

Secretary Bai’s thoughts were interrupted just as Wu Mei Li interrupted the two people in bed with three loud claps.

“Wow, what a pa.s.sionate show. You guys should have called me earlier so I can enjoy the show more.”

Both men blinked repeatedly; not expecting this reaction from the woman. Most woman would have already thrown a tantrum by now. The secretary noticed the grin that was usually plastered in CEO Yang’s face has banished as his eyes narrowed in avid interest.

Was the CEO interested in the event? Or the couple? Or this beauty? Everyone knows to be scared of CEO Yang especially when that fake smile he had is gone, that’s when you know he won’t let anything pa.s.s his grasp.

They looked at the monitors as the beauty informed her now ex-boyfriend about his things and promptly told him to continue cheating. What a way to show indifference; the best revenge you could dish to a man was showing how much you don’t care. Yet the way she was stopped with a grip on the wrist made the blood on their veins boil in anger.

“This man needs to go and be sure to take care of that woman. I have never even touched her once yet she dared to steal a card and tell people she was my girlfriend…” Yang’s eyes meet with Secretary Bai’s, who immediately nodded in affirmation before continuing to watch the events on the monitor.

“I see, she must have been the woman my sister used to tell me about the orphan girl with the most unique voice.” Yang murmured to himself already feeling a pull towards the beauty named Wu Mei Li. The soft laughter sounded much too lazy to care, masking the hurt successfully. Yang could not help but nod in approval at the beauty his sister brought with her; Beautiful as a fairytale princess and a strength that turned heads. He knew what she was experiencing was hard but she had bare with it like a lady.

And when the beautiful lady crossed her arms in front of her, emphasizing the ample bosom, Yang had to s.h.i.+ft his crossed legs the opposite way. It was the first time where he realizes how much of a pervert he could potentially become.

“Fooling me once, I can forgive. But fooling me twice means I’m letting you do so and giving you a chance to do it for the third time is never going to happen.” Her voice made both the two men observing her question whether this woman could shout. It really sounded like she couldn’t.

“You really should continue the previous activities you were doing with Miss Lu so that Miss Lu’s boyfriend can also witness a beautiful scene.” Mei Li’s taunted.

Secretary Bai smirked at the same time Yue started to loudly snicker.

“You never know, he might already be watching. This hotel is another business he owns, didn’t you know that?” The beauty’s words ooze with ridicule.

Both men watching laughed with glee for short period.

“This woman is amazing.” Secretary Bai blurted out with small pa.s.sing his lips.

The young CEO shushed him when Yue asked her friend, “How did you know my brother was watching?”

“You goofing off at the camera was obvious enough.”


Secretary Bai shook his head helpless at Little Yue’s obliviousness.

“…not your fault. Your brother is also involved in this matter seeing as that woman was using his name.”

Yang watched with amus.e.m.e.nt as his sister’s friend looked up at the camera. The shoulders that still shook with laughter was instantly straightened as the following words left Little Yue’s mouth, “If you have something to say to him, he probably is still observing us and the cheating couple at the same time… but it’s probably the camera with these two that have the microphone.” Yue pointed towards the two guys trying to stay stoic at their conversation.

In antic.i.p.ation for the beauty to speak, Yang had not noticed the way his little sister was grinning. Only Secretary Bai did. This must be one of the Zhao family’s matchmaking schemes again.

“Sir Edmund, your Mercedes has sinned against you but I, Sarah, had led my Abraham into his. Hoping for Sir Edmund to be lenient.”

Secretary Bai watched the CEO smirked as he heard the sentence from the beauty.


Yang repeated, “Very Interesting…”

“This woman is interesting.” The 24th Zhao Head and the popularly known as CEO Zhao tapped the 13-inch monitor that showed the face of Wu Mei Li walking away from the elevator leaving behind three stupefied fellows.

“Why have I only meet her now?”

Secretary Bai could only roll his eyes in exasperation with thoughts he kept to himself, ‘Your family had been continuously matching the both of you but you were the one that was always busy!’

“I want to meet her…”

Secretary Bai had to tell Little Yue this news.

“…but not the way my parents and sister want.”

Never mind, Secretary Bai will choose to remain silent. Knowing the plot that is forming on the CEO’s mind was always greater than Little Yue’s.


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