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Read The Favored Son Of Heaven Chapter 15: The Heart Sutra Of Dreaming Sleep

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Qin Fen was in the final spurt before taking the university entrance exams. He really didn’t want to flunk the entrance exams. At the same time, he wanted to use cla.s.sroom time to recover a bit of strength. He had lost a job, so he needed to find a new one as soon as possible. There was no time to waste.

“Let’s do it next time. Let me go.” Qin Fen put his hands on his knees to get up with great effort.

“Cultivator, please execute the fourth cycle of cultivating….”

This was the first time Qin Fen had the impulse to want to curse at someone. A proper sleep had turned into such a bizarre s.p.a.ce. And there was certainly no friendly relations to be said with the figure of light in front of him, trapping someone without giving a care for their future life.

Battle intent bubbled forth from the bottom of his heart! Ever since Qin Fen swallowed the bizarre liquid metal, he felt his own desire to battle to be much stronger than it was before. Suppressing his battle intent became a more difficult task.

Leave? Only if you beat me when I’m in my first stage state. Or you can complete the three sections of the first part of training.”

“Let me go!” Qin Fen raised his left leg then his right to close the gap in a mad dash before the figure of light. A palm struck toward the head of the figure of light.

Instead of dispersing apart, the figure of light’s waist slid back half a step as it utilized the Dragon Guard of the Shaolin Arhat Fist, accurately dodging Qin Fen’s palm. At the same time, it said, “The cultivator has autonomously launched a third attack, disrupting the training process. Issuing punishment now.”

Qin Fen completely ignored the figure of light’s warning. The palm struck nothing but air, and Qin Fen raised his left hand to follow up with a chop. He didn’t give the figure of light a moment to fight back, striking out immediately after recovering his palm from the first strike.

Shaolin Arhat Fist’s Triple Palm Strike!

“The Arhat Carries Swords….”

The figure of light’s voice rang out, and it was as if Qin Fen’s chest had been struck by a heavy hammer. His entire body flew back, heavily smas.h.i.+ng through the empty void.

Qin Fen laid there in the empty s.p.a.ce, his mind a daze. He had been defeated, and this possibility had run through his mind. His opponent looked to possess considerable strength, after all. However, he never expected to be defeated just by his opponent yelling out the name of its attack. He thought such a thing to be impossible.

They were both techniques of the Shaolin Arhat Fist! Most people believed this martial art to be the fitness exercise of fist forms, but Qin Fen was confident that, out of all the two-star warriors, he was the one who appreciated its essence the most. Yet, today he had been defeated by a mere figure of light.

“Please carry out the first stage of the Dragon Elephant Prajna Art. This will be your fourth cycle in training….”

Qin Fen stayed in a daze, lying in the air, for two seconds before staggering back up again. He consciously chose to enter meditation. It wasn’t that he was scared of the figure of light, it was just that figure of light’s strike made him realize that he was being a bit arrogant.

He had looked down on others in the past for not being able to predict the results of battles. He had been like the others just now, when he was in the middle of one. If he couldn’t leave this place, then he might as well train! Train until he could leave!

Men all have a compet.i.tive fighting spirit, and Qin Fen was no exception. This was especially true after he experienced the few fights in recent times. His fighting spirit, half buried from the busyness of life, awakened once more.

“Please carry out a fifth cycle….”

This time Qin Fen didn’t resist or hesitate at all. He already decided to join the military, so he might as well do some special training beforehand! As for the entrance exams? Qin Fen was confident that as long as he could wake up in time for the test, he would be able to pa.s.s it. He just wouldn’t be able to place in one of the top positions is all.

“Twenty cycles of the second stage of the Dragon Elephant Prajna Art has been completed.” The figure of light’s rigid voice reverberated in the bizarre dark s.p.a.ce, “Congratulations on completing the second section of the first part of training. Please calm your breathing as you prepare to carry out the third section of the first part of training.”

Qin Fen let out a long breath, and his eyes opened with an unprecedentedly explosive light.

He probably already spent at least a week in this bizarre s.p.a.ce. This d.a.m.nable figure of light had no intentions of letting him go.

Qin Fen wasn’t worried about being expelled from school for missing He had his friend Lin Liqiang, who would certainly help cover him and come up with the most rational of reasons for his leave of absence.

Right now he needed to focus on adjusting his state, so he could receive the last section of training. Then he could live this bizarre place! Qin Fen closed his eyes once more before slowly standing up. He completely relied on his martial artist perception to relax his body.

“He seems to be calming himself.”

Two boys and a girl surrounded the bed within Qin Fen’s little room. They attentively observed his current state.

Lin Liqiang was the one who spoke. He had felt something was wrong the first day when Qin Fen didn’t attend cla.s.s. He immediately fabricated an excuse for his friend’s leave of absence, and he simply slipped out of cla.s.s to go to Qin Fen’s residence.

Although Qin Fen had never told anyone where he lived, finding out the location of a friend’s residence was simply a trifling matter for someone of Lin Liqiang’s ident.i.ty.

He normally didn’t look into his friends, but there was likely something going on, making it necessary to spend some energy to investigate.

By the time Lin Liqiang arrived at Qin Fen’s room, he discovered that Enzo Rota got there a step earlier.

Enzo Rota probably had an extraordinary background as well! This thought had instantly ran through Lin Liqiang’s mind before he immediately came to Qin Fen’s side.

Lin Liqiang was completely uninterested in Enzo Rota’s ident.i.ty. There was no need to ask about this stuff among friends. He would talk about it when he wanted to.

As Lin Liqiang stepped a foot into the room, Song Jia stepped into Qin Fen’s residence as well.

“Cultivating.” Enzo Rota spoke simply, something Song Jia was still not used to. She turned to look at Lin Liqiang for help.

“Old Enz is saying that Old Enz seems to be cultivating. We shouldn’t move him nor touch him. Otherwise, it will probably be dangerous for Old Qin.”

After listening to Lin Liqiang’s explanation, Song Jia had a bit of a sudden admiration toward Lin Liqiang and Qin Fen. They were actually able to completely understand a weirdo like Enzo Rota. It was quite amazing.

Seven days pa.s.sed with the three people guarding Qin Fen at his bed, thanks to the help of Lin Liqiang super powerful leave of absence skills.

Song Jia endlessly speculated over Qin Fen for these seven days. She speculated what sort of martial art he was cultivating that could make him sleep for seven days without need for food nor water.

The Heart Sutra of Dreaming Sleep? Impossible! Song Jia soon rejected this guess. She had looked into all of Qin Fen’s information in the past few days.

Qin Fen. Born on Earth. Grew up on Earth. Never left Earth. Only has a brother for family, who suddenly disappeared five years ago. No one knew where he went.

It was impossible for such a person to get in contact with the number one expert of Mercury and learn the apex-level divine art, The Heart Sutra of Dreaming Sleep.

What divine arts were there where one cultivated in their sleep, other than the rumored Heart Sutra of Dreaming Sleep? Song Jia thought so hard that her head hurt, yet she was still unable to think of any.


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