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Read The Favored Son Of Heaven Chapter 375 – The Heroic Battle Of One Vs One Hundred, A Hero Is Not That Easy To Be

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Chapter 375: The Heroic Battle of One vs One Hundred, A Hero is Not That Easy To Be

Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

The light on the golden beach was dimmer than usual. The sun had been completely covered by large clouds that had arrived unknowingly. The sea breeze which carried the strong tidal waves splashed onto the golden beach repeatedly. Most of the hundred or so martial artists were still halfway in the sea as they had witnessed a scene that was completely unimaginable.

A young martial artist was carrying a s.h.i.+ny katana in his hand. The yellow sand under his feet caused a rain of sand as he rushed towards the hundred or so martial artists with a full-bodied murderous and exciting battle intent.

Has he gone crazy? The twelve-star martial artist who stood at the back, Huang Zhengchun, was baffled. Even if he was of ten-star strength, in the face of a hundred martial artists, there was still no chance of winning.

That’s right! The weakest among the hundred people were still eight-star martial artists, but it didn’t mean that there were no nine or ten-star martial artists among them!

Huang Zhengchun’s eyebrows furrowed as he shook his head repeatedly. The star-cla.s.s was an important benchmark for measuring martial artists. However, when the number of martial artists with lower reached a certain amount, the power exerted could also produce qualitative changes.

Even with just a hundred eight-star martial artists, Huang Zhengchun was very clear on the fact that that could easily kill the ten-star martial artist who charged at them. Not to mention the fact that among these hundred martial artists, as well as him being twelve stars, there were also two deputy captains who had the strength of eleven-stars. They were young martial artists who could easily kill any ten-star martial artist.

“Since you want to die…”

Huang Zhengchun crossed his arms leisurely as he watched Xue Tian rushed into the crowd of martial artists from the Golden Triangle. His lips were gently tilted to let loose a few words. Suddenly, his eyes flashed and killing intent as cold as prison cells broke out from the crowd!

Along with the murderous intent as cold as prison cells, there was also a dazzling sight as it revealed the malevolence of the knives. It was followed by a roar filled with heroic confidence, “Welcome, Thousand Swords Break Mountains and River!”

Countless silver snakes broke out from the katana, intertwining with each other to form sharp knives and a dense net of swords!

Huang Zhengchun’s eyes were twitching and beating. This blade was too fierce and too fast! It was hidden so deep that it was not until the moment of the explosion that it really exposed the intention of the attack.

Ultimate skill? Huang Zhengchun’s palms trembled a little. Does this young man really want to die? In a one-on-one duel with another martial artist, the sudden use of his ultimate skill could end the battle quickly but it would still consume a lot of true energy due to the release of the finis.h.i.+ng move.

If it was a group battle, a really experienced martial artist would choose to save their true energy. The more powerful the ultimate skill, the more it could not be used for a longer period.

As the slash as violent as the end of the world appeared, the two martial artists closest to Xue Tian who planned to join forces could only see the unparalleled bright beams right in front of their eyes, followed by a chill up their necks. The true energy in their bodies could no longer be felt as dazzling red blood suddenly gushed out from their necks.

At the next moment, the two nine-star martial artists saw an incredible thing. They were looking up to their bodies, but there were no heads on their bodies. All there was left was a meat stick the size of a bowl that sprayed bright red blood toward the sky vigorously.

The brain was displaced but there was still consciousness and thinking! Xue Tian’s blade was too fast! The nine-star martial artists who had their heads displaced couldn’t believe the blade over the top of their heads. Three eight-star martial artists barely lifted their weapons in an attempt to block but the blades of Xue Tian seemed to be alive. It did not collide with the weapons of the three. Instead, it went around their weapons and it headed straight for their bodies.

The blade flashed, the eight-star martial artists’ upper bodies were separated from their waists. The other martial artist lost his legs while another had half of his head chopped off as clumps of red and white fluids ooze out.

Quick! Huang Zhengxuan raised his eyebrows, This speed of killing is too fast! In the time it takes for a spark to fly off a flint, three eight-star martial artists and two nine-star martial artists were lost just like that!

Such strength… if it was against any ordinary ten-star martial artists, it would be estimated that one would lose desperately in an instant. If all their strength was exerted, they should be able to hold off a ten-star martial artist.

Huang Zhengchun bit his lips. These five martial artists died before they could utilize fully all of their strength. In addition to the pity for these people, the others still had no choice but to admire the strength of Xue Tian.

Out of the five martial artists gathered around Xue Tian, four people died in an instant. One person’s legs were broken and his combat power was completely lost. Death was only a matter of time.

Several golden triangle martial artists who rushed in with high speed were also completely intimidated by the violent blade of Xue Tian. They were forced to slow down the pace of their feet to stand outside the reach of the blade.

The moment Xue Tian cut off half of the fifth person’s head, the Katana’s Thousand Swords Break Mountains and River twirled in his hand, and his body was like a bird diving into the trees as he went straight to the nearest nine-star martial artists.

The chilling aura of the blade arrived before the katana. What remained before the eyes of the nine-star martial artist was a sudden blade a.s.sault. He subconsciously wanted to retreat, but he felt like everything around him had slowed down. This chilling aura actually helped the martial artist who had already entered Blood Transfusion Rebirth yet had never entered the True Inborn realm break through his original realm.

I am ten stars? This thought flashed across the martial artist’s mind and the katana that seemed like a drill bit pierced through his chest with a high-speed rotation. It broke his strong and powerful heart instantly.

So fierce? The fellow Golden Triangle martial artists who attacked all had a sudden chill from the bottom of their hearts. They had seen people who could fight well, but they had never seen a person who could kill so well! With just a moment of effort, six golden triangle martial artists that had fought hundreds of battles had been cut alive by a blade. They were slashed to death as easily as an ant was stomped.

A team of one hundred people could kill this young man! The Golden Triangle martial artists were very clear about this answer but could they hold on until that moment?

No one could guarantee that they could hold onto their lives until that moment, this young man’s blade was too sharp!

The sudden chills had suppressed evil aura emitted from the bodies of the hundred Golden Triangle martial artists instantly.

At the same time, Xue Tian’s aura had escalated to an alt.i.tude that was never seen before. His aura alone had suppressed the aura of the one hundred opponents.

Huang Zhengchun’s shrewd and ruthless eyes glinted clearly. It seemed that this young man had such wishful thinking deep down his heart! It’s no wonder the finis.h.i.+ng move was used as soon as he came up. He wanted to use this instant kill to increase his aura to suppress the opponent’s aura.

The battle between martial artists: it could be said that the more magnificent the aura the more likely the victory. Very few people could win when their aura was really low.

A finis.h.i.+ng move that was released without hesitation in exchange for the current situation. Huang Zhengxuan secretly applauded. If this young man could be captured into the Golden Triangle and conquered completely, he would be an elite among generals.

The screams ruined the sound of the waves. .h.i.tting the beach and the back of Xue Tian’s katana broke the skull of another eight-star martial artist.

It was at this moment when the bodies of the martial artists who first fought against Xue Tian finally fell on the beach. The b.l.o.o.d.y mist in the air was carried away by the sea breeze.


Huang Zhengchun’s eyes were filled with surprise. Even after everyone had prepared themselves for this young martial artist, he still managed to kill three of them in a short period of time. The number of kills was pushed to ten! He killed off ten percent of the group already!

That terrible lethality! Huang Zhengchun’s eyes glared. The seawater around his body vibrated slightly and his legs surged with true energy. His body was pulled out of the sea and he stepped on the shoulder of the martial artist in front of him to rush at Xue Tian.

No more casualties! Let me handle him personally! Huang Zhengchun’s eyes squinted and his wet clothes rubbed against the air, creating a squeaking sound. His left glove was a dazzling silver power fist which suddenly became a huge iron block.

The silver arc-shaped blade cut through the b.l.o.o.d.y mist and its coldness burst to the front of Huang Zhengxuan. The sharp katana forced the sea breeze away which in turn caused Huang Zhengxuan’s hair to jitter slightly.

A master? Xue Tian’s true energy turned sharply and his body was rushed forward. The katana once again turned into countless silver snakes in the air which formed a net of slashes.

Thousand Swords Break Mountains and River was activated once more.

In the face of twelve-star martial artists, Xue Tian once again released his Thousand Swords Break Mountains and River. Its aura was far stronger than the previous one!

Huang Zhengyan’s eyes flashed with a little surprise. He used his ultimate skill consecutively? He is bold and smart. He knows that when facing powerful opponents of a higher star-cla.s.s, he must utilize his ultimate skill. This move may not be able to be blocked by any one of the two captains? Just…

Too bad! Huang Zhengxuan’s lips evoke a thirty-degree sneer. This move had been used before! To use the same finis.h.i.+ng move twice in front of a martial artist who was two-star cla.s.s higher? Even if the angle was more st.u.r.dy and faster, it was futile.

“Break it!”

Huang Zhengchun flicked his shoulder and his whole arm seemed to have a rocket booster equipped. He fiercely rushed into Xue Tian’s thousands of blades and faced the true pressure of the blade.

With the gap of two as well as the previous observations, Huang Zhengchun was confident that this shot could easily break down Xue Tian’s finis.h.i.+ng move.

Huang Zhengxuan laughed and Xue Tian’s eyes flashed, but not due to the surprise and panic of his skill being broken. There was a hint of a smile from the eyes that were full of battle intent. Nearly a hundred shadows of the blade, as if it had come in contact with a magnet, retracted quickly into the katana.

The hundred silver serpents gathered together to let out a strong radiance that was never seen before. It turned into a s.h.i.+ny silver dragon, and the arc crossed the power fist as it went straight for the neck of Huang Zhengxuan.

The extremely cold true energy had not reached his body. The hair on the back of Huang Zhengchun had already erected and gooseb.u.mps spread all over his body. It was the aura of death that struck his atrium.

What a sharp blade! Amazing, hundred of blades return to its original form! Huang Zhengchun’s eyes were soaring, such young martial artist could actually absorb the blades that were just released back into the original blade, amazing! But it was such a pity.

With a big sigh of relief, Huang Zhengchun’s shoulders shook and the force of his left arm was s.h.i.+fted to his right shoulder suddenly. The force of an elastic burst suddenly shot from the sharpest point of the blade, like how a homing missile would be shot, from the right. It instantly released a bright light in between his muscles that had a metallic glow.

Neo martial art: Diamond War Body! Steel neuro body’s advanced neo martial art!

Huang Zhengxuan finally showed his true martial arts. The missile type of the neo martial art fist technique increased his arm’s length by a few centimeters and it struck the katana.

Du Peng’s eyelids beat uncontrollably as he watched from afar. The speed of these two people was too fast. He would have died in an instant if he had gone in.

Great! Xue Tian’s eyes were also twitching, a twelve-star Diamond War Body was so good! The tyrannical defense power could already resist swords with a certain hardness. It would be a shame if he met Qin Fen. With one punch, the one at a loss would be the twelve-star martial artist.

Although I am not Qin Fen, don’t underestimate me! Xue Tian’s eyes squinted suddenly, his blade turned fiercely and he took the lead before the other side’s iron fist arrived and twisted.


The screeches of metal collisions burst into a harsh sound and Huang Zhengxuan’s fist felt a burning pain. This young martial artist was able to change the angle of his blade in the middle of a full force. Such a genius! What a pity…

The bright katana seemed to have been filled with liquid explosives and a loud explosion was heard. Countless pieces of metal were sent flying around!

His blade is broken! Huang Zhengchun smirked, this attack was worth it! Although his skin was slit open by the blade to the point where the bones were visible, to be able to destroy a blade user’s blade was equivalent to taking half of his life…

Puff puff…

Several pieces of broken blades grazed against Xue Tian’s body as they flew over. His uninjured skin suddenly let out several puffs of misty blood. The web between his thumb and index finger was even redder. It was as if it would split open any time.

The same twelve-star martial artist faced the explosion. Xue Tian felt a faint numb in his arms and his blade infused with Mars’ iron did not even slice off his opponent’s arm. This twelve-star martial artist was obviously an elite among his star level.

Huang Zhengxuan did not stop. His left arm that was retracted was suddenly sent out again. The power fist flew out of his hand and the tyrannical rocket booster turned it into something which seemed like a missile.

Xue Tian glared with both his eyes, Qin Fen’s favorite Dragon Guard, which was used to avoid straight-line attacks, suddenly appeared on his body and the power fist flew over his cheeks.

Not waiting for any adjustment from Xue Tian, Huang Zhengxuan’s foot stirred the sand under his feet like if he was playing the drum. He leaped towards Xue Tian as his shoulders shook repeatedly. It was like the needle of the machine gun constantly moving; his two arms were like a machine gun firing bullets. In an instant, an array of punches filled the s.p.a.ce in front of Xue Tian.

The martial artists of the Golden Triangle’s eyes had a very surprised look. The captain even used this special neo martial art fighting method that would greatly exhaust his physical strength: Machine Gun Fists.

Xue Tian’s feet were different; his body was like a huge tumbler. He made all kinds of dodges quickly. In the blink of an eye, most of Huang Zhengxuan’s attacks were evaded. The Golden Triangle martial artists screamed repeatedly. What in the world was that movement technique?

Boom! Kacha…

Huang Zhengxuan felt the stiffness of his fist hitting the opponent’s body. He listened to the familiar sound of bone breaking, which echoed in his ear, and his heart had a sudden feeling of mild satisfaction. This mudskipper-like opponent was finally hit.

Great, just land one punch and then the battle…

Huang Zhengxuan’s heart was secretly happy but a figure flashed in front of his eyes suddenly. Xue Tian’s right arm broke through the machine gun fist weakly and his left elbow slammed straight up.

Good! Huang Zhengxuan was even more happy, with the Diamond War Body would I still be afraid of an elbow from you, a ten-star martial artist? As soon as you enter this narrow scope, you will be defeated!

With fists like a machine gun firing, there was a strange Huanglong which appeared at this moment from behind Xue Tian, returning quickly. Neo martial art combat skills: Bundled Sacred Ropes!

With the hardness of the body with the Diamond War Body, as long as the opponent was hugged tightly, there were only a few martial artists of the same star-cla.s.s in the world who could break free. Often, the bones of the victim’s whole body were crushed by the st.u.r.dy body and they would die.

Snap! Huang Zhengchun’s arms had already reached Xue Tian’s back and the elbows also came flying at him at the same time.

Just a little more… Huang Zhengxuan’s heart suddenly jumped excitedly and his arms that were about to bind Xue Tian suddenly accelerated and contracted. His skull evaded quickly to the side.

Another blade! Huang Zhengxuan’s pupils saw that when Xue Tian’s elbow approached, a bright blade flew out from his clothes at the elbow!

A second blade! Huang Zhengxuan suddenly remembered one thing. Most swordsmen owned a second blade. This was the real deadly blade.

No matter how hard the body of a twelve-star Diamond War Body was, it was impossible to make the face hard to the point where it could not be pierced. He was likely to die if a blade were to strike his face.

Both sides were competing against time. Huang Zhengchun’s arms reached Xue Tian’s back first. His horror was overcome by a little relaxation again. This time he won the compet.i.tion.

Huang Zhengchun’s two metal-st.u.r.dy arms hurried to the chest suddenly and his lips twitched with a faint excited smile, I almost finally won this time!

“Thank you…”

The unexpected words came from the mouth of Xue Tian. Huang Zhengchun felt a sudden chill riding in his spine. At the same time, his lower body also felt a cold aura of a blade.

A third blade! Huang Zhengxuan’s arms that crossed his chest were released quickly and retracted. He wanted to push Xue Tian away.

He even had a third blade? Huang Zhengxuan couldn’t believe this fact. There were only a few people in the world who would carry two blades. This young man in front of his eyes actually had a third blade? If he knew there was a third blade earlier, he would have used his knees to attack first.

“Too late…”

Huang Zhengxuan looked at Xue Tian’s ironic smile and read this silent line.

Too late… it’s too late… Huang Zhengxuan’s heart sunk abruptly. He really shouldn’t have taken advantage of the almost invincible defense power of his Diamond War Body. It had made him neglect the lethality of his opponent.

The Diamond War Body was not really an invincible defense. At least, a twelve-star Diamond War Body still had a weakness.

Underneath the genital! Although it was stronger than any ordinary martial artists, it could withstand the fists and kicks of other martial artists, it couldn’t withstand the attack from a blade.

Especially a very sharp blade, one that could easily pierce the iron underwear like the chain armor…


A short blade popped out of the right knee of Xue Tian’s trousers. With a strong knee hit, it was easy to pierce the Diamond War Body.

“Want me to die? You should die too!”

Huang Zhengxuan screamed as his mouth spewed out the bright red blood. The arms that were pulled back broke through the air and slammed into the heart of Xue Tian with a whistle-like sound.

Die, let’s die together!

Xue Tian withdrew his body and he jumped back like a monkey. His wrist twirled the short blade from his elbow and sent it flying out like a kunai.

Puff… kacha…

The blade pierced Huang Zhengyu’s throat deeply. Xue Tian’s body flipped in the air and fell back to the beach. His right arm once again let out a crisp sound. His beast’s mortal counterattack was still very sharp. That elbow did not hit his heart but it still hurt his injured right arm.

The suffocating attack of the storm and rain ended instantly. Huang Zhengxuan’s eyes were as big as a bull’s eye. It was filled with doubts. The twelve-star martial artist was killed by a ten-star martial artist. His unwillingness fell along with his body as he faced the sky, as if to ask G.o.d what happened in the end.

Puff… Xue Tian couldn’t help but spurt blood. The Diamond War Body which hugged him from behind still managed to hurt the other organs in the body.

In just a moment… Xue Tian looked pale and he bent his body to smile bitterly, the twelve-star martial artist was really a twelve-star. Without a body as monstrous as Qin Fen, to fight against these super high defensive power martial artists… it has way too many losses. 

“Xue Tian…”

Du Peng’s ankle was about to move when he saw Xue Tian raise his left arm to prevent the movement.

“You two better not come over, the battle can only be c.u.mbersome. If you have the time to talk to Old Qin, say that he should no longer treat the body, his buddy really wants to die here.” Xue Tian felt the tingling pain on his back, and looking up at the cold drizzles, he said, “Being a hero is not that easy.”

Xue Tian looked down at the state of his body. His clean military uniform had long been stained with the blood of the enemies. Along with the stains, it had been completely destroyed. “It seems like I’m in a difficult situation.”

Nearly ninety martial artists from the Golden Triangle all looked at this blood-stained young man with shock. He killed ten enemies instantly and killed the twelve-star martial artist captain Huang Zhengchun even when he was injured. Where did this monster come from?

“Can this body… still support the killing of these eighty or ninety opponents?” Xue Tian shook his head weakly with a bitter smile and lifted his head again. His eyes recovered their self-confidence, “I say, we can continue. Onward to my first step on the path of becoming a hero.”

Dozens of gold triangle martial artists’ eyes twitched.  He still wouldn’t give way with his body like this? A gust of wind will topple him over! He still wants to fight? This kid must be really crazy.

“What? You don’t dare attack?” Xue Tian licked the blade in his hand, “Well then, let me begin the a.s.sault, welcome to the world of Blade of Fury.”


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