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The Geared Immortal is a web novel completed by Shynobi.
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A new hope


The contrast in emotion between the demons and the allied forces can be seen clearly as the humans are now sandwiched between two demon forces. The feelings of each cultivator, mortals, and beast-men became a mixture of fear, anxiety, worry, and anger.

Hai Borak and the 2nd prince Li Yan Xi felt hopeless as they look upon the number of demons pouring out of the portal.

According to their plans, s.h.i.+n Jiao and Agnes should stop the demons from attacking them from behind no matter what happens. But from the looks of it, it seems that the two have failed after they put their trust in them.

But who can they blame?

In this war of this magnitude, how can a mere two people stop an army of a hundred thousand savage demons? Although they can’t deny that because of s.h.i.+n Jiao’s ability to infiltrate the demon army they have reached this state where the demons and their allied force are in a stalemate. However, now everything seems to be for naught.

The wars.h.i.+ps began to emanate a golden glow as they already deployed their holy fields. Though the army of demons which just arrives does not have flying units, they did not lower their vigilance.

 “All s.h.i.+elds deploy!” shouted Ling Ya on the intercom.

She was also taken aback because of the sudden appearance of the demon forces from their rear. However, right now her concern is her husband Jin Fu. He was wounded in battle when he fought against a Black Dragon.

In fact, he should not have survived if not for a young man named Xi Jung. The young man is a cultivator but is able to use one of the giant Immortal Gears which most of the high ranking officers of the mortal forces use.

Jin Fu is currently lying on an infirmary and is already awake. But because his Qi was depleted he still needs to rest for a while. Beside his bed sat a cute boy which happily talks to his father.

This is the reason why Ling Ya can now concentrate a bit on the war. She was a.s.signed to be the main array commander in the wars.h.i.+ps.

As the tension began to grow, the countdown seems to be starting before the allied force’s defeat. Belfast’s expression is already grinning from ear to ear as he watches the countless demons pouring out from the gate.

“Hehe… Beast clan people and humans… Today your race would vanish from these lands. I Belfast will rule all and will destroy everything that blocks my path. Hahaha…” his booming voice echoed throughout the battlefield.

His b.l.o.o.d.y figure looks like the G.o.d of death that has just wreaked havoc in the mortal plane.

Many of the generals of the allied forces have fallen on his hands and even the Beast emperor Hai Borak was wounded by him in their confrontation.

Belfast’s strength is truly terrifying that he can handle facing the combined forces of the high ranking officers of the allied forces alone.

Then from their view, they saw that the gate is slowly closing.

Upon seeing the remaining armies, Belfast suddenly frowns.

This is because the number of armies that have returned seems to have diminished. But he didn’t care, as long as the war would end in their victory, he truly didn’t care at all.

“Let the last battle begin!” shouted Belfast with a loud voice followed by the roar of every demon.

The flying forces began lifting off to the sky as the signal from Belfast was already sent.

Suddenly, everything went quiet as they saw the large demon army coming from behind actually parted. They in the midst three figures can be seen walking out.

What caught everyone’s eyes is the one floating in the midst of them.

From the demon army, the pure ones can be heard murmuring a familiar name.

“Gasp… That… that’s her highness the demon queen, Agnes”

“How did her power came back?”

“This is bad, what should we do with the rest of the lower demons? We can’t control them with her power returning they would be looking at her… She must die.”

Right now, the figure of Agnes is exuding a large amount of dark Qi all over her body. This very strong aura is very terrifying that the effect from the mana refineries seems to have stopped working.

The lower lever demons and all of the demon allied forces suddenly woke up from the effect of the mana refinery from Agnes’s aura alone.


Of course, once a lower level demon was awoken from the control of the mana refinery, it will cause them to go berserk immediately. And because of this, the demon army suddenly became chaotic.

When Belfast saw this, he immediately cursed Agnes for being too resilient from dying.

From his back, he suddenly feels a huge stone club being swung towards his head.



However, Belfast just catches it with one hand and crushed the stone club.

“How dare a lower level creature to challenge me!? I will kill you all!” shouted the sudden enrage Belfast.

All his plans have become a failure and now he just wanted to bend his anger to the rampaging demons.

The chaos in the demon army made the allied forces dumbfounded. They can now see the demons killing other demons in a seemingly unending pool of blood.

“That guy is truly full of surprises.” Li Yan Xi muttered shaking his head with a happy smile plastered on his face.

“s.h.i.+n! s.h.i.+n, you’re okay!” Qin Lou asked on her intercom as her eye became teary.

But she held herself going to s.h.i.+n Jiao’s side as the war has not yet ended.

“Everyone… Please wait for a bit before attacking. The lower demons are in berserk mode and are not distinguis.h.i.+ng between allies and foes. When they came through do not fight with them… Our only enemies are pure ones.” s.h.i.+n Jiao said in his intercom.

Agnes on the side suddenly held, Silvira’s hand as she is now feeling weak.

She has used a lot of her recovered mana to open the portal and control that huge amount of aura. Luckily, s.h.i.+n Jiao can craft the free energy source rune on spirit stones hence she was able to survive the huge amount of energy needed to stabilize the portal. s.h.i.+n Jiao wanted to use the scroll which Harval holds, but he discovered that it was already half destroyed on the first explosion. Hence they have no choice but to use Agnes’s power.

“Demon Queen! You are a traitor! I swear to destroy you!” shouted Belfast as he was embroiled in a fight with his own forces.

Suddenly in a blink of an eye, he moved.


A sonic boom echoed throughout the battlefield, which shows the speed that Belfast is moving.

Although the distance between them is hundreds of kilometers, Belfast’s speed is like lightning as he darted towards Agnes’s position.

Those who stand on his way were pulverized into a mist of blood as they hit his body covered with his mana field.

It didn’t take long before he suddenly appears in front of Agnes. However, before he can do anything a black figure suddenly stood in front of him.

s.h.i.+n Jiao has already counted on this fact. When Agnes warned him about Belfast, he counted that the demon would be directly attacking Agnes on her weakened state.

“Who are you? How dare you stand in this demon king’s path!” shouted Belfast as he suddenly waves the huge spear on his hand to hit s.h.i.+n Jiao’s figure.

But before his spear could hit, s.h.i.+n Jiao’s figure suddenly change.

Metallic substance suddenly covered his body in black armor. From neck to toe, he is donned in a blackish armor which exudes a dangerous aura from a warrior.


The sound of metal hitting a s.h.i.+eld barrier echoed through the air.

Belfast suddenly discovered himself taking a step back from the impact. He was stunned at the strong impact which left his hands shaking. However, the figure of s.h.i.+n Jiao was sent flying meters away. But suddenly he stopped in the air as from his back a few stabilizers glowed.

“That was dangerous… the strength of a Paladin is truly terrifying. He is like a nascent realm cultivator. Luckily I have my armor, or else I would have turned into meat paste.” s.h.i.+n Jiao thought as he became vigilant.

Belfast’s face turned ugly in this situation as he saw that the young man seemed unhurt.

“Ant! I will kill you first!” shouted Belfast as he rushed towards s.h.i.+n Jiao.

Unknown to s.h.i.+n Jiao, what he did just now is a provocation and a challenge to the t.i.tle of the demon king. Hence his casual blocking became an interruption in a fight between the demon king and the demon queen for the leaders.h.i.+p position of the demon army.

Hence demon on the battlefield stopped from their tracks. Even the rampaging ones have already regained their consciousness and are looking at the battle between the two figures.

With the advice from Agnes, the allied forces have already retreated to the wars.h.i.+ps and are now on standby to the result of the battle between s.h.i.+n Jiao and the current demon king, Belfast.

And now the battle for the position of the demon king has started.

However, s.h.i.+n Jiao is unaware of this as his concentration right now is on a very strong enemy. Although Belfast is not the strongest enemy he has faced before, but he is the first strong enemy he is facing without using any tricks.

He is going to use his ability and power to overcome this huge hurdle that is presented before him.

The two figures began to exchange blows in front of everyone’s eyes. But from the looks of it, the pure ones are already showing contempt at s.h.i.+n Jiao because it is clear that he is the weaker one. They are confident that the demon king would win this bout, and that the demon king would also kill the traitorous demon queen.


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