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The Aftermath


Secret operation base, training area

The siege from 3 different groups of mutants is already making a tall Hispanic woman wearing a white lab gown sit on the floor with both of her hands high up in the sky. She has already exerted much of her power in supporting the protective dome she created.

As one of the support mutants, Professor Julia Moore didn’t go on missions like the other members of the Omega Squad. She is a part of the research team as she is a physicist by profession. Her mutant power is the ability to create any type of matter from energy. With her strong power, she could be considered as very strong support in the field, but she prefers the laboratory rather than outside.

In the attack, she was in her laboratory at that time, so she was safe. But then after hearing what had happened in the training ground, she immediately ran towards it. Upon arriving she saw the situation and immediately erected a large dome to protect her unconscious friends.

But she wasn’t able to do anything as the attack on the base suddenly happened and she began supporting the dome from then on.

Meanwhile, in the infirmary center, Captain James and Owl have already made their move and took out a few of the ghouls in the area. They then meet up with Magenta and Night Belle who are also coming towards the two.

“What is happening?” Captain James asked while still in his b.l.o.o.d.y hospital gown.

“This is bad Captain… we are being sieged by ghouls.” Magenta said with hesitation.

“What do you mean?” Captain James asked with a glint of fear in his eyes.

“The ghouls were able to reach this place, along with some mutants from other countries.” Night Belle answered.

“What should we do now, Captain?”

“Let’s try and find General McGrady.”

“He already escaped with some soldiers.”

“That’s good then, how about the other mutants?”

“Well… I think they are in the training ground.”

The group decided to go to the training ground and see the situation.

In Captain James Crugger’s mind, he is a bit confused. This is because, if the Omega Squad is in the training ground and the commotion is happening, then it would still be easy for them to take out the ghouls. But ever since the commotion happened the mutants didn’t make any move.

Hence he is a bit suspicious of the situation.

On their way, they suddenly noticed a woman at the top of a building.

“Hey, isn’t that…” Owl said while pointing at the figure.

“It’s one of Mr. Jiao’s companions… I think she’s Miss Li.” Captain James said.

The group began running towards the building and immediately reached the top. And from the vantage point, they saw what is happening in the training ground.

“Miss Li! What is happening?” asked Owl as she walked beside s.h.i.+ Anne Li.

“Mutants and monsters are trying to enter the training ground… The mutants inside there are all unconscious.” She replied.

“How? How did this all happen?” Night Belle asked in confusion and with worry in her eyes.

“It was… Slick. He was the one who betrayed you guys.” s.h.i.+ Anne Li replied.

“Slick? That’s impossible… No way…” Captain James said with disbelief in his eyes along with the rest of his group.

“You truly trusted the wrong guy. General McGrady can tell you the rest. They are down there… But we need to save the other mutants first…” s.h.i.+ Anne Li said while pointing to the location where General McGrady and the rest of the soldiers are hiding.

When Captain James looks at the direction, he clenched his fist and decided to stop the mutants first and ask questions later.

“Let’s go! We have to help!” he said as he turns around and walks down.

“Thank you… See you later then.” Owl said to s.h.i.+ Anne Li who just nodded her head.

Night Belle on the side, carefully eyed s.h.i.+ Anne Li.

“I like your style. You look cool, girl.” She said with a wink then followed behind her Owl.

Magenta just nodded his head and followed the others.

Down bellow, s.h.i.+ Anne Li saw that the counter attack is about to start.

With a signal from General McGrady, the soldiers began their ambush from behind the mutants and immediately turn the tide of the battle.

An extreme exchange between guns versus mutant ability began. Because of the ambush from the soldiers, many mutants were immediately taken out, while many of the ghouls also fell from the ambush.

s.h.i.+ Anne Li also began attacking from her position, but she uses fireb.a.l.l.s to attack instead of her gun. She only has less than 100 ammo, so she decided to conserve it.

From where she stood she can freely throw fireball to the people on the ground which acts like Molotov bombs.

The skirmish became intense when the mutants diverted their attention to the soldiers.

Suddenly another situation occurs. From afar, the enemy mutants and ghouls noticed glowing energy bullets shooting in their direction. This is followed by energy beams causing too much devastation in the area, then large objects floating in the air while being hurled towards their location.

“s.h.i.+t! It’s the Omega Squad!”

“d.a.m.n it! Let’s concentrate our attack towards that area, all protection squad should get over there!”

However, as soon as a s.h.i.+eld barrier would be erected, it would be immediately breakdown by a flash of light.

Not long later, the mutants with protective ability are down on the ground with bleeding orifice and wounds.

“d.a.m.n it! Retreat! Everyone, retreat!” shouted a tall mutant which seems to be the leader.

The mutants began running away like a headless chicken as they tried to flee from the area. But bullets began raining down on them taking a huge group.

The leader looks at his dead comrades and gritted his teeth. He now knew firsthand how formidable the Omega Squad of the US.

Meanwhile, the rest of the soldiers along with Captain James and his team clean up the ghouls in the area.

s.h.i.+ Anne Li then looks at the battle scene and carefully observes the situation. Then suddenly she noticed something and disappears from her position.


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