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The General Who Hates Me is a web novel produced by Eustoma.
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Keira was resting her head on Zach’s chest when Zach grabbed her hand as he clasped it with his. After their intimate love making on the sofa, the two continued on the bed afterwards.

“How’s your work?” asked Zach after a moment of silence. Keira sighed and answered, “I heard Gavin was planning to resign. His position as Thea’s partner will be vacant. They are not sure whether to get another male anchor or a female one to fill the position this time.”

“Hmm, that’s a good opportunity for you then. Show them that you’re far better than all of the other anchors. Honestly, I will feel more at ease if you could just stay inside the office instead of going out to do field works…” Zach stated his opinion in a serious tone. He could not bear to see Keira do her job in dangerous areas like some shady neighborhoods where violent gangs battles or fights would break out between the police and some criminals, or even an active warzone.

“Ohh, you need to know something important,” Keira suddenly cried out as she almost forgot that she had promised Thea to inform Zach about her situation. Then she narrated all the details about Thea and her connection with Mr. Big.

“If you succeeded in bringing down Mr. Big, Thea would be freed too. She’s willing to cooperate and tell us everything that she knows about him. I think she can be of help to the mission. She could infiltrate that organization from the inside. I will act as a bridge between you and Thea, because she said Mr. Big is always keeping his eyes on her. So it would be highly inadvisable for the two of you to be seen together.” explained Keira.

She heard Zach chuckle as he spoke, “Hmm are you sure it’s because of safety reasons that Thea and I should not be seen together?” Keira raised her head and looked at Zach with an arched brow as she scoffed at him, “General Lim, do you think you married a petty-minded wife?”

Zach gave her a stern look as he answered, “So are you saying that I’m petty because I forbid you to see Jeru alone?” 

“Wait, how did Jeru suddenly pop up in this conversation?” Keira retorted. Zach did not respond and remained silent that made Keira roll her eyes.

“Well I trust you, of course, it’s just that I’m not comfortable with how Jeru looks at you.” explained Zach in a low tone. As a man, he could sense that Jeru still had something for Keira. The tender look in Jeru’s eyes whenever he would look at her was a dead giveaway.

Things like this had never mattered to him before, but ever since he was with Keira, there were times when he couldn’t help but feel some sense of inferiority, thinking that he was not good enough for someone like Keira Chan. 

It was not so much about him. He could handle people slinging mud at him. He had experienced enough of the world’s cruelty that he had become the tough guy that he was right now and immune to people who had been trying to discredit him. But, Keira… If Keira was to face some backlash just because she was married to an ordinary guy like him, it would really upset him. 

He knew Keira and her family were not like the others. However, he still could not help but feel bothered at the thought of Keira being ridiculed for marrying someone whose status was way beneath her and her prominent family. 

‘Tough? Are you really a tough guy, Zach? Then why do you feel jealous? And inferior to Jeru?’ his inner thoughts questioned him.

Maybe because Jeru was someone who had everything and the world would not be bothered to mistreat or belittle him. 

‘Well, hold that thought, Zach,’ he mused to himself. That was not entirely correct. Jeru did not have everything… Jeru might have a lot of things that Zach didn’t have, but he still lacked one thing that Zach has, and that he would never get.

Zach quickly shook those negative thoughts away from his mind. As usual, thinking about his most precious treasure could easily help him put an end to his inner critic… He looked at Keira and almost flinched when he saw her deadly glare directed at him.

“Are you trying to kill me with that look?” Zach asked grinning.

“What’s this? What’s going inside your head? Do you think Jeru is better than you?” Keira asked with a disapproving look, obviously unhappy at the thought that her husband would even think that. Zach shrugged his shoulder, waiting to hear what Keira would say next.

‘Hmmm, let’s see if my wife could read me well,’ Zach thought to himself as he waited for Keira’s next words.

Keira raised her upper body so she could face him better. She then gave him a stern look with furrowed brows and scolded him, “Excuse me, who do you think I am? I’m Keira Chan, and I never chose wrongly. I don’t ever want to see nor hear you have that kind of self-doubting thought again… Don’t you ever think that you’re inadequate in comparison with Jeru. I won’t allow it! Jeru, or many other men, may have a lot of things in this world that you don’t have, but you still excel above them… You are an outstanding person, my General! Don’t you know that!? Don’t you know how you outs.h.i.+ne them!?” 

Zach wanted to laugh as he listened to her lecture him, but forced himself not to, seeing the serious look that his wife had on her pretty little face right now. She was obviously irritated at his narrow-mindedness and sense of insecurity tonight. She definitely could read him well. 

Then he asked, “Alright, tell me then, my falling star… How exactly does this General outs.h.i.+ne them, when men like Jeru obviously have a lot more than I do?”

He knew the answer very well himself, but he really wanted to hear it from Keira. Having it come from her, that answer would be the biggest weapon in his a.r.s.enal, that he could use to repel the attacks by his critical inner voice, that would often vilify him when it comes to being Keira’s man.

“General Lim, do I really need to spell it out for you?” Keira asked impatiently and Zach answered her with a simple nod. She rolled her eyes once more, because she could just sense that Zach was doing this on purpose. He was trying to fish the words that he wanted to hear out of her mouth. 

Keira sighed helplessly as she said, “Of course you outs.h.i.+ne them, because you are the only owner of the biggest property of all!”

“And that is?” Zach asked nonchalantly…

“Geez!!! Alright, make sure you will always have this plastered on your head! …”Keira cried out in annoyance but was caught off guard as she was interrupted by Zach when he suddenly pulled her onto his chest.

He hugged her tightly as he whispered, “I know… That biggest property is you, Keira. because I own your heart, your body, all of you – the whole Keira Chan… and it’s so much more than enough – it’s everything. I’m sorry. I promise I won’t be having this kind of thought again. Maybe I’m just a little bit jealous of Jeru. And at the same time, I’m also worried about you being looked down upon, for marrying someone like me, who is unlike Jeru, doesn’t come from a known and wealthy family…” Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Keira raised her head and kissed Zach as she said, “Hmph! You’re really getting jealous of Jeru for nothing… And do you think I’m the type of person who can be easily bullied?”

Zach laughed… True… His falling star could blast everyone who would try or intimidate or bully her.


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