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The General Who Hates Me is a web novel completed by Eustoma.
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Liu Ancestral Mansion

“Why would she want to join the Military Academy?” Old Madam Liu murmured as she scanned the latest report on Keira’s activities submitted by her a.s.sistant.

After she reviewed Keira’s profile, she strongly considered Jeru’s request to choose her as his wife. It was because of Field Marshal’s good reputation and his family. Being connected with the Chan Family would be an advantage for them in all aspects.

She did understand why would her grandchild Jeru want that Keira Chan. There’s no doubt that Field Marshal’s daughter was a complete package of beauty, brain and wealth. The perfect criteria to be a part of their Clan.

Old Madam Liu smirked. “Jeru chose well,” she muttered.

She had requested for dinner so she could meet and a.s.sess Keira Chan personally. She hadn’t got the chance to meet the girl at any event so far.

She called her a.s.sistant in the intercom.

“Yes, Madam…” Jorge said as he quickly walked towards Madam Liu.

“I want to know why she wants to enter the Military Academy! Look into it! I smell something off about it, so dig deeper…” she instructed in her usual sharp tone.

Jorge pursed his lips and nodded then bid her farewell. He sighed as soon as he was out from the door.

‘How the h.e.l.l should I know her reason if it’s something personal?’ Jorge complained inwardly. But he must find it no matter what or he would face h.e.l.l if he didn’t.

So far he was the last man standing. Every one either quit the job or was fired. The pay was so d.a.m.n good, including the benefits too, but the Boss was an evil hag.

‘Darnn!” he scowled, he would not want to end up without a job or be a.s.signed in the remote area like the others.

“Dig deep!” He exclaimed before he left for further investigation.


Keira frowned and murmured irritably, “How come those Lius decided to choose our family!”

They were having coffee and dessert at May’s favorite cafe where she told her friends the thing about the arranged marriage between her and Jeru Liu.

“You mentioned before that you met Jeru once, right? Maybe he is the one who decided on that. You know he liked you the moment he set his eyes on you, like what you felt to Zach too. Wow, this is so interesting. A love triangle. Hmm, I want to witness how everything will end.” May blurted out as if she was antic.i.p.ating a good drama to watch soon.

“So are you going or not?” Lana asked she was curious about what would Keira do about the matter.

“Of course, I have to… The real problem is that Old Madam Liu who is the female version of Hitler and she’s really scary they say.” Keira answered simply then let out a long, deep sigh.

The Liu Group was a big empire worldwide incomparable with their Family’s wealth. Like the Chans, they were also well respected in society. So she must be careful in every aspect concerning the matter.

“Ohhh… I see, so Keira Chan is afraid… scared? That will be the most bulls.h.i.+t thing I ever heard if you say ‘Yes’.” Drey commented.

Keira laughed crazily at Drey’s words. “You know me, guys! She should be the one to get scared. I will attend to scare her, nah? Hmmm, how about wearing a scary outfit and give her a heart attack?”

“Urgh? Are you serious? I don’t think she’ll get scared. She’ll think you are crazy instead.” Lana commented and Keira laughed out harder.

“Oh, I think it’s better she thinks I’m crazy, no? Imagine adding a crazy girl like me to their family? That’s the worst thing she could do.” Keira added with an exaggerated jest.

“At least, your parents are supportive, Keira, and I’m sure your dad will just let you decide on things in the end,” May said as she ate the last piece of her cheesecake.

Keira smiled. May was right, and she felt proud and contented to have such great parents as hers.

Then she became serious and said, “Nah! Old Madam Liu for sure is quick-witted and will know I’m just acting up, so she will be a great challenge for me to be honest. Besides, I don’t want to stain my dad’s reputation. You know, everything I do will be a reflection to my parents, so I’m thinking of something else.”

“I’m sure you will have your usual strike on that and nail things as you normally do. We will be here in case you need your minions to realize your plan.” Drey said chuckling and the rest giggled too.

“Yeah, we minions will always support our villainess friend,” May accepted, copying the small voice of the minions in the real movie that made the group fall in laughter again.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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