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Thea looked at the clock on the wall and let out a long sigh.

It was already late in the evening, and Jeru was still not home. “This is frustrating,” Thea complained.

Following Jeru’s grandmother’s visit to their place a while ago, she rarely saw her husband. Just like last night, he often returned home past midnight, when she was already deep in her slumber and left for work again before she woke up in the morning. 

Sometimes he even had to sleep in his office. And the worst was last week when he had to go on a business trip overseas for a few days all of a sudden. He could only inform his wife about the trip when he was already on his way to the airport to catch his flight. 

But Thea was grateful that Jeru would always report about his whereabouts to her, even without her asking. 

Because of his insane workload, Jeru could no longer drive Thea to work nor pick her up from work anymore. And so he had arranged for a personal chauffeur to drive her around. 

“How come he became so busy suddenly?” She muttered while she moved around restlessly in bed, trying hard to sleep. 

But she could not sleep. Because she missed her husband terribly.

Gavin told her that the likelihood of Old Madam Liu being the person behind Jeru’s absurd workload was very high since she was still the Chairman of the Liu group, and she was the only person who could decide when and where to a.s.sign Jeru to a task. The intention? It was definitely to bully Jeru and her.

“I hope it’s not true,” Thea murmured before she closed her eyes and tried her best to sleep, knowing that a proper sleep was needed for her baby’s health.

At Liu Group Building

Jeru had a burger on his desk, from which he would take a bite every now and then, while he reviewed a proposal for yet another project. “Why is this so complicated?” he hissed as he found another loophole in the project.

Then he looked at his wrist.w.a.tch and sighed. He glanced at his phone, contemplating whether or not to call his wife. ‘Should I call her?’ he mused as he grabbed his phone and scrolled for Thea’s number.

When he was about to press the call icon, he paused and looked at the time again. It was already very late, so his wife must already be sleeping. He ma.s.saged the back of his neck and drew out another sigh.

He missed his wife terribly… 

To be honest, he was not entirely sure about his feelings toward Thea yet. Probably because he had spent years pursuing Keira, and had not had enough time to fully be in tune with his own emotions again. But he couldn’t deny that he was attracted to Thea and had grown to like her more and more as time went by. And right now, he was close to going crazy from how much he missed her.

Then he looked at the pile of doc.u.ments that still needed reviewing. His grandmother surely knew how to launch a low-key yet forceful attack on him. Ever since she returned to the country, his workload had unmistakably quadrupled. His grandmother had only been entrusting him with complicated projects which were undergoing a lot of challenges.

CEO — Jeru scoffed at his position in the company. He actually had a second thought about that position, and if it had not been for his father’s request, Jeru probably wouldn’t have left the military. His father had asked him to help manage the company since he intended to retire soon, and it was the first time Jeru felt acknowledged by his father.

His father and his grandmother definitely had something in common. They were both horrible in timing their visits to his place, interrupting his crucial moments with Thea. He laughed as he recalled both incidents.

Then he sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose. He had already reached the maximum number of Thea’s signals, and yet here he was, sitting alone in his office, tormenting himself because he was missing his wife badly when he could also just be with her at home.

After reviewing those doc.u.ments quickly, he put them down and called his a.s.sistant to drive him home. 

As expected, Thea was already asleep when he entered their room. It was already past midnight.

He smiled, seeing how peacefully she was sleeping. He did not bother to change his clothes before he slipped under the comforter to hug her.

Thea felt so soft in his embrace. She smelled so nice too. Then he felt her face nuzzle up against his neck as if she also wanted to smell him.

He heard her murmur, “You’re back…”

Jeru chuckled and answered her in a raspy voice, “Uh-huh.”

He was distracted by Thea’s lips and warm breath on his neck.

Jeru gently pulled himself to look at his wife, who had now opened her eyes drowsily and was smiling sweetly at him.

Then her eyes fully opened when she saw Jeru still wearing his necktie. She quickly got up.

“You must be tired. Do you want a ma.s.sage? Or are you hungry? Geez, why are you still in your dress s.h.i.+rt? You even still have your socks on,” She scolded him as she bent down to remove Jeru’s socks and threw them onto the floor.

Then she removed his necktie.

Jeru did not move at all and was just staring silently at his wife, who was just wearing a thin nightgown, which revealed all of her curves.

When his necktie was removed, Jeru swiftly rose up to take off all of his remaining clothes, right in front of Thea, who looked totally confounded.

“I mean socks and dress s.h.i.+rt only.” Thea murmured. She was staring at Jeru in awe because he looked very manly with his lean and toned body. She swallowed hard when her eyes went further down and landed on his erection, pointing upward.

Jeru smirked as he said, “I’m more comfortable sleeping with nothing at all…”

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