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Read The General Who Hates Me Chapter 294 – Best Gift*

The General Who Hates Me is a web novel completed by Eustoma.
This lightnovel is right now Ongoing.

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Read WebNovel The General Who Hates Me Chapter 294 – Best Gift*

The party was about to end, and everyone had a blast and an enjoyable celebration. The function hall was filled with laughter and good conversations, as the guests were indulged in all kinds of appetizing finger foods and beverages. 

Keira excused herself while the guests were still there, saying that she was feeling a bit worn. She told Zach to stay behind to entertain the guests, and asked Lana to accompany her home.

“It’s because of the pregnancy… She gets tired easily,” Zach explained his wife’s early departure to their guests.

“We understand. I heard twins pregnancies are more difficult. It’s double trouble! Honestly, I’m at a loss for words. General Lim is such an accomplished man, even when it comes to making babies,” commented Lieutenant Jiang that made everyone laugh.

At Zach and Keira’s House…

“Gosh, Keira! What the h.e.l.l!?” Lana gasped when she saw what Keira was showing her.

Keira giggled and said in a mischievous tone, “Don’t worry… I will give you one too when you get married! Your future husband will surely drool over you!”

“No, thank you… Don’t you even dare… I’ll throw it away,” Lana cringed. The thought made her bones chill.

“Hahaha… We’ll see! Okay, off you go now… I need to prepare myself with this thing. Jim will bring you back to the party. Or home, if you’re tired,” Keira laughed as she pushed her friend out of the room. 

“The heck? You brought me here just to show off that freakish thing?” Lana complained.

“Yes! I brought you here and showed off that thing to inspire you to be more freakis.h.!.+ Since you’re too rigid! Just look at May, her love life will blossom soon, while you… Geez… Learn from May for goodness sake! Or are you planning to be an old maid?” Keira nagged. 

Lana laughed, seeing Keira’s crumpled face, and decided to rea.s.sure her friend by confessing, “Didn’t Jeru tell you that I’ve already lost my first kiss? To a stranger at that?”

Keira’s eyes widened as she excitedly questioned her best friend, “What?! How!? Tell me…”

“Okay… but, later! Haha! I have to go, I’m sure your General will be on his way home soon! Bye-bye!” Lana teased before she quickly ran downstairs to escape.

Keira twitched her mouth but managed to shout out a threat before her friend completely disappeared from her sight, “Call me, or I’ll send this thing to you!”

At The Birthday Party Venue…

All the guests had left, and Zach could finally go home to celebrate the rest of his day with his wife only. He called Keira on his way back home, “Did you get to rest? I’m going home now. Do you want anything? I can buy…”

Keira cut him off, “No, just come home, I don’t need anything…”

“Okay. See you soon, my star,” Zach said, before ending the phone call.

He truly enjoyed the birthday party that his wife had thrown for him. A smile never left his face.

Meanwhile, after the phone call ended, Keira hurriedly prepared herself. “Hmm, it’s not like there’s a lot to put on…” She mumbled while giggling alone.

Zach arrived home and directly headed upstairs to their bedroom. He flinched as soon as he reached the corridor on the first floor. Rose petals were scattered all over the ground, and candles were the only source of light that guided him along the path toward their room. 

He let out a s.e.xy roguish smile. It looked like his birthday surprise had not ended at all…

He opened the door with antic.i.p.ation. He wondered what kind of surprise awaited him inside their room.

And then he saw her. Standing coyly in the middle of the room, gift-wrapped in a naughty red knot body bow, waiting for him to unwrap her. She bit her lower lip seductively and greeted him, “Happy birthday, my General…”

Zach couldn’t keep his eyes off of her. He held his breath and stood frozen in his spot. 

“I was planning to put myself inside a box, but it’s too much of a ha.s.sle. This is better, don’t you think? It would save you time to unwrap too…” Keira murmured with a seductive smile.

And then, as though he was pulled by a magnetic force, Zach walked to her, his eyes never left her. He stopped right before her, and trailed his fingers along her bare skin, while his eyes were checking out her almost naked body. “Can I open it now? How do I do it? Do I pull this ribbon here?” He asked in a raspy voice, as his hand started to tug the knot bow covering Keira’s b.r.e.a.s.t.s gently.

And with that one gentle tug, the satin ribbon fell down to the ground, revealing each and every curve of Keira’s naked body. At ten weeks of pregnancy, Zach had noticed some changes in Keira’s body. A little baby had started to show on her belly. She had always had a sizeable breast size before, but now they had grown even bigger. Her already beautiful face had gotten even lovelier as it always radiated with glee. 

Keira had never had any problem seducing her husband. Sometimes, if not often, he would already be aroused by merely looking at her. But now… Now he found her even s.e.xier.

He gently caressed her b.r.e.a.s.t.s, sizing it up with his hand, and whispered in a husky voice, “They got even bigger now…” 

Keira moaned while letting her husband’s hand roam through her rounded peaks, squeezing them gently, rubbing her hardened pink bud tenderly. She then bit her lower lip as she looked at him and asked, “Do you like your present?”

Zach stared back into her eyes with eyes full of desires and gave her a longing smile, as he said, “Yes, very much. It’s beautiful…”

Then in one fell swoop, he carried her in his arms and gently laid her down on their bed. He carefully got on top of her and started to shower her face with little soft kisses. In between his kisses, he murmured, “Can I have you as a gift for my future birthdays as well?”

Keira giggled and asked, “But won’t you get bored if I give you the same gift every year? Besides, you know you can have me anytime you want…”

Zach started to trace her smooth and inviting neck with his lips as he whispered, “No… I’ll never get bored of this gift…”

Then he paused to look at her and said, “It’s just that… I think we’ll need to start using protection. Otherwise, I’m afraid you’ll have a big every year.”

Keira pulled him back to her and murmured before she kissed him pa.s.sionately, “Shh… It’s okay. We still need to get that basketball team…”

Meanwhile, the helpers’ lounge on the ground floor was buzzing with whispers and t.i.ttle-tattle. The youngest helper commented naively, “Isn’t Madam already pregnant with twins? How come they are still on honeymoon?”

The cook laughed and answered in jest, “Perhaps because they want to turn it into a triplets or quadruplets?”


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