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The General Who Hates Me is a Webnovel completed by Eustoma.
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Read WebNovel The General Who Hates Me Chapter 308 – More**

At Russo Mansion

Drey and Cielo were in the middle of getting it on, kissing, and touching each other when they were interrupted by a soft knock on their door.

“Shh, someone is at the door,” murmured Cielo, so Drey quickly got up and opened the door.

The nanny was standing outside the door, holding Dice, who was crying in her arms, “Papaaa… Mamaaa…”

“I’m sorry, sir, but he keeps on crying and calling for you and madam Cielo,” the nanny explained with an apologetic look. This was the third time she had to knock on the couple’s room because of Dice.

Drey nodded and gestured for the nanny to hand Dice over to him. Dice immediately clung to his father’s neck while sniffing on his nose in between his sobbing.

“Shh, stop crying, Dice… Your nose will get larger if you keep sniffing,” whispered Drey as he kissed his baby’s cheek.

“It’s alright… He’ll sleep here with us,” Drey said and signaled the nanny to leave and have some rest.

Cielo smiled upon seeing her son, who quickly hugged her as soon as Drey put him down on the bed. 

Drey looked at his wife, who lovingly hugged his son and sighed… Though they had given Dice his own room, there were still nights like this, in which Dice could not sleep and would ask his nanny to bring him to his parent’s room at night. 

Drey shook his head, then his eyes went down to a noticeable bulge that was protruding from inside his shorts. ‘Sorry little bro… Dice will always come first,’ he said inwardly with a grin.

It seemed like he would have another blue ball tonight… if his count were right, it would be his third one.

Cielo noticed the look on Drey’s face, so she called him and gave him a wink as she teasingly said, “Give me five minutes. I’ll just put Dice to sleep, and we can continue where we left off, okay?”

Drey scratched his head while his face reddened from embarra.s.sment. His wife knew him well. Then his mind was busy raking of ways how they were going to do it once Dice fell asleep. Because the last time they tried, it didn’t actually go well.

Cielo could not help but grin at the conflicted look on her husband’s face, while she hummed a lullaby for Dice, who was already closing his eyes. She could sense what was going inside his head. 

She rea.s.sured him, “Don’t worry, we’ll not do it here… Dice is almost asleep…”

Drey unconsciously looked around every corner of their room as he was searching for a place where they could do the deed safely without disturbing Dice. His eyes settled on their bathroom. Cielo was giggling quietly as she gently put Dice in a comfortable position.

Then she stood up and immediately pulled her husband toward their bathroom. “Shall we begin?” She asked with a mischievous grin once they were inside the bathroom.

Drey would be dispatched for a mission shortly, and she wanted to take every opportunity to please her husband before he left. Besides, he was really working hard to give Dice a playmate soon.

“Is this okay?” Drey asked hesitantly as soon as the door was closed. 

Cielo grinned as she whispered, “Just make sure to keep quiet so Dice will not wake up. If he wakes up, it’s not my fault that you’d get another blue ball.”

Last time, they tried to do it on their sofa with their clothes on, but then Dice woke up with a tantrum in the middle of it, and so that night, Drey ended up having a blue ball.

“Let’s just be quick, hmm?” murmured Cielo as she quickly removed her underwear and proceeded to circle her arms around her husband’s neck for a deep kiss. She could feel Drey’s hardness, so she instructed, “Removed your shorts…”

Drey immediately obeyed and sat on the closed toilet bowl. Cielo sat on his lap and promptly teased him by gently rubbing her moist womanhood on his hardness.

Drey moaned quietly, trying his best not to make a sound.

He touched Cielo’s bosoms and removed her nightgown’s straps so her b.r.e.a.s.t.s would be exposed before him.

Cielo slightly tilted herself up, and then down to have Drey’s hard rod slide inside her. She was also trying her best to suppress herself from moaning because of the pleasure she was experiencing…

She moved back and forth and arched her body as soon as she felt Drey’s mouth on one of her nipples. Drey’s hands were supporting her hip and b.u.t.tock as he helped her with her movement to put his manhood deeper into her. She moved up and down, over and again, and Drey could not help but moan a bit louder when Cielo swayed to a rhythm on him. 

He was near his climax… Cielo continued to pump herself in and out of him faster, and Drey finally lost control.

“Ohh… I’m almost there…” Drey groaned…

“Ahhh,” he gasped as he finally burst inside of Cielo. He released it all and continued to thrust inside of her, making sure she’s receiving all of his seeds. He stood up, lifting her up and pinned Cielo’s back on the wall next to the bathroom door while he opened the door to check on their son.

“He’s still sleeping…” he murmured, closed the door back, and proceeded to shower Cielo’s neck with his kisses.

He was still inside her, and Cielo could feel his rod growing harder.

“Let’s do more… as much as we could, while Dice is still asleep… I want to have you over and over again,” Drey whispered as he began to thrust his manhood inside his wife, indeed, over and over again…


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