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Read The General’s Genius Daughter Chapter 16 – Heartbroken

The General’s Genius Daughter is a web novel created by Zhuo Hua, 灼华.
This lightnovel is currently Ongoing.

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Hua Qiyue’s voice turned a little nasally, as though she was about to burst into tears. Lv Xin and the others a.s.sumed that she was just too overwhelmed with pity for the child due to her kind nature.

“Quick, call her ‘Mother’.”

Youshui said gently as she patted Tianci’s shoulder. However, the child was so terrified he reacted like a surprised rabbit. He shot a terrified glance at Hua Qiyue, and then hid behind Youshui.

Hua Qiyue’s heart sank. Tianci was so traumatized after being tortured that he was afraid of all strangers now.

Youshui heaved a soft sigh and said, “After all the suffering this child has been through, he has naturally developed a fear of strangers. You must be patient.”

Hua Qiyue nodded and slowly approached the child. Each step she took felt extremely heavy, as though she bore the weight of the heavens on her shoulders and in her heart. The weight was both heavy and painful.

She approached him and took Tianci’s hand in hers. Frightened, the child struggled with all his might but she refused to let go of his hand.

“From now on, you shall be known as Hua Tianci. Don’t be afraid… your mother will protect you henceforth. No one will be able to hurt you again! If anyone dares to hurt you, I will… tear him into pieces!”

Hua Qiyue said solemnly. The child suddenly looked at her with his large eyes and his pupils were like black jade, shiny and cute.


Tears rimmed Hua Qiyue’s eyes and her nose felt stuffy. This child had grown in her belly for 10 months in her past life and she went through difficult labor which resulted in her losing a lot of blood. Fortunately, Tianci was healthy. Thereafter, she took great pains to bring up her child along with his wet nurse. She fretted whenever he fell sick and she ached when he was in a pain. They were connected by blood and Tianci was just like her next life. She doted on him and protected him carefully at all times.

However, an accident had caused Tianci to be mistreated and tortured. As his mother, she felt that she had failed in her responsibilities and had been too ignorant!

Tianci looked at her red-rimmed eyes and relaxed when he did not see any malicious intent in her eyes. He c.o.c.ked his head to the side.

Hua Qiyue’s gaze fell on his small hands.

His hands that had been as fair and tender as a lotus were now covered with scars. She couldn’t bear to think of how much pain he had been through!

Hua Qiyue suddenly picked Tianci up and he was so frightened that he curled up in her arms and did not dare to move.

Hua Qiyue brought Tianci into the house, then the room and placed him on the bed. “Lv Xin, tell the kitchen to prepare lunch and send it over…”

She sounded like she was about to burst into tears and Lv Xin and Youshui both exchanged a worried glance.

Since the eldest young mistress returned, she was like a completely different person. She was extremely clever and scheming, so much so that Second Concubine and Hua Mengshi suffered for no reason.

However, there was always a sorrowful look in her eyes. Her gaze when she looked at Tianci was just like she had seen her long-lost son, for it was so filled with grief and regret.

This was not the time for time to speak and so they quietly left the room to give mother and son some time alone.

“Tianci, I’m sorry… you’ve suffered so much… I’ll never, never let you go through such hardship again!” Tears finally formed in Hua Qiyue’s eyes and the teardrops grew until they were as large as crystal pearls when they fell.

Tianci stared dumbly this strange woman in front of him. His mother had just pa.s.sed away and everyone at home treated him harshly.

There was also that vicious Princess Huizhen who would use her sharp nails to dig into his skin, and she even fed him poison that caused him to be unable to speak.

All these people always looked at him viciously.

It had only been for a few short days but Tianci felt as though he had fallen from the mortal realm into h.e.l.l for everywhere around him was filled with filth and darkness. The pain was his constant companion!

He was surprised that this “mother” had actually shed tears because of him. Tianci blinked and stretched out a small, trembling hand to wipe the tears from Hua Qiyue’s face.

Hua Xiyue shuddered, and then she suddenly hugged Tianci tight and cried soundlessly.

Tianci seemed to have grown more comfortable with her and patted her shoulder that meant that she should not cry.

She didn’t know how long she had been crying for but after she stopped, she dropped a soft kiss on Tianci’s forehead. “Tianci, from today on… you shall call me “mother”, do you understand?”

Tianci looked at her pitifully and Hua Qiyue suddenly remembered that he could no longer speak because of the poison Princess Huizhen fed him.

Hua Qiyue’s eyes took on a savage glint at the thought of how much he had suffered despite his young age.

“Tianci, don’t worry… I will seek vengeance on your behalf. Everyone who made you suffer shall pay the price!” Hua Qiyue didn’t dare to say words that were too malicious in front of her son.

Although this child had been through a lot, she still did not want his pure soul to be tainted by hatred.


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