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Read The General’s Genius Daughter Chapter 184 – The Leader of Heaven Sect

The General’s Genius Daughter is a web novel created by Zhuo Hua, 灼华.
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Chapter 184 The Leader of Heaven SectThe company was astonished and all turned their heads back to look. The voice was not familiar—certainly not someone they had known before.

Several girls were cl.u.s.tering around a 40-year-old woman as they walked in. The woman was in the signature white robe of Heaven Sect. She entered with a disdainful stare.

“Oh, so it’s the Leader of Heaven Sect. Forgive our tardiness.” Yun Shimo’s voice was exceptionally icy. Hua Qiyue gave a start. So, this 40-year-old woman was their Sect Leader. She’s very young!

If Hongyi was her granddaughter, she would have been 50 or 60. Was she young-looking because she had maintained her looks well?

But none of this was important. The important thing was the derision in her eyes. Hua Qiyue was the female Qi Artist acknowledged by Yun Shimo and extremely eminent. Yet this woman was scorning her with her high-and-mighty att.i.tude!

“This is the Leader of Heaven Sect? Humph, she’s deriding you because of Hongyi, I believe!” Ji Jing was not taking this lying down. She spoke coldly.

“In the opinion of our Sect, your powers must be excellent to be the Master of these sects… Although our situation’s critical now, but, friends, how could you ask a young girl of less than 20 for advice? I’m sure she doesn’t know what’s Qi Art herself! And she’s teaching you Qi Art! Don’t waste your time.” A woman by the side of their female Sect Leader Hongyu was sneering coldly.

Everyone’s face started to look ghastly. Ji Feng was displeased. “Sect Leader Hong, we know that Hongyi bore some grudge against Sister Qiyue. But you shouldn’t look down on her because of this!”

Ji Feng also quietly nodded. “Sect Leader Hong, in this affair concerning the Gnawing Devils Sect, Princess Jinghua will play an important role.”

Although Yun Shimo did not say anything, his cold expression revealed his displeasure with Sect Leader Hong.

“In my eyes, only someone with true abilities can speak to me. One thing more… if she isn’t powerful enough, our sect requests for her to be kicked out of the team!” Sect Leader Hong spoke straight from the shoulder.

All the orthodox sects from Changjing Kingdom had arrived in groups to oppose the Gnawing Devils Sect. But this young girl—against whom Hongyi bore a grudge—was leading them like a chief. Of course, she refused to accept this.

More importantly, because of Hongyi, Sect Leader Hong had felt a deep animosity against Hua Qiyue.

“Power? What kind of power do you want?” Hua Qiyue stared at the arrogant, malicious Sect Leader Hong. “Your temper’s as bad as Hongyi’s. And you’re just as unpopular as well!”

Hua Qiyue began to laugh lazily. She used her Divine Sense to probe and realized that this woman had only reached the medium level of Moon Eclipse.

She was a level higher than Hua Qiyue. But Hua Qiyue possessed many lethal skills and also the Spirit Summoning Art. She also had the Drunken Flower Fan. She would surely defeat this woman.

“How… outrageous! You are a mere ant, yet so presumptuous and rude to our Sect!”

Sect Leader Hong was enraged. Her temper was exactly like Hongyi’s. As the company gasped, she hurled her entire person at Hua Qiyue, unleashing a thunderous strike!

“You ant! If I can’t take ten strikes of your Drunken Flower Fan, I will admit defeat!”

In Tianyuan Continent, female Qi Artists at the medium level of Moon Eclipse were extremely rare. Sect Leader Hong had always been conceited. As such, she looked down on Hua Qiyue who was a level lower than she.

All geniuses before her would fail!

Sect Leader Hong hit out her palm, trying to maim Hua Qiyue. She had used 90% of her spiritual energy, toppling all the tables and stools in the hall. Those Qi Artists under the Dragon Diagram Realm could not bear it. They were overturned by the powerful force, collapsing to one side, vomiting a few mouthfuls of blood.

Hua Qiyue gave a cold snort. She swiftly summoned her expert lethal skill: “Imprint of Mountain and River—”

Hua Qiyue rapidly hit out a few palm prints. The spiritual energy from her body soared out, coalescing into a ma.s.sive silver palm. With a loud boom, it advanced and met Sect Leader Hong’s strike!

Another loud boom. The two figures swiftly retreated a few steps. After all, there was no great disparity between their powers. Hua Qiyue had cultivated in the Mysterious World and taken many Long Reds and Ginsengs with Nine Souls. These divine herbs had rendered her physically resilent.

When Sect Leader Hong tried desperately to stop, she felt a stabbing pain in her palm. She shook it a little and screamed out in pain and shock. A few bones in her palm had been shattered by Hua Qiyue!

Hua Qiyue stopped casually, staring coldly at Sect Leader Hong close to her.

“So, are you satisfied with my powers? Do you admit defeat? If you don’t, let’s continue to fight!” Hua Qiyue said, snickering.

Sect Leader Hong’s face was looking ghastly. Just one move, and she had shattered the bones in her palm. And Hua Qiyue still looked so calm!

It only proved that her powers far surpa.s.sed what she had revealed.

Sect Leader Hong was shocked and enraged. She could not understand how Hua Qiyue, being a level lower than her, could shatter the bones in her hand. Why were her powers so far above hers?

This woman was terrifying!

No wonder some would call Hua Qiyue a legend when they heard her name.

Sect Leader Hong had formerly regarded her as not worthy of a glance. Yet Hua Qiyue had shown her true powers today. In her shock and anger, her face started to turn red!

“Sect Leader, kill this b.i.t.c.h quickly and avenge Junior Sister Hongyi!” Outsiders had thought that Sect Leader Hong was only surprised over the fact Hua Qiyue wasn’t injured. They had not realized that several bones in her palm had been shattered.

“If you have the abilities, come and fight me together.” Hua Qiyue quietly swept a gaze over the circle of Heaven Sect disciples, all scornful of her.

Sect Leader Hong’s face turned crimson and white by turns. She gritted her teeth. “You win, Hua Qiyue. I won’t be joining the alliance. You people can fight the Gnawing Devils Sect slowly!”

The moment she said this, the faces of eveyone fell. “Sect Leader Hong, you’ve promised to join our alliance and fight the Gnawing Devils Sect to the end. Now you say you’re not. Are you going back on your word?”

Ji Feng said coldly. He had long detested Heaven Sect. They were far too overbearing.

Just because they had a Sect Leader at the medium level of Moon Eclipse, these Heaven Sect disciples would act arrogantly wherever they went. After all, only a few could fight their Sect Leader.

“Sect Leader Hong, as the Leader of Heaven Sect, you will ruin your sect’s reputation if you go back on your word.” Yun Shimo also agreed.

Gnashing her teeth, Sect Leader Hong stared at Hua Qiyue. She really wanted to strangle her to death right now.

“Hua Qiyue! Your abilities are good, but our sect doesn’t care for your lethal skills. If you prefer to teach them, get out of my sight!”

Sect Leader Hong said coldly.

Hua Qiyue could not help but sneer. Well, Hongyi was not only spoiled but had also inherited Sect Leader Hong’s conceited temperament. Such a great talent gone to waste!

Ji Feng and the others were all displeased, frowning. After all, Hua Qiyue could already match up with Sect Leader Hong. Yet she was still talking so impolitely to Hua Qiyue, belittling her.

“It doesn’t matter much, with your current standard. Although Heaven Sect’s highly valued by His Majesty, it doesn’t command the same esteem among sects in the martial arts fraternity. Isn’t this thanks to Sect Leader Hong, who thinks herself invincible like a conceited peac.o.c.k?” Hua Qiyue gave a quiet smile. A kind person would be bullied. She would no longer retreat timidly into her sh.e.l.l like in the past.

However, what she said was true. After all, their enemy had 10 Soul Puppets. If there was really a battle, one less Heaven Sect wouldn’t make much of a difference!


The female disciples of Heaven Sect all widened their eyes. Some of the more hot-tempered male disciples immediately dashed out, but Yun Shimo waved his sleeve vigorously and they were forced to retreat.

“Sect Leader Hong, it was your side who had disrespected the Princess first. If you prefer to leave the alliance, suit yourself!”

Yun Shimo could no longer put up with them. He had wanted to bear with it so that Hua Qiyue could have it easy. At least she would have more helpers. But he thought deeper and realized that Hua Qiyue was right. So, he decided to bear with them no longer.

Sect Leader Hong’s countenance was looking exceptionally ghastly, as she glared hatefully at Hua Qiyue. She really wanted to shred Hua Qiyue into a thousand pieces on the spot.

But this woman’s powers were as strong as what Fifth Venerable Master had claimed.

To fight her again would mean embarra.s.sing herself. The Leader of Heaven Sect, defeated by a girl of 18! She would be their laughingstock.

Although she had lost, her palm was withdrawn into her long robe sleeve. No one could tell that it was partially swollen. In the eyes of these onlookers, she was still on a par with Hua Qiyue.

“Very well! Since no one welcomes our sect, we shall… leave!”

Sect Leader Hong said, gnashing her teeth. She turned and, ignoring the stunned looks of her disciples, departed with big strides.

Even their Sect Leader had gone. There was no reason for them to stay. So, the group of disciples all started departing with her. One of the more arrogant male disciples snorted. “Hua Qiyue… after your great battle, wash your neck clean and wait for me to hack it!”

Hua Qiyue raised her brows. A colorless stream of energy hurtled out from her left index finger, aimed between the man’s brows.

The man’s body trembled. Suddenly, he advanced toward a female disciple before him, hugging her tightly as she screamed in horror. He gave a loud, manic laugh. “Haha, Junior Sister, I was in love with you for a long time. Why don’t you submit to me now?”

Everything had happened so suddenly. The company watched the entire scene, flabbergasted.

Hua Qiyue’s Spirit Summoning Art was already in the Great Completeness at the fourth level. Normally, if she used her Spirit Summoning Art to make someone do her bidding, that person would succ.u.mb to his l.u.s.t and commit a most repulsive act.

This male disciple must have been in love with his Junior Sister for a long time. The manic recklessness in his eyes caused everyone to feel a shock, a chill tingling down their spine.

When Sect Leader Hong, who had nearly reached the yard’s gate, saw this, she could not help but be enraged.

“Hahaha… so much for the conduct of the strict Heaven Sect!”

“This male disciple should not be quite normal within their sect!”

As the crowd mocked sarcastically, Sect Leader Hong unleashed a palm at the male disciple close by. There was a m.u.f.fled boom and the male disciple collapsed heavily to one side, like a kite with a snapped string. He threw out fresh blood and his mind regained clarity.

Unfortunately, the meridians throughout his body had been shattered by Sect Leader Hong. He would no longer live!

“You sc.u.m, disgracing our sect’s name! Whoever acts so shamelessly again shall die instantly by my hand!” Sect Leader Hong said sinisterly. She felt the cold, derisive eyes of the company upon her. Her hatred for Hua Qiyue flared up relentlessly.


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