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Chapter 293 World-RenownedHua Qiyue was quite anxious, and it was false to say she was not worried. After all, the other side was a Qi Artist at the great completeness of Holy G.o.d, only a small step from reaching the Great Deity Realm!

Yun Shimo knew, too, that any further delay would do him no good. After all, a person at the great completeness of Holy G.o.d would recover his anima energy much faster than he did. Although he had purple energy inside him, it was not much.

However, he had a strong const.i.tution. He only hoped to kill Heavenly Saint Xuanyuan quickly in five moves.

“Extermination Fingers!”

Yun Shimo had been tangled up by the innumerable black threads. But the crowd was relatively relieved to hear that his voice was cold and not weak at all.


The cloud of black fog was blown apart by something, and all of a sudden, it dispersed with a loud noise, darkening half the sky.

Millions of threads of white light came to the front of Heavenly Saint Xuanyuan in an instant. Before he could react to it, Yun Shimo’s Extermination Fingers had pierced his body!

Nonetheless, Heavenly Saint Xuanyuan was an old fox, and of course, he could not be killed by a lethal move. The anima energy protecting his body was stung, and his body sustained some internal injuries.

He merely sustained some internal injuries. However, a trickle of blood flowed from the corner of Yun Shimo’s mouth because the move just now consumed him excessive power.

“Junior, die!” When he saw that his forbidden art failed to hurt Yun Shimo seriously, Heavenly Saint Xuanyuan was both shocked and livid. As a result, he bombarded Yun Shimo with his attacks!

Yun Shimo was not weak, either. Not only could he avoid his attacks, but he could also fight back. At that time, the two super experts entangled with each other and were inseparable. All the people could not even see their figures clearly. They could only see shadows continually shifting above the ruins ahead of them.

“Mom, do you think daddy can win?”

Tianci was a little worried as he looked at the entangled figures and the ground where holes formed continuously due to the impact. It was the first time he had seen anything so fierce.

“Of course, he can. Tianci, cheer your daddy and yelled something at him!” Hua Qiyue smiled faintly. Although she was worried, she was more convinced that Yun Shimo would win.

Xuanji and Bai Qianxue exchanged glances. Their eyes were dim.

Hua Qiyue was still anxious for Yun Shimo at the critical moment.

“Daddy, deal a blow to the head of that d.a.m.ned old demon! I heard that the old demon had killed our ancestors with maltreatment… Now that the old demon came here to pay off debt, you must teach that old pig a lesson!”

At once, Tianci shouted at the entangled figures. Hearing this, the crowd could not help laughing.

Tianci was only seven or eight years old, but he could understand what had happened. He could understand everything Yun Shimo and Heavenly Saint Xuanyuan had just said.

Heavenly Saint Xuanyuan had been respected by others for so many years and had never met anyone so rude, let alone anyone who called him an old demon or an old pig, therefore, all at once, he flared up and became very anxious to kill Yun Shimo with a single move!

After receiving a dozen of powerful attacks from Heavenly Saint Xuanyuan, Yun Shimo had several gashes on his hands. Fortunately, he had a strong const.i.tution. Had an ordinary Qi Artist received Heavenly Saint Xuanyuan’s attacks, he would have met his fate with several holes on his body.

Heavenly Saint Xuanyuan’s mouth twisted with anger. He was at the great completeness of Holy G.o.d, and his opponent was a youth merely at the first level of Holy G.o.d. It was a complete disgrace to him that he could not kill him now!

“The Deity-slaying Dragon Formula!” Heavenly Saint Xuanyuan couldn’t calm down anymore. He summoned another mighty forbidden art!

The magic clouds in the sky changed, and Yun Shimo’s face changed slightly as well.

He looked up at the sky and murmured, “The Deity-slaying Dragon Formula… This forbidden art is indeed powerful!”

The Deity-slaying Dragon Formula was a powerful move among all the forbidden arts. But only Murong Family and Xuanyuan Family had the manual. However, none of them had learned it.

Of course, Yun Shimo did not realize that Lan Luo and Princess Mingzhu had all learned it and that they simply had not displayed it.

This kind of forbidden art was to attract the dragon in the sky to kill someone’s strong opponent.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, even if a Qi Artist had learned this move, he would not use it easily.

Nevertheless, Heavenly Saint Xuanyuan really didn’t want to get entangled. Any further delay would worsen the matter. He was afraid he would lose more quickly if he dragged on.

Anyway, Heavenly Saint Xuanyuan had long since lost faith in his heart. This forbidden art was his only way to kill Yun Shimo. Only then had his modest confidence swelled.

“Yun Shimo, go to h.e.l.l! The western dragon is not that easy to deal with. Hahaha, it seems that my summoning is successful!” Heavenly Saint Xuanyuan said, smirking.

Everyone watched nervously as the clouds rolled over the horizon, from where a huge, black dragon came from far and near!

The huge dragon was over the heads of Yun Shimo and Heavenly Saint Xuanyuan. It coldly stared at the two superiors on the ground and spoke indifferently, “Old man, why did you call me here? To kill such a young man?”

The western dragon was indeed mighty for it could speak human language, which amazed all the people.

Hua Qiyue’s eyes dimmed.

Ji Feng muttered when he saw the black dragon, “I didn’t expect this move to be true.”

Legend had it that if a person summoned the black dragon successfully, then the summoner would have all his spiritual energy sucked and the most precious thing on his body taken away by the black dragon.

The black dragon would admit this contract because every super expert had many treasures on them.

Bai Qianxue frowned and said, “Now, Yun Shimo is truly in danger.”

Xuanji nodded. “Indeed. It is said that generally, this move can be successful, and the man swallowed by the black dragon surely can never be reborn.”

Bingyi and Princess Qianyang started to get worried. Bingyi was the most anxious one. After all, Yun Shimo was his own master.

Hua Qiyue’s brows were furrowed. What Xuanji said was a legend, which was not real to her. What was right ahead of her now was real.

So everyone stopped talking and watched the scene ahead intently with bated breath.

“Indeed, you have done me a favor, and I shall certainly do you justice!” Heavenly Saint Xuanyuan said coldly.

Yun Shimo chuckled. “I didn’t expect you to take me so seriously by using this kind of special-grade forbidden art. I truly admire you!”

Yun Shimo remained unmoved and calm, which rea.s.sured Hua Qiyue a lot.

The black dragon was as long as the total length of seven or eight mountains. It was long and heavy, but it floated effortlessly above the sky. Dark clouds covered the sun. The black dragon’s blood-red eyes glowed with ominous glints, emitting sinister, suffocating murderous intent.

However, the black dragon flew into a rage when it saw that Yun Shimo was so relaxed and did not take it seriously.

It was a world-renowned divine dragon of the west, but this brat didn’t take it seriously!

“Hehe, a man at the great completeness of Holy G.o.d cannot kill a brat at the first level of Holy G.o.d. Tsk, tsk. How could I have a contractor like you?” Although the black dragon was discontented with Yun Shimo’s att.i.tude, it looked down upon Heavenly Saint Xuanyuan more.

The strong would only respect the strong and would never respect the weak!

Heavenly Saint Xuanyuan flushed. After all, he was a celebrity. Now, however, he was ridiculed by the black dragon, the one he summoned…

“But since I am here, I won’t disappoint you!” the black dragon said in a deep voice. Every word of it made s.p.a.ce vibrate and caused the others to palpitate.

“Mom, will dad be all right? How abominable that evil dragon looks!” Tianci asked anxiously as he saw that scene.

The black dragon heard Tianci and roared. The impact made Xuanji’s protective s.p.a.ce break, and the top of the pavilion was immediately shattered by a powerful blast. Hua Qiyue and her people quickly protected their bodies with anima energy to avoid being harmed.

After the noise, Hua Qiyue did not withdraw the protective anima energy from the bodies of hers and Tianci’s.

As she raised her eyes, she could feel the huge, blood-red eyes staring at Tianci, full of murderous intent.

Tianci was frightened and held Hua Qiyue’s hand tightly.

Hua Qiyue patted him on the shoulder and said, “Don’t be afraid. Mom’s here!”

“Humph, I’m going to violate a religious precept today. How dare a brat insult me like that?” the black dragon said with a murderous look. Yun Shimo got in front of Tianci in an instant.

“Well, how deep family love is! Then I will devour all three of you!” The black dragon smiled cruelly. Xuanji frowned and stood by Hua Qiyue’s side as well.

For a brief moment, every eye was fixed on the black dragon.

Heavenly Saint Xuanyuan laughed wildly. “Black dragon, you can kill them all. But the girl in white has a Spirit-summoning Mirror on her. If you release all those people from Xuanyuan Family, the Spirit-summoning Mirror will be yours!”

Heavenly Saint Xuanyuan didn’t care about his face anymore. His old face was long gone because Hua Qiyue had taken the souls of so many elders from the Xuanyuan Family. What else could he care?

“The Spirit-summoning Mirror? Hey-hey-hey, that’s a good thing… It is said to be something that Peach Fairy had used, better than divine weapons.”

The black dragon’s eyes glowed with greed. Yun Shimo’s face changed suddenly. However, the black dragon was also in a hurry. After all, it could only stay a quarter of an hour in the east!

The black dragon roared, opened its b.l.o.o.d.y mouth wide, and hurled itself at Yun Shimo, Tianci, and the others!

“Be careful!”

Xuanji saw that Hua Qiyue was about to be a victim, so he moved to their side in an instant. They all wanted to know if a few advanced Qi Artists could fight with a western black dragon.

Ji Jing, who hurried back but could not squeeze through the crowd, froze at this sight.

She finally understood why Bai Qianxue gave her the cold shoulder. It was because he always had Hua Qiyue in his heart. Even if she was about to marry Yun Shimo, he could not change her position in his heart, could he?

“Did we actually see the black dragon?”

“Indeed, it’s a black dragon, not an illusion. I didn’t think we would see such a powerful forbidden art in our lifetime…”

“Let’s all go away, or we’ll be in trouble if the black dragon goes mad…”

Ji Jing’s heart was beating fast. She tried to scream, but she could not.

At this moment, Hua Qiyue and her people used the strongest anima energy to protect Tianci. Meanwhile, they launched their most powerful attacks on the black dragon as well.

After all, Yun Shimo had a strong const.i.tution. Since the black dragon could not swallow them all in a short time, it could not help but be astonished and wrathful.

It was summoned several times, and nothing like this ever happened. Any further delay would bring disgrace to it. Then the black dragon became furious and attacked them with all its strength!

Whether they won or lost the battle, Yun Shimo and the others would be famous. It was the first time Heavenly Saint Xuanyuan had ever met a match who had forced him to use a forbidden art!


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