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Read The General’s Genius Daughter Chapter 308 – The Dust Had Settled

The General’s Genius Daughter is a web novel completed by Zhuo Hua, 灼华.
This lightnovel is presently Ongoing.

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Chapter 308 The Dust Had Settled

Xuanyuan Wutian was utterly astounded. He felt weak all over his body. In other words, his soul was already in control by someone behind his back and had already been shredded into pieces. He could only feel the innumerable racking pains madly gushing into his body.

“How could this… be? How can I, Xuanyuan Wutian… be killed…” The focus in his eyes started to scatter, as the feeling of death loomed in his heart.

Before his eyes, a figure whizzed. The pale face of Yun Shimo appeared. He stared coldly at Xuanyuan Wutian. “Although I was helped by Elder Xuan, I have finally killed you… Xuanyuan Wutian, you’re finished…”

Yun Shimo was panting. He had exerted all the energy in his body. After killing Chu Qianzhao, he gave Xuanyuan Wutian another fatal strike.

In the meantime, Yun Shimo had taken many Soul-rejuvenating Pellets. These Soul-rejuvenating Pellets had been secretly refined in the night, without Hua Qiyue’s knowledge.

So no one knew he had such pills, which could raise his strength rapidly. Although taking such pills carried some risks, it was the only way he could rely on himself!

Right now, the new energy was surging in his body rapidly. Yun Shimo did not have time to refine the new energy, as it merged with the purple one. That was how he managed to slay Chu Qianzhao and Xuanyuan Wutian.

Yun Shimo’s soul was extremely powerful. He had a very high chance of winning when he struck out at other souls to kill.

And Yun Shimo succeeded.

He had finally killed Xuanyuan Wutian and delivered Tianci and Hua Qiyue from the crisis.



“Brother Yun!” A few surprised and delighted voices rang out, calling his name. Yun Shimo’s body shook a little. The voice of the Hare came over. “He’s thoroughly exhausted. Oh no…”

Yun Shimo wanted to see if Hua Qiyue was shedding tears over Xuanji. He wanted to wipe away her tears. Instead, he was so weak that he had to squat. He did not even have the strength to open his eyes.

The Hare immediately raced to his side and conjured out an inky robe. He changed instantly into another handsome man…

Hua Qiyue and Ji Jing gave astonished gasps. They covered their eyes, not daring to watch. Tianci furrowed his brows. He felt angry and amused that this strange man was using an inky robe to cover his body.

The Hare chuckled and immediately put on the robe. Then, it carried Yun Shimo up and walked over to the yard.

After all, at this moment, only Hua Qiyue and Ji Jing were around, and they were both women. It would not be right for them to take Yun Shimo back to the yard. The Hare could only be thick-skinned and changed its appearance, taking him back.

These scrimmages had attracted numerous Qi Artists. They watched this scene, dumbfounded.

They all thought that Hua Qiyue and Yun Shimo would be slain by Xuanyuan Wutian and Chu Qianzhao. But the outcome surprised them all. They were still alive—all except Xuanji, whose survival could not be determined.

Hua Qiyue, Ji Jing, and Tianci guarded by Ji Feng and Huangfu Xuan’s sides. They fed them with the Heaven-and-Earth Rejuvenating Pellets. Soon, they predicted, they would regain consciousness.

The two had sustained heavy injuries. Even after taking these pills, they would need a month or so to recover.

The dust on everything had settled.

They were left with only that female devil, Chu Cangye. Yet she could not pose a threat to Hua Qiyue and her friends.

The back mountains were in disorderly ruins. A bright moon rose in the night sky, as untainted and saintly as pure water.

The people had scattered and the birds were quiet. Everyone was safe.


“The Divine Eyes Organization will trace Xuanji’s whereabouts for us for free this time. They seem quite wary of earning our wrath. But… Xuanji’s still missing. These ancient clans all reside in some secluded corners of the Tianyuan Continent. They cannot be found so easily.”

Half a month had elapsed. The company was journeying back to their home country with Yun Xuan and Madame Yun. In the carriage, Ji Jing was whispering to Hua Qiyue.

During this half month, the injuries of Ji Feng and his friends had healed. But they had to call off the wedding on the eighth. Hua Qiyue thought it would be better to hold the wedding in the Changjing Kingdom.

Yun Shimo also agreed. When Tianci heard that they were leaving for their native land, he was extremely excited. It meant another new place with great fun and good food. After all, he had no memories of Changjing Kingdom.

Yun Shimo’s eyes revealed his deep musings. “The Xuan Family is one of the oldest clans. Xuanji’s body… after taking the Heaven-and-Earth Rejuvenating Pellet, the injured usually survive. So you shouldn’t worry, Qiyue.”

Hua Qiyue nodded lightly. In the last half month, the person she had thought about the most was Xuanji.

He looked like someone on the brink of death. She wondered if he could survive, after taking the Heaven-and-Earth Rejuvenating Pellet…

“That’s right, Sister Qiyue. Think about how great Brother Xuan is. He is a wonderful talent. Don’t worry, he’ll be fine.”

Ji Jing observed the worry on Hua Qiyue’s face and immediately spoke to console her.

Tianci wagged his head. “Brother Xuan has promised to take me out to play.”

Hua Qiyue felt a wave of heartache. She embraced Tianci gently. For a brief moment, she did not know what to say.

The company became silent. They had resolved all their problems and it was easier than they had thought. Yet they also felt worse than they had expected, since Xuanji had gone missing and his eventual survival was unknown. No matter what, Hua Qiyue would feel unease.

But it was pointless to worry. Even the three major organizations like Divine Eyes could not track him down. So they had no other solution.

Ten days later, Hua Qiyue and her friends finally reached the Changjing capital.

There was a great fanfare in the Changjing Kingdom. The moment their carriages reached the city gate, even the Emperor, Huangfu Shenglin, had alighted his imperial sedan and was there to welcome them in person.

When he saw Huangfu Shenglin, Yun Shimo’s eyes became exceedingly frosty. Yun Shimo was holding him accountable for making Hua Qiyue his Empress.

“Look, that’s Princess Jinghua!”

“No, she’s the Empress now. I didn’t expect our Emperor to be so sentimental. He conferred her the t.i.tle of Empress even though she wasn’t around in the country!”

“The Hua Qiyue now isn’t the same woman as she was before. I heard that they slew Chu Qianzhao and Xuanyuan Wutian. They’re very powerful!”

“The Emperor must be somewhat wary of them…”

All sorts of quiet whispers resounded. Hua Qiyue alighted the carriage and gave Huangfu Shenglin a quiet curtsy. Huangfu Shenglin was as delighted as a blossoming flower. Suddenly, he felt a pair of eyes glaring coldly at him.

Huangfu Shenglin raised his black eyes and stared into the cold eyes of Yun Shimo.

Yun Shimo had not alighted the carriage.

To not alight the carriage and pay the Emperor respects was an act of great defiance. But Huangfu Shenglin said nothing. He understood that the Yun Shimo now would not be in trouble even if he mobilized all the Qi Artists and Palace Guards against him.

“Your Majesty, it’s been a long time. I hope that Your Majesty can pay Prince Nan’s Mansion a visit. We have matters to discuss.”

Yun Shimo said quietly. He was extremely unhappy with Huangfu Shenglin but could only say so much.

He must at least give the Emperor of Changjing Kingdom some superficial show of respect.

The guards were angry but did not dare to speak. After all, Prince Nan was no longer the same man as he was before. One little finger of his could wipe them all out.

“I will surely turn up. Now, let’s first send the Empress to Hua’s Mansion.”

The Emperor wore a quiet smile. He was not enraged by Yun Shimo.

“Qiyue!” Old Madame Hua walked over with tottering steps. Lv Xin and Youshui were helping her, and the rims of their eyes were red. They called out to Hua Qiyue agitatedly, “Princess…”

Hua Qiyue rarely cried, but at this moment, she felt a lump in her throat.

When she left the Changjing Kingdom years ago, she thought that she would not make it back alive. But after so many ordeals, she had managed to return.

Hua Liting also walked over agitatedly. He looked at his daughter, who had lost quite a bit of weight, and did not know what to say.

Old Madame Hua glared sternly at Yun Shimo alighting the carriage. It was he who had caused Hua Qiyue to have almost turned insane. But Hua Qiyue had returned with this man. There must be some undisclosed secret between them.

Yun Shimo walked over obediently. He cupped his fists at the Old Madame and Hua Liting, greeting them.

Hua Qiyue hugged Old Madame Hua in a tight embrace. Tianci stood on one side, opening his eyes wide to watch this scene.

Hua Liting came over and caressed Tianci’s head. “I didn’t expect… Tianci to be so tall already after two years!”

Everyone laughed and chatted joyously. Although Huangfu Shenglin was feeling excited inside, he still felt somewhat helpless when he thought of Yun Shimo.

The company had returned to Hua’s Mansion and the servants were extremely excited. Night had fallen. Colorful adornments decorated the mansion. Big red lanterns were hanging high everywhere.

The welcoming banquet only ended at nine in the night. Hua Qiyue and Tianci had braved the journeying dust and were quite tired. So they went to bed early in the night.

Yun Shimo returned to Prince Nan’s Mansion. Huangfu Shenglin would appear again soon after.

The Emperor was paying Prince Nan’s Mansion a visit. It showed Huangfu Shenglin’s high regard for Yun Shimo—or perhaps fear.

They had been gone for almost three years. Prince Nan’s Mansion was still the same as before. The maidservants engaged by Madame Yun had already swept the place clean.

Returning to Prince Nan’s Mansion where he had resided for years, Yun Shimo was overcome with emotions. He sat at a red wooden table in a terraced building. The Emperor, Huangfu Shenglin, lightly raised his teacup and sipped a mouthful of tea.

There was only one Qi Artist by Huangfu Shenglin’s side. He knew that Yun Shimo would not kill him. He did not need to, either.

“Your Majesty is here in my humble abode because of Qiyue, I believe. Both of us are understanding people. Let me be direct,” Yun Shimo said quietly.

Huangfu Shenglin wore a nonchalant smile. Melancholy was in his eyes. “Qiyue is a lovely girl. She’s the only woman in this wide world who can make me fret endlessly. I think of her day and night. But in the end, her heart is still with you.”

Yun Shimo lifted up the teapot and poured another half a cup of tea. “I will soon wed Qiyue. Your Majesty, I’m sure you know what to do?”

Yun Shimo was direct and brash, but Huangfu Shenglin had no way to counter him.

“I will wait for Qiyue’s divorce letter.”

After a few seconds of silence, Huangfu Shenglin replied quietly.

It was Yun Shimo’s turn now to be astounded. Huangfu Shenglin was the sovereign of the Changjing Kingdom, the son of Heaven high up above all the rest. How could he allow a woman to write him a divorce letter? Wasn’t this too absurd?

But Yun Shimo still admired Huangfu Shenglin’s magnanimity. He raised his brows. “You’re letting Qiyue make the decision herself.”

“Indeed. If she doesn’t like you, she won’t write me a divorce letter. If she likes you, she will. Qiyue won’t care for me losing face. From her point of view, my honor isn’t something she would worry about.” Huangfu Shenglin quietly sipped another mouthful of tea. He seemed totally nonchalant.


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