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Chapter 425

”Prime Minister Mu is hopeless in teaching his daughter, so a year of your salary will be deducted and you’ll reflect on your mistakes . As for Mu Yu, she is unladylike, she has to copy the ‘Lessons for Women[1]’ a hundred times . She also has to learn the rules from the nanny who teaches upbringing,” Emperor Feng looked at Prime Minister Mu and shook his head in disappointment .

Although Xiao Qi Tian was still feeling dissatisfied, he knew he can’t be too calculative in some matters, there were still opportunities in the future .

”Your majesty, about the marriage alliance……”

”Mu Xue would be awarded the t.i.tle of Snowfall Princess, a date will be chosen for her to be married off to Xiao Empire . ”

”Thank you, your majesty . ”

No matter how unwilling Prime Minister Mu felt, he had to kneel down and thank the Emperor, the anger in his chest was really painful .

After the marriage arrangement between the two was settled, Xiao Qi Tian opened his mouth once more: “Your majesty, the Princess from Xiao Empire, Situ Xuan, has mutual feelings for the Prime Minister’s son, Mu Chen . She intends to marry him, I hope your majesty would allow it . ”

”That’s of course, I would definitely agree with two simultaneous happy events . ”

Prime Minister Mu looked at Mu Chen in shock, he never expected that his son’s wedding would also be related to the Xiao Empire, furthermore, to the Princess of Xiao Empire .

”Decide on a good day to get married then . ”

”Thank you, your majesty . ”

After bestowing marriage to both parties, the people felt envious towards Prime Minister Mu, he’s scaling new heights . But seeing Prime Minister Mu’s expression as if he had swallowed a fly, they suddenly felt a sense of satisfaction .

The Prime Minister’s wife initially wanted to arrange a bad marriage for Mu Chen, who knew there would be such a marriage arrangement .

It was the Princess of Xiao Empire, Situ Xuan, who was Xiao Empire Emperor’s cousin . When she marries into the Mu Family, the Prime Minister’s wife would need to reconsider before making trouble, not to mention they had the support from the General’s wife .

Ning Meng Yao looked sarcastically at the Prime Minister’s wife’s ugly expression, she was feeling satisfied inside .

”Alright, let’s begin . ”

With the sounds of the musical instruments, there was also singing and dancing, the banquet pleased the crowd, only Prime Minister Mu’s family was angered .

Mu Yu threw a tantrum after returning home .

”Why does that b*tch Mu Xue get the good things?” She had actually become the Snowfall Princess, suppressing her in every aspect . She was not happy about it .

Prime Minister Mu raised his hand and slapped Mu Yu’s face: “You dare to speak your mind right now? Right now, she’s not only a Princess appointed by the Emperor, she is even the wife of Prince Xiao, have you not caused enough trouble?”

Being slapped twice in a day, Mu Yu was enraged and glared viciously at Prime Minister Mu: “Father, if you like them, you can welcome them back, since they currently have n.o.ble ident.i.ties,” Mu Yu gritted her teeth and said .

”That’s enough, are these words ought to be spoken by a child? Look at how you educated her,” Prime Minister Mu was feeling uncomfortable from anger .

If his relationship with Mu Chen and Mu Xue was good, he would definitely be happy about their marriage . The key point was that their relationship was not good .

”It’s all my fault, I’ll properly teach Yu’er in the future . ”

”Go . ”

Prime Minister Mu felt jittery and waved his hands for them to leave, he stayed in his study room the whole night, thinking about how he could ease their relationship .

The next day, Xiao Qi Tian headed to the Prime Minister’s Residence to deliver the betrothal gifts, it was a huge pile, but when the betrothal gifts were delivered, he did not give it to Prime Minister Mu and the others, he gave it to Mu Xue in person .

”These items are for you, don’t let these short-sighted people covet it,” He had brought many good items along this time, Ning Meng Yao had helped him to search for some of them . They were all things that Mu Xue liked .

”Alright, I understand . ”

Prime Minister Mu and the others were initially very happy to see so many betrothal gifts, but in a blink of an eye, things would not end well if they took any . Furthermore, Xiao Qi Tian had stated clearly that those things were given to Mu Xue .

Mu Xue calmly looked at the envious Mu Yu and the others .

Envious? That’s the effect she wanted, Mu Xue thanked Xiao Qi Tian in her heart .

Ning Meng Yao stood by the side, she frowned: “You have to keep the things properly, this would be your secret stash in the future, you must remember where you spent it, don’t keep to yourself if others took them from you . ”

Ning Meng Yao looked at the Prime Minister’s wife who had a pale expression, she then sneered, that was the effect they wanted .

Mu Chen looked at Prime Minister Mu: “The year before mother pa.s.sed away, she had said that she would leave her dowry to my sister when she got married . ”

[1] DescriptionLessons for Women, also translated as Admonitions for Women, Women’s Precepts, or Warnings for Women, is a work by the Han dynasty female intellectual Ban Zhao . As one of the Four Books for Women, Lessons had wide circulation in the late Ming and Qing dynasties . (Source: Wikipedia)


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