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Chapter 603

Even if Ning Meng Yao wanted to take the woman away, there was no way she could do it . As what Qiao Tian Chang mentioned, now was not the right time, even if she had the will to do it, she did not have the ability to do so, so she could only leave her there regrettably .

After they left, they could hear voices from the other side of the wall .

“Did I hear it wrongly?”

Ning Meng Yao was wide eyed . Fortunately, Tian Chang was around, otherwise they would be dead .

“Let’s go . ” Qiao Tian Chang quickly took Ning Meng Yao’s hand and left . As they left, she noted the pathway because she wanted to return for the woman .

It was not good to leave her alone in the cold chamber . Ning Meng Yao was worried about the woman’s unusually pale face .

The two of them followed the tunnel and went out . Along the way, Ning Meng Yao was still thinking of the woman in the chamber .

“Tian Chang, I…”

“Yao Yao, we can come back again, but not now . The most important thing to do now is to leave this place first, and look for Bai Yi and the rest . We have to help them rescue father-in-law . The woman on the bed will not go anywhere, and it did not seem easy to move her around, so what we can do now is to make all the necessary arrangements, then we will go back there . ” Qiao Tian Chang knew what Ning Meng Yao was thinking, so he interrupted her .

Ning Meng Yao rarely saw such a serious side of Qiao Tian Chang . She felt a little uncomfortable seeing him like this .

Qiao Tian Chang sighed and stretched out his hand to hold her in his arms, he whispered, “Yao Yao, I’m not trying to stop you from saving that woman, but now is really not the time, that woman is unconscious . If we really want to save her, it will cause us trouble, and may even affect Bai Yi and the rest . ”

Ning Meng Yao knew this, but she just did not want to see the woman lying there . She did not know why she felt this way even though she had never seen that woman before .

Qiao Tian Chang looked helplessly at Ning Meng Yao, he kissed her cheek: “As long as we managed to rescue father-in-law, and form a plan, I will accompany you to save the woman, how about that?”

“You promise?” Ning Meng Yao was so happy when she heard Qiao Tian Chang said that .

“Yes, I promise, but you must not be stubborn anymore, alright?”

“Alright . ”

Ning Meng Yao suddenly felt a little embarra.s.sed . She was a married woman, yet she acted like a child .

As they spoke, they had reached the end of the tunnel, they could even hear the sounds of water .

“Tian Chang, there’s water . That means that we can definitely get out of here . ” This was not the sound of a water droplet, but the sounds of a running river .

“Let’s go . ”

When they found the river, Ning Meng Yao’s eyes were full of excitement . She grasped Qiao Tian Chang and ran towards it .

“Tian Chang, I can see the light . ” Ning Meng Yao, who had spent a long time staring at the river, suddenly widened her eyes excitedly . She exclaimed as she gazed forward .

Qiao Tian Chang nodded: “Yeah, I see it too, but we must be careful . ”

“Yep . ”

Both of them were still on alert, they were worried that there would be guards in this place, but when they came out from the underground river, they were actually led to a lush place .

Ning Meng Yao stared blankly at the place: “What is this place, Tian Chang?”

“I don’t know . Let’s look around . ”

“Tian Chang, look at these, don’t you think these look like magical gra.s.s that Wu Chen gave us?” Ning Meng Yao pulled up some gra.s.s from the ground and asked confusedly .

Qiao Tian Chang looked at it and agreed, “Yeah, you’re right . ”

“It seems that this place is the so-called Forbidden Land of Miaojiang . But I’m a little bit curious, why is this place called a forbidden land?” Ning Meng Yao looked around, puzzled .

There were many precious medicinal materials here . Of course, this was only what she knew, there were many other things that she did not know .

Qiao Tian Chang looked at Ning Meng Yao: “It seems we can’t go out for a while . ”

“Then, should we have a look around?” Ning Meng Yao asked a little expectantly .

“Sure . ”

According to Nan Yu, this place was not a forbidden land decades ago . It was a place where members of the Miaojiang royal family did their training, so why did it become a forbidden land?


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