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There was something in Xhemin that was glad that her husband was awake, yet the annoyance over what he did overthrow it and so she ended looking at Darryl with a vicious glare.

“This isn’t funny anymore,” She said and walked away straight to the bathroom door.

Xhemin let her silk gown fall into the floor and slid her naked body into the small pool where her handmaidens had her previously. The princess’s bathrooms were all like this, despite the fact that the Manggan Tribe were uncivilized, they sure know how what luxury was and the royal baths were full of that.

Xhemin closed her eyes, trying to forget the fact that her husband was throwing pranks on her on their wedding night and the pressure within her to find the Acamilla Apparaus plus the chieftain’s grandchild request.

Just a second and the hot bath she had, carefully drowned all her caress as well as the sticky feeling of the oils that her handmaiden had put on her. She thought perhaps she could just stay in the bathroom, away from her husband’s folly.

“Hey,” As she expected, Darryl came as he had this habit of always following her even in bathrooms. For how many times they had spent together in baths?

She just made a face and ignored Darryl, as if she did not hear his call.

Darryl of course knew that he made something terrible on their wedding night, apart from his recent prank, he had her wait for a while.

There was small chair just few inches from the pool that Handmaid Si used previously when she had brushed Xhemin’s hair and that was where Darryl sat. He looked at his wife who was ignoring her and the view of her silk gown abandoned on the floor hit something on his stomach. He ached inwardly.

“I’m sorry,” he said hoping she could at least open her eyes for him. But she didn’t. “Baruk Tam and Enoch brought me something on my chambers and it took a while before they left,”

Xhemin continued to ignore him.

“I didn’t mean to prank you, okay. I just couldn’t get a hold of myself and remembered that you didn’t want it, so I stopped,” He revealed in a truthful voice. There was something in his voice that hit Xhemin’s lungs, yet she was too proud and annoyed to give in.

Darryl sighed when he realized the girl was intending to shut him out the whole night. “Xhemin can you at least look at me? Please milady? I didn’t intend to make you upset, I was overwhelmed. It’s my fault and believe me I didn’t come all the way here just to make you feel bad,”

Darryl was so sincere that Xhemin had no choice but to open her eyes and looked at him. The Lagdameo heir’s eyes looked extremely exhausted but it brightened under her stares. They looked at each other for a while and Xhemin’s guilt overtook her.

What did her husband sacrificed just to get here?

He sure didn’t deserve her coldness and he shouldn’t apologize for making her upset as he had never once complained about the pain she caused him ever since he came. He was warm toward her despite the fact that she left him, broken and helpless.

“I’m the one who should be saying I’m sorry,” Xhemin’s guilt made her withdraw her eyes away from his. “I’m sorry for…leaving you,”

There was an intense silence after the words had been uttered. The room was then filled with an unsaid emotions that only both of them understand. Xhemin wanted to cry for she cannot accept the fact that even after she hurt him, he had still been faithful to her and even followed her in a strange island without minding his safety. Just thinking about it make her wanted to hate herself.

“I admit it was really hard. I was lost for a while,” Darryl’s voice contained his hurt “But I just love you too much I can’t even make myself hate you for it,”

The words Darryl said only made Xhemin’s tears fall. She looked at the man she had hurt and realized how much she lost when she left him. She did not only throw away their love, she had thrown away all the chances they had.

Xhemin couldn’t withhold it anymore, without waiting for more words, she rose from the water and throw herself to Darryl’s arms without the slightest care of the fact that she was naked as she landed on his arms.

Darryl was a bit surprised, but he opened his arms for her and had his lady sat on his lap, her wet naked body against his totally making him forgot about all those hurt and painful memories of their past.

It only took a second before Xhemin’s lips over took his, parting his lips in a deep, languorous kiss. Darryl tilted his head to accommodate his lady’s kiss as she slid her hands around his nape, holding his mouth pressed fiercely to hers as she welcomed his tongue and willingly gave him hers. Her fingers laced through the shorter locks at his nape and Darryl groaned with pleasure with Xhemin’s tentative caress.

Awash in a sea of pure sensation, Xhemin made no protest when Darryl’s bare hand started touching her naked back. She felt no shame or guilt even when Darryl’s hands made its way to her breast, cupping it and rubbing his thumb over her hardening nipple, instead she moaned, moaned in a way that Darryl’s arousal got him too seeking.

Soon enough, Darryl moved Xhemin’s body up so that his mouth explore her throat, his mouth burned a hot trail as it travelled down to the pink tips of his wife’s full breast, his tongue teasing, flicking and then circling endlessly. As if he not having enough, he tugged her aching nipple and Xhemin nearly came out of her skin when he did.

-Chapter ends here-

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