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Read The Genius Mage Chapter 117 – Hera Lost

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Read WebNovel The Genius Mage Chapter 117 – Hera Lost

Chapter 117: Hera Lost

“Oh my G.o.d!”

Jill noticed the token in his hand and nearly lost control of her voice.

She recalled the conversation between Audrey and Morris.

At that time, Audrey’s expression clearly showed that she knew what would happen.

When Hera heard this, she hurriedly lowered her voice. “Jill! Lower your voice. It’ll be troublesome if someone finds out!”

Jill realized that her actions were too sudden and quickly covered her mouth with her hand.

Morris had already placed the token in his f.a.n.n.y pack, as though nothing had happened.

The line quickly reached them. Audrey, as the representative, took out the token and handed it to the person in front of her.

The person in charge of the registration was none other than Shadowless Ghost Hand. He glanced at the five-person team in front of him and his gaze fell on the most unfamiliar Morris, sizing him up.

When he had come over today, the lord had specifically instructed him to pay more attention to this team.

After all, he was someone they had found last minute. There were many uncertain factors. Shadowless Ghost Hand did not know this person, but he was subconsciously a little worried.

“After the registration is completed, you will officially join the trial. You can not withdraw from the trial midway. You should know this, right?” Shadowless Ghost Hand exhorted.

Audrey and the others nodded.

They had already explained these matters clearly some time ago, and they had already memorized them by heart.

Shadowless Ghost Hand glanced at the jade pendant on Audrey’s waist and sighed in his heart.

After he finished dealing with these matters, he would need to tell this detail to his master when he returned. Presumably, his master would be pleased when he found out.

“After the registration is over, I’ll send all of you over together.” Shadowless Ghost Hand was a little worried about them, so he specially exhorted them, “The dangers in the forest are beyond your imagination. Take care to protect yourselves. I hope to see all of you return safely!”

Audrey nodded, her beautiful blue eyes revealing a hint of determination.

These words had long been engraved in her heart. What was more important than anyone else were the teammates she had now.

In fact, Audrey had already decided in her heart that if anything unexpected happened, she would definitely choose to forfeit the compet.i.tion and protect the safety of the people around her.

However, there was a high probability that nothing would happen.

After signing up, they also received the names of the partic.i.p.ating teams.

21 teams were partic.i.p.ating in this compet.i.tion, which meant that there were 105 people. Although this did not seem like a large number, the individual compet.i.tion would only be truly b.l.o.o.d.y after the team compet.i.tion had ended.

“Audrey, I see the members of the Skechers family,” Hera secretly reminded her.

Audrey looked in the direction she had pointed out and had indeed seen a few familiar faces. However, those people did not seem to notice them. Instead, they were focused on discussing their battle plans.

“Those people are really annoying. I heard that one of them has just broken through level-10. If we really meet them, it will take a long time to defeat them,” Kate sneered.

Jill was puzzled. “What are you afraid of? We have a level-19 here. So even if we meet them head-on, we won’t be at a disadvantage! Audrey is also very strong!”

What she said was indeed true. After all, their average level was around level-10. So naturally, the level-19 Morris was very outstanding.

Seeing their gazes fall on him, Morris felt a little embarra.s.sed. “That’s nothing. I’m just at a higher level, so I don’t have much actual combat experience.”

Audrey nodded. This was indeed their weakness.

It seemed like it would be very difficult if they encountered a tough opponent in the team compet.i.tion.

The next day, all the teams signed up gathered in the square, and Shadowless Ghost Hand teleported them together.

Before they left, the Shadowless Ghost Hand especially reminded them again.

“Remember, under any circ.u.mstances, the most important thing is to ensure your own safety. I hope everyone can achieve an excellent result.”

Then, the huge magic circle around them slowly operated, and a dazzling light instantly enveloped everyone.

When they opened their eyes again, they found themselves in a dense forest, and the dense crowd around them had disappeared without a trace.

This was Jill’s first time partic.i.p.ating in such a ritual. She touched the tree beside her curiously. “I didn’t expect that we would actually appear in the forest. This is too magical!”

Kate, on the other hand, could not bear such a teleportation spell. His face turned pale.

Audrey observed her surroundings. The forest was very wide. If she had not guessed wrongly, Shadowless Ghost Hand had teleported each team to a different location.

No wonder Shadowless Ghosthand had specially instructed them to be closer to each other. She wondered if any unlucky people had gotten separated from their team.

As she was thinking, Audrey suddenly looked behind her.

Jill, Kate, and Morris, who had yet to regain their senses, stood behind her and looked at Audrey in a daze.

Jill opened her mouth. “Audrey, what’s wrong?”

They were one person short! Hera was missing!

Audrey had never expected such a situation to occur in their team. Moreover, Hera was a girl. It would definitely be very dangerous for her to be alone in such a forest.

At this moment, Kate finally noticed something strange. “Where’s Hera?”

He tried to shout, but there was no other sound in the forest apart from the low roars of some unknown creature.

When they looked around and saw no sign of Hera, they realized that the distance between them and Hera was probably farther than they had imagined.


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