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Read The Genius Mage Chapter 195 – The Position of the Pharmacy Branch 2

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Chapter 195: The Position of the Pharmacy Branch 2

According to the seniors who had already advanced to the academy, this boy was the main combat strength of the Dou Qi branch at that time. His strength was extremely tyrannical, and the scar on his face was also injured by the seniors.

Originally, he thought that he would not meet someone like him again during this trial, but he did not expect to actually meet him again.

Klein pressed the tip of his tongue against the back of his teeth and stared at that person.

“It’s okay, we don’t have to worry about it.” He opened his mouth and looked at Thor.

Thor was confronting a woman who seemed to be in her thirties or forties.

“Isn’t this Doris? We haven’t seen each other for a long time, and you’re getting better at talking.” Thor smiled and reached out his hand. “I guess you’ve seen a lot of people recently, right?”

Doris also had a very polite smile on her face. “How could I? No matter how I say it, I can’t say it with your mouth. After all, you’re safely staying behind the scenes.”

“But even if you’re behind the scenes, there still don’t seem to be many students who can show off.”

“Sigh, compared to you, we’re a little worse off. Not only are there more people, but the students are also so powerful. I really want you to see our students every day.”

Thor immediately understood what this woman in front of him meant.

She was not mocking him, she was just explaining that there was not a single student who could show off.

Thor smiled awkwardly. Although he really wanted to tear the mouth of this woman in front of him apart. As a representative, he still had to maintain his proper demeanor.

Just as the two princ.i.p.als were confronting each other, the students behind them naturally did not stay idle.

The leading boy, Blake, who had a scar on his eye, took two steps forward.

He was originally tall, and he wore a pair of shoes made of unknown material on his feet. It made him look taller as if he was an adult.

Blake raised his head and looked at these people with his eyes. He sneered, “I thought there were a few powerful guys in the southern campus. I didn’t expect it to be just words. No matter how you look at it, you’re all a bunch of trash.”

Once these words were said, Klein’s expression immediately became a few times uglier.

“What do you mean by this?” Klein directly opened his mouth to speak.

Blake spread his hands. “Don’t you know what I mean? You guys better wait for me during the trial. I want to teach you guys a lesson. I want to let you know that the people in the Dou Qi faculty are not to be trifled with.”

As soon as he said this, the students behind him also began to provoke him.

Klein gritted his teeth and forcefully suppressed the anger in his heart. He looked at the people behind him, who also seemed to have been provoked. He raised his hand and stopped them. “Don’t forget what the told us.”

Before it was their turn, try to avoid direct confrontation. These were the exact words that Thor had told them.

“But, these few…” One of the girls gritted her teeth and seemed to be very unconvinced.

But seeing Klein’s hand in front of her, she could only forcefully swallow her anger.

Klein took a deep breath.

“We’re trying our best not to have a direct confrontation with you. We hope that you’ll show us some respect,” he said.

Blake snorted coldly, then burst into laughter. “Hahahahaha… what do you mean you can’t have a direct confrontation? If you have the ability, come and hit me. I want to see what you’re capable of.”

Audrey just stood by the side and silently watched them argue.

Heh, from the looks of it, the people from the other faculties were really proud of themselves. They could not help but raise their chins to the sky.

It seemed like if she did not teach them a lesson in the cla.s.s allocation trial, they would never learn how to respect others.

Audrey gently flexed her wrists and began to plan silently in her heart.

After greeting the group of people, Klein was so angry that his face turned red.

“What do they mean by that? Aren’t they looking down on them too much?” Klein said directly, “You have to know that we are alchemists after all. We are sought after by tens of thousands of people in the outside world. How did we become trash who do nothing in their place?”

Seeing his indignant look, Audrey tried to persuade him, “You probably don’t know much about this. It’s mainly because they are running around on the front lines. We are providing them with supplies from behind, so…”

Klein was not a fool, so he naturally knew what she meant.

He fiercely snorted, “What do you mean we are only providing them with supplies from behind? You have to know that if it weren’t for our potions, they might have already suffered heavy casualties.”

This was indeed the case. On the battlefield, besides the most direct strength, there was also a very important thing, which was the supplies they had.

He had heard of a battle in the past. It was said that both sides were very strong, and they were equally strong. It was because one of them had offended a high-level alchemist that they lost the most important high-level potion.

In the end, they suffered a crushing defeat.

“It’s true. I don’t even know what those people are thinking. They used our potion and even scolded us for not doing anything.” Klein waved the folding fan in his hand. “What a bunch of dogs.”

Audrey looked up and saw two people from the aura department walking over.

“Let’s not talk about it for now. If they hear us, they’ll think that we’re looking for trouble.”

Klein frowned with some difficulty before he stopped talking.


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