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Chapter 311: Airsickness.

Xiao Luo, one by one, threw Hua Dexing and Hua Xiaorong back into the car they drove in with, and also put back the things they brought in the car. He did not understand why Hua Dexing had the right to borrow money from him and his father when he treated him and his father like that. He refused to lend money and scolded him rightfully. He really wanted to ask: why?

“Son, are we going too far?” Hua Heying asked worriedly.

Xiao Luo shook his head: “He is my uncle. That’s right, but it doesn’t mean he can ride on my head, throw his weight around and shout at me.”

Hua Heying nodded slightly, but her eyebrows were always wrinkled, and her heart was not steadfast.

In terms of Luo Estate, Xiao Luo thought that everything should be done by himself. However, through observing these few days, he found that his father Xiao Zhiyuan had enough ability to control everything. The estate was slowly taking shape according to his requirements without his worry.

On the other hand, Luo Fang’s New Year’s work had also begun.

Zhang Dashan drove his Land Rover to Luo Village to show a good sense of presence, then set off back to Jiang City. Before Xiao Luo could develop the company’s power in Xia Hai, he must stabilize Luo Fang’s headquarters first, so that he could concentrate on developing in Xia Hai without any worries.

The taste of the New Year gradually faded away. After the Lantern Festival, Xiao Luo bid farewell to his family and embarked on a trip to Xia Hai.

Ji Siying’s commercial vehicle was borrowed from the NSA branch in Zhoukou City and needed to be returned. Therefore, she didn’t go to Xia Hai first. After all, the Cobra mercenary group and 20 NSA soldiers died in Luo Village. She had to report to the NSA authorities in Zhoukou City.

“See you in Xia Hai city, Mr. Xiao Luo!”

In front of the branch gate, Ji Siying smiled and said to Xiao Luo.

At this moment, she developed a strange feeling for Xiao Luo. At first, she thought that he was a murderous demon. But after coming into contact with Xiao Luo, she found that Xiao Luo was a man with filial piety, responsibility and integrity. She slowly felt that this guy had a fascinating charm all over his body. She still remembered that night when she leaned against his shoulder, the wind was very strong, the temperature was very low, but it was really warm.


Xiao Luo nodded, then turned and left.

With a trace of nostalgia, Ji Siying stood in place, her beautiful face looked a bit lost, but when she saw the jade bracelet on her hand, she was like a girl in love for the first time, showing a pure smile.

She actually didn’t forget about the jade bracelet, she just selectively forgot it. She also thought that Xiao Luo also selectively forgot about it. By default, this jade bracelet was hers. Thinking about this, her face flushed red, her whole person was as sweet as honey.

At six o’clock in the afternoon, Xiao Luo arrived at the airport. After hearing that the plane bound for Xia Hai had boarded, he picked up his luggage and checked in at the gate. Before that, he sent a message to Su Li: “Miss Su, I’ll arrive at the airport in Xia Hai at about eight o’clock in the evening!”

“Well, I’ll send someone to pick you up at Exit A.”

Su Li only replied with this sentence, very short but concise.

Xiao Luo didn’t send any more messages and changed his mobile phone to flight mode.

After waiting in line to pa.s.s the boarding gate, he walked down the covered bridge towards the plane. At the cabin gate, the flight attendant was greeting the registered pa.s.sengers one by one.

“Beauty, leave your contact information. You look like my girlfriend!”

A male pa.s.senger accosted the flight attendant. Of course, it was the same old line.

However, it was obvious that people did not like this and ignored it completely.

After all, she was a beautiful woman, Xiao Luo also inevitably glanced. She really looked very beautiful, her age was about 20-23 years old. Her head of black hair tied into a n.o.ble bun, revealing her white neck, few strands of hair were loose, giving attractive amorous feelings.

Her bright and clean full forehead was lightly draped with a wisp of oblique bangs.

Her straight nose, cherry mouth with light lip gloss and her crystal-clear and cracked melon-shaped face formed a beautiful sight. She wore a well-fitting flight attendant uniform and a slightly open neckline under a beautiful silk scarf. Her straight waist made her perfect chest curved more attractively.

As Xiao Luo pa.s.sed the hatch, she smiled and nodded at him. The nameplate on her chest was inscribed with a line of words: Tan Ning Fu: First Cla.s.s Flight Attendant.

This was Xiao Luo’s first time to take a plane. In his opinion, it was no different from taking a bullet train. You just sit.

After the cabin door was closed, a safety warning was played in the cabin. He was in the first cla.s.s. The flight attendant named Tan Ning Fu showed everyone how to use life jackets and oxygen masks.

After that, the plane was pushed back from its parking s.p.a.ce by the tractor and slowly glided to the front of the runway. After receiving the take-off signal, the plane began to go down the runway and then accelerated. Finally, with a light lift of the nose, the steel jumbo plane plunged into the sky.

Xiao Luo immediately felt uncomfortable, this kind of discomfort made him dizzy as it slowly gave birth to the feeling of vomiting, he knew that he was getting airsick.

“Sir, are you all right?” Seeing him looked a little strange, Tan Ning Fu busily came up and asked with concern.

“I’m fine, don’t worry about me.”

Xiao Luo leaned back against his seat and closed his eyes. Yi Jinjing was in rapid operation. He forced down the discomfort as sweat began to form on his forehead, his eyebrows wrinkled like a rag.

“Sir, let me pour you a gla.s.s of water.”

Tan Ning Fu was a very experienced flight attendant. She had now confirmed that Xiao Luo was airsick and turned away to pour water.

Under the suppression and adjustment of Yi Jin Jing, Xiao Luo gradually calmed down. All discomfort retreated like a tidal wave, he opened his eyes and welcomed a beautiful smiling face.

“Sir, this is your water!” Tan Ning Fu put a cup of pure water on the tray in front of Xiao Luo’s eyes.

“Thank you.”

Xiao Luo nodded and indicated that he really needed a gla.s.s of water at this time.

“You’re welcome.”

Tan Ning Fu smiled and turned away to see if other pa.s.sengers needed service.

Xiao Luo took a sip of water and looked at the porthole. He saw the red color of the last sunset in the distant sky. Against the thick clouds, it was very beautiful. It was like heaven. It was as if there were magnificent palaces within the depths of the clouds..

But more than ten minutes later, the s.h.i.+p window went dark.

The cabin was lively. The tall, thin young man who accosted Tan Ning Fu at the entrance of the cabin learned the way that men accosted women in Korean soap operas. He ordered fruit juice and drinks continuously in order to get Tan Ning Fu pa.s.s. He begged Tan Ning Fu’s contact information all the way.

“Sir, this is the last time, please stop fooling around!” Tan Ning Fu solemnly reminded him.


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