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Chapter 102

Book 7 ,Chapter 102 – Enlightenment

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Until they found a way to deal with Last Judgment, Cloudhawk and his people were a turtle hiding in its sh.e.l.l . Those survivors in the Elysian lands? They would have to fend for themselves . No kind sentiment remained anymore .

G.o.ds were not limited to the power of Last Judgment . With the Elysian lands conquered they were sure to be preparing more direct means of a.s.sault . The Green Alliance had to be prepared for anything .

Dawn and Selene were inside the subs.p.a.ce cube, staring at the G.o.ds locked in transparent crystal . Dawn couldn’t help but wonder aloud . “Why are we keeping them? Why not just steal their power and be done with it?”

“With the death of the Cloud G.o.d we’ve lost a crucial link to the enemy . Belial and Legion are trying to discover what they can take form our captives, like memories or other data . ” Selene stood by Dawn’s side . “We were lucky . This group was intentionally sacrificed . Next time I’m not sure it will be so easy to capture soldiers . It makes these few very valuable . ”

“Hmph, well they shouldn’t get off easy . Let them suffer hards.h.i.+ps the same way we did, I say . ”

“The methods you use against humans will do nothing against the G.o.ds,” Selene stated, shaking her head . “Cloudhawk is holding an important meeting . We should go . ”

Dawn glowered at the incapacitated G.o.ds . It was obvious she was reluctant to go without venting her frustrations . At least while they were locked up in the subs.p.a.ce cube there was little to be concerned about . The separation in s.p.a.ce and time meant their communication with Sumeru was delayed . Legion and Belial made sure there was no way for them to escape .

By the time Dawn and Selene arrived, the meeting room was filled with people . Among them were Frost and other members of the Hand of Gehenna, who Dawn despised . There were also leaders from the Elysian lands and other factions . The Green Alliance was still a collection of interest groups who only followed Cloudhawk because he was the only option .

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All their eggs were in one basket and disaster would crack them all . To survive against the G.o.ds they had to follow orders .

“They’re here, too?”

Phain stepped forward, with a veil covering his face and a sword on his hip . It was no ordinary weapon, but a powerful relic . Phain himself was no ordinary martial artist . He was Awakened .

By his side was a small coterie, largely composed of Skycloud’s former Temple faithful . Dawn was surprised by the group . “So many?”

He was ringed by powerful men and women from the Elysian lands, but not only them . Wasteland leaders and even ordinary elite soldiers were all gathered together, making this area of the cube rather crowded .

Cloudhawk, meanwhile, was gathering whispers with his presence

“What’s he doing?”

“Meditating? Never seen him do that before . ”

Mumbled discussion surrounded Cloudhawk concerning his odd appearance . He sat in the center of the area cross-legged with his eyes closed . Flows of energy appeared and disappeared around him; wind, fire, water, earth, lightning, light, darkness, s.p.a.ce… all dancing among one another .

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It was a strange and confusing thing to behold . Did he ask them all here just to watch him meditate?

Suddenly his eyes popped open . He was wearing the mask, concealing his features, but the sudden pressure a.s.sured everyone that his attention was now on the present .

“As you all can see, I am able to summon power from nothing . Hardly strange for a demonhunter . But where I am different is that I do not need relics to do it . I am able to do it with just my willpower . ” His voice echoed in everyone’s ears . “No relics . Just willpower . ”

A sea of different expressions looked his way .  

Selene, Dawn, Frost, Phain and others who were more familiar with Cloudhawk had known of this power for some time . Others – especially those from the Elysian lands – were hearing about it for the first time . It was a staggering revelation . How had he learned this power?

Cloudhawk went on . “This power isn’t affected by Last Judgment . Even without relics we can fight back . ”

Without question, his ability was a magnificent one . However it was underdeveloped . Without relics the power he wielded didn’t even match a Master Demonhunter’s . Far too weak to use against the G.o.ds . Somehow, Cloudhawk had to empower this talent .

“I’ve spent the last few days exploring this power . Recently I felt something . ” Cloudhawk looked out across the others . “Manipulating reality without relics isn’t a superpower . There’s no difference in summoning a fireball through will or through a relic . I was just able to naturally understand the method . I felt how to make the world bend to my will . ”

And this wasn’t called a f.u.c.king superpower? What the h.e.l.l did he think a superpower was, then?! Everyone was eager for Cloudhawk to reveal his secret .

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“What Leader Cloudhawk is trying to say,” Pelagius began, “is that there is a structure to this ability . Rules . Rules that can be broken . ”

“Exactly . ”

Shock once again rippled among the crowd .  

After experiencing Last Judgment, Cloudhawk got to thinking . Using the tools of the G.o.ds, humans couldn’t defeat their former masters . To defeat that superior species they had to find another way . A human way .

During his meditations Cloudhawk had gained a deeper knowledge of relics . He learned that his power wasn’t mysterious, and likely wasn’t special to him . Perhaps it was a system, a skill that could be taught . If he could learn exactly how the ability worked then maybe others could learn to manipulate reality the same way he did .

Right now, however, the ability was felt more than understood . A difficult task was before him, but not impossible . He was determined to try .

Cloudhawk had no idea how, but if he succeeded in mastering this ability it wouldn’t just benefit him . With a training method humanity as a whole would have a new treasure all their own . A treasure they could use to permanently throw off their reliance on the G.o.ds .

He pulled out a relic at random and held it before him . “Every relic has its own melody and structure . It’s the root of their power . Basically they are encryption keys . But if we can learn how, we all will be able to use this mysterious power . ”

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Gaping stares answered . He said it with such confidence . Did he realize what he was implying? If his words became real it would be the beginning of a new era! But how were they supposed to accomplish this if most people didn’t even know how a relic worked? On the other hand, if it was at all possible they had to begin learning this secret immediately .

Cloudhawk put the relic away . “Now, I have some experience with this . I give my knowledge to all of you without hesitation . Whether or not you can master it or not will be up to you . ”

Thus Cloudhawk began to explain what he knew, to the best of his ability . He had called them all here to teach them what he knew .

He began with the pulse of resonance, the simplest weaves of the simplest relics, and hoped that they would grasp what he was saying . However even the basest tools were not easy to comprehend . It was, after all, a power that humans were completely unaccustomed to .

Dawn looked at her companion . “Eh? You get what he’s saying?”

“A little,” Selene replied with her brows knit tight . “But… not entirely . ”

Most were similarly lost . However there were a few who stood with thoughtful expressions . Cloudhawk wasn’t sure his words were enlightening at all for this group, or whether it was a worthwhile endeavor at all . But in the limited time he had, it was the best he could do .

He believed what he felt, that anyone can learn this power . It was a start . If in the future he developed some sort of system to learn, it would be an entirely new underpinning to their civilization . Cloudhawk would be the father of a new age .

But he didn’t have enough time to feel his way along . Fate had conspired to reveal this truth to him now, so fate would have to decide what would be done with it .

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