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He took a deep breath, and the way he looked at Shen Yanxiao became strange.

He initially treated this as a nasty fight, but after combining all the information he had at hand, it seemed that he had come up with a very ridiculous conclusion.

A little fellow who was just a cyan elf twenty days or so ago, shortly after entering the advanced training camp, had injured a black elf.

And this black elf suddenly died a few days afterward…

On one side, He Xu wondered how Shui Ling died in the end, while on the other side, he was amazed at the fierce fighting prowess of the elf in front of him.

With the disadvantage in rank, you still can come out victorious?

No wonder Mo Yu and others would spare no effort to recommend her to death, and it was no wonder that Elder Yue would accept this elf despite her low rank.

“Cough. Yan Xiao, what is your current rank then?” He Xu was very curious as to what Shen Yanxiao’s current level was.

The corner of Shen Yanxiao’s mouth blossomed into a nasty smile as she answered, “Is General He Xu still imagining that I have broken through the level of the black elves?”

He Xu’s face darkened. His own speculation had now seemed to have become a complete joke. Because he had been treating Shen Yanxiao as a suspect, his tone toward Shen Yanxiao before was very bad, but at present, Shen Yanxiao was fundamentally incapable of killing Shui Ling.

His previous practice was somewhat rude.

“After Yan Xiao left the Pure Spirit Tower, I made her take a test. Right now, she has the strength of a red elf.” Elder Yue, who had been silent from the very beginning, suddenly opened his mouth, and the smile on his mouth made people feel very cordial.

“Red?” He Xu blanked out for a moment.

In less than a month, she advanced from a cyan elf to a red elf, jumping two levels. This speed… was really scary.

“Little dear, ah, this girl is really capable, ah!” Mo Yu and the others simply wanted to cheer. It had not been a month yet, but this little la.s.s had actually advanced another level once again. Based on this insane advancement speed, after half a year, her joining the Silvermoon Guards could basically be said to be a foregone conclusion!

Aw! Their insights were truly the greatest!

Don’t you also think that they have an all-seeing mind that could perceive a pearl?!

Elder Yue smilingly said, “The cause of Shui Ling’s death has yet to be investigated. I never thought that this matter was related to Yan Xiao at all. However, since you had your doubts about her, I’ve given you a chance to find some things out. Now, do you still think that the death of Shui Ling is related to Yan Xiao?”

The three generals inside the meeting room exchanged glances with themselves; there was some bitterness on their faces.

Elder Yue did not see Shen Yanxiao as a suspect since the very beginning. He had gone through the motions in order to rid of their suspicions on Shen Yanxiao. If he did not do this, he was afraid that whether Shen Yanxiao was the killer or not, she would bear the shackles of the suspect in the advanced training camp.

The three elf generals were not idiots. No matter how fast Shen Yanxiao’s advancement speed was, until she reached the level of the white elves, she did not have the ability to kill Shui Ling.

“Elder Yue is wise. This is our mistake. Yan Xiao does not have the strength to kill Shui Ling, thus the killer is not her. In the future, we will continue our investigation and try to find out the real killer as soon as possible.” He Xu admitted his mistakes without any hesitations. He then got up and looked at Shen Yanxiao, then sincerely said, “I am very sorry. Today, you have been treated unfairly like this because our information was not comprehensive enough.”

Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrows slightly. She actually did not expect He Xu to apologize to her.

“All right. You continue to trace this matter. Yan Xiao, come to my office in a bit.” Elder Yue said with a smile.

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