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Shen Yanxiao stopped and turned around to look at Tang Nazhi who was gripping her arms tightly. Her anger suddenly softened, and her face raised a smile. 


Tang Nazhi was surprised for a moment and looked doubtfully at Shen Yanxiao’s face. 


Could it be that he was able to pacify this little rabbit that was about to explode just a minute ago? 


Shen Yanxiao gave him a sweet smile before she slowly raised her hand and poked at Tang Nazhi’s forehead with her index finger.




“Klang Dong!” Tang Nazhi immediately felt himself pressed against a huge stone. He was now lying on the floor with both his arms and legs spread wide.


How could he have forgotten that this little rabbit, aside from her ident.i.ty as a Pharmacist, was also a Warlock? 


The next second, Shen Yanxiao turned her head and left the casino.


Leaving Tang Nazhi howling in grief. 


In the Pharmaceutical Branch of Holy Roland School, Shangguan Xiao was sitting in the library, and sitting next to him was a handsome and aloof juvenile.


“This time it’s only thanks to you, Luo Fan that I finally got that Tang Nazhi to leave Holy Roland School.” Shangguan Xiao, who had always been haughty, had a hint of modesty in his voice.  


This teenager beside him was exactly the student of the Yeats Academy’s Pharmaceutical Branch —Luo Fan. 


If at Holy Roland School, Shangguan Xiao was the only outstanding one, then it could be said that Luo Fan was the brightest and best Pharmacist in all academies in the whole Lan Yue Dynasty. At the age of nineteen, he had already been qualified to be a Senior Pharmacist.  Such natural talent would shame all the struggling pharmacists to death. 


Luo Fan lightly smiled and rather disapprovingly said, “For that kind of rubbish to think that he can become a pharmacist is really overestimating his capabilities. Shangguan, you too. Why are so serious about such rubbish? I can also see that Holy Roland School is just mediocre. If not for the few Master Pharmacists in your school, it couldn’t get any place in the Pharmaceutical world. Aside from you, no one else in your entire Pharmaceutical Branch can enter my eyes. ” 


Shangguan Xiao smiled, feeling somewhat embarra.s.sed.


The reason why Yeats Academy would send students here was mainly to study with the several masters. As the pharmacist student with the highest level, Luo Fan had been working with the several masters in the library these recent days about some new pharmaceutical research. Luo Fan was only willing to give Shangguan Xiao some face because of Pu Lisi. He simply disdained  the rest of the Pharmaceutical Branch. 


The reason why he had lent a helping hand was entirely for the sake of Pu Lisi’s face.  


Only, Luo Fan was somewhat depressed. Although Pu Lisi was a powerful pharmacist, who he really wanted to meet was Long Xuan Empire’s greatest pharmacist —Ye Qing.


But, these past few days, he had kept on repeatedly asking to see great master Ye Qing, but the outcome would somehow always be the same; he would be told to leave and come back again next time for various reasons.


Even up until now, he still failed to see Ye Qing. 


“Oh, that’s right, you talked about that Shen Jue last time, but up to now I still haven’t seen his shadow. I really want to see what kind of person can make great master Ye Qing be fond of him.”  After not seeing Ye Qing this whole time, Luo Fan’s mood became very bad. He heard from Shangguan Xiao that Ye Qing had unexpectedly accepted a first year from the  Pharmaceutical Branch as his disciple, and he couldn’t simply believe it.


The Pharmaceutical Branch of Holy Roland School only had a few students, and only Shangguan Xiao appeared to be the good stuff before Luo Fan’s eyes. The rest of the Pharmaceutical Branch were garbage, yet for someone to actually make Ye Qing fancy him, it really surprised him. 
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