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Once Shen Jue was mentioned, Shangguan Xiao’s expression turned ugly in an instant.

“Who knows where that brat has been hiding. It’s been almost a month now, and I still haven’t heard from him.” He had been brooding ever since Shen Yanxiao made him lose face in front of all the people in the compet.i.tion one month ago.

“Anyway, he is at most only at the level of Intermediate Pharmacist. He is completely nothing compared to you.” 

Luo Fan revealed an arrogant smile.

“I don’t even put that kid in my eyes. It’s only because beating him will let Master Ye realize that the student he had previously chosen was just a piece of trash, and that I am his best choice.” Luo Fan had such achievements at such a young age that he could be said to be a rare genius in a hundred years in the entire Radiance Continent. But such a genius also needed a mentor with enough talent.

Mentors from Yeats Academy had been unable to teach him more, so he had set Ye Qing as his target to be his mentor, since he was the only one who was closest to becoming an Honorable Master Pharmacist in the whole Radiance Continent.

And he would absolutely not allow anyone to rob him of his opportunity.

This was also why Luo Fan was putting out his energy to help Shangguan Xiao deal with Shen Yanxiao. Not only could he do Pu Lisi a favor, he could also rob the trash of his master. He would completely get rid of him to make Ye Qing realize that he was the most suitable candidate to be his disciple.

“Indeed. Looking at the entire Radiance Continent, who can go shoulder to shoulder with you in pharmaceutics, Luo Fan. Shen Jue is just simply a clown,” Shangguan Xiao angrily said, having a common enemy.

On one side, both were despising Shen Yanxiao. On the other side, they were imagining their bright future. At that moment, someone who had disappeared for nearly a month quietly arrived at the Pharmaceutical Branch library.

The students who were looking through the books in the library turned curious after seeing some aggressive figure.

“Isn’t this Senior Shangguan?” With a glimmer of arrogance, Shen Yanxiao’s voice came coldly into the ears of the two people who were in the midst of a conversation.

Shangguan Xiao almost immediately stood up and glared at Shen Yanxiao who had brought him countless humiliations!

“Shen Jue! You finally appeared,” Shangguan Xiao said under his clenched teeth.

Luo Fan was astonished at the sight of a small and skinny boy. He had imagined what would that freshman who had defeated Shangguan look like, but it wasn’t like the one in his sight right now.

Shen Jue had a thirteen-year-old appearance. With an unprepossessing small face plus a very thin frame, he would never attract anyone’s attention if he was thrown in the crowd.

This was Ye Qing’s disciple? That freshman who had defeated Shangguan Xiao?

Luo Fan finally understood why Shangguan Xiao would be so angry at his own defeat.

A defeat was not terrible for the pharmacists. What terrible was that, Shangguan Xiao was defeated by a kid whose age was a lot younger than his and whose whole body didn’t have any single outstanding point, which for any pharmacist was a great humiliation.

The dignified top student of the Pharmaceutical Branch actually could not compare to a little brat who hadn’t fully grown yet. It simply made people laugh their teeth off.

If it was a pharmacist who was almost as old as Shangguan Xiao, perhaps Shangguan Xiao would not find this so unbearable.

“You’re Shen Jue?” Luo Fan squinted his eyes at the little guy before him. If it weren’t for Shangguan Xiao calling him out loud, he really would not a.s.sociate this kid in front of him to that Shen Jue in the rumors.


Shen Yanxiao swept a glance at Luo Fan in a neither hot nor cold manner.

“Who are you?”

Luo Fan said, “I’m Luo Fan of Yeats Academy’s Pharmaceutical Branch.”

“It turned out to be you,” Shen Yanxiao sneered. Very good. Finding the two of them together saved her more effort from running around.

Luo Fan slightly frowned. Shen Yanxiao’s tone made him very uncomfortable.

“Senior Shangguan, have you not been looking all over the world for me before? I am back now.” Shen Yanxiao recovered her sight from Luo Fan’s face and turned to stare at Shangguan Xiao’s angry complexion.

Shen Yanxiao: Hmp. Why do I need to make this arc long when I can just simply kill them? *started preparing to cast a curse and get her bow*

Tang Nazhi: STOP HER!!! You can’t do that! You’ll ruin the arc! *grabs SYX*

Shen Yanxiao: I don’t care, I’ll ruined it along with them! From the start, why do they need to sacrifice you for this arc?! I’m going to fix this, so don’t hold me back!

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