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“Well, this isn’t the first time that we’re competing with Holy Roland School’s students. At any moment, Master Pu Lisi would personally come and manage this compet.i.tion, so you all be quiet and behave properly before him.” Fang Qiu appropriately said, trying to pacify the group of violent and undefeated students.


Yeats Academy’s students obediently closed their mouths, but all their previous remarks still fell into the ears of Holy Roland School’s students.


That word “rubbish” and their unconcealed contempt ignited the fury of Holy Roland School’s students.


They stared angrily at this group of outsiders. But although their hearts were angry, they were all helpless.


After suffering a crus.h.i.+ng defeat day after day, it shattered their self-confidence into pieces to the point that they now didn’t have enough confidence to refute back this group of people.


Now, they could only wait —wait for someone from their school who could ruthlessly slap this group of guys across their faces and let them know that Holy Roland School had talented people too!


Time pa.s.sed by and everyone were now only waiting for the three people to show up today.


Soon, there were three figures that appeared at the door of the pharmacy room.


Pu Lisi, along with Shangguan Xiao and Luo Fan who were respectfully at each of his sides, walked through and entered the overcrowded pharmacy room.


This wasn’t the first time that Pu Lisi appeared before the students of Holy Roland School. Last month, this renowned Master Pharmacist personally went to watch the compet.i.tion between Shen Yanxiao and Shangguan Xiao. But the result was that his disciple was defeated. So today, his appearance in this compet.i.tion was as if to witness his disciple’s revenge.


The students instinctively made way to let these three people pa.s.s through.


After Fang Qiu had seen Pu Lisi, a smiling face instantly changed the previously arrogant look. He had an utterly boot-licking expression.


Yeats Academy’s group was also extremely deferential.


“Shen Jue hasn’t come yet?” Shangguan Xiao glanced around the crowd in the pharmacy room but still couldn’t find Shen Jue whom he deeply hated.


“Don’t tell me that he’s too scared to come?” one of the students at Yeats Academy sneered.


“I guess that he is just trying to look impressive by feigning his ability to be greater than it actually is. Such a mischievous freshman, what could he accomplish? Luo Fan can defeat him with just one finger,” another student ridiculed. Holy Roland School’s students didn’t have any ability to look straight at them.


Luo Fan just smiled and didn’t make any statement, but the complacent glint in his eyes had betrayed his mind.


After a short while, four people emerged before the pharmacy room’s entrance.


At the very front was Shen Yanxiao clad in a purple robe while Qi Xia, Yan Yu, and Yang Xi closely followed behind her. The slender figures behind her formed a wall of meat.


The appearance of these four people had attracted everyone’s attention. When they realized who the three men behind Shen Yanxiao were, they couldn’t help but secretly be surprised.


Qi Xia. Yan Yu. Yang Xi. They were all the top students of their respective branches in Holy Roland School. They were the most influential figures in the entire school!


Why were they here in the Pharmaceutical Branch?


“That is Shen Jue?” The Yeats Academy, who had never saw Shen Yanxiao’s face before, pointed at the figure of the little guy in front of the three people with an incredible faces.


“It’s him.” Shangguan Xiao gritted his teeth, his eyes filled with strong hatred.


“It couldn’t be that you were really defeated by such a kid?” The Yeats students were secretly amazed.
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