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At the moment, the attention of the villagers was attracted by that crowd of mercenaries, and this was a good opportunity for her. She could take advantage of this time to quickly enter the Sun Graveyard on the other end of the village!


Right now, Shen Yanxiao just badly wanted to quickly get the Skeleton Flower, and then rescue the four Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps members. As for what was going on in the village, despite her curiosity, she did not waste her time to ponder over it.


There were too many strange things in the world. As the saying goes, curiosity will kill the cat. Sometimes, knowing too much will lead to one’s death.


After she made up her mind, Shen Yanxiao immediately rushed toward their destination with Vermillion Bird.


Almost immediately after she left, those mercenaries were captured by the villagers.


Mournful screams echoed through the small village, and the pungent b.l.o.o.d.y smell pervaded the night.


This village was not large, Shen Yanxiao and Vermillion Bird were very swift, in just a short amount of time, they had arrived at the end of the village. From that part of the village, they could see the area beyond the small village. Under the moonlight, the jumbled stones were stacked into hills in that barren wasteland.


With just a few more steps, they could leave the small village.


Shen Yanxiao stood at the exit, she turned around and looked at the village under the dim light of the night. The serene peace of the day had already been clouded by the smell of blood in the air and strange atmosphere of terror. The cries of the mercenaries had gradually disappeared into the darkness, only some hoa.r.s.e roars echoing in the village could be heard.


With her eyes hanging low, Shen Yanxiao took a deep breath. She pulled Vermillion Bird and then left to the land of Sun Graveyard, leaving the small village which was a total opposite day and night.


Perhaps she would come to find out the secrets of this village, but not now!


Sun Graveyard, a place that once belonged to the Sun Temple. When the battle between Demons and G.o.ds had not been opened, this was a place where people wors.h.i.+ped the G.o.d of Sun. Once upon a time, there were numerous palaces, flowers, and birds here, people come to wors.h.i.+p in an endless stream, begging for G.o.d of Sun’s blessings.


A large part of the reason for the origin of the Radiance Continent was the fact that this continent used to be the land of the G.o.d of Sun.


It had always been shrouded in light, people bathed in the sun and the blessings of G.o.d.


But when the curtain to the war against the demons opened up, all the beautiful things had gone in an instant. The former temples became battlefields of the two races, countless G.o.ds and Demons had ruined the peace of the land with their blood and soul.


Going through the flames of war, and with tens of thousands of years whittling away, the Sun Temple had no longer had its brilliance from before. Littered with rubbles, yellow and dry chapped ground, this place had become a forbidden area for humans.


The area of the Sun Graveyard was not small, it was enough to hold a large city. In such a barren wasteland, looking for a tiny Skeleton Flower was not a simple matter.


Shen Yanxiao and Vermillion Bird stood in the ruins of the Sun Graveyard, watching all the mess before them.


“This is where the G.o.d of Sun fell?” Shen Yanxiao looked around the devastated land before her eyes, and she could not see through these ruins the glory of the Sun Temple thousands of years ago but could feel the fierce battle between the G.o.ds and Demons.


“This is the place where the sun rises and where the sun had fallen.” Vermillion Bird was suspended in mid-air without any expression.


The G.o.d Race, the Demon Race, for magical beasts, there was no good and evil, magical beasts were only loyal to themselves and to their masters.
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