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Chapter 319 – Battling He Yao


When such a clear and direct word sprung from Mu Chen’s mouth, He Yao’s face instantly turned somewhat twisted, almost wanting to rip the former into shreds. He truly did not know exactly where Mu Chen got all this confidence from and actually be so rampant towards him. Could it be that due to him managing to luckily kill a Spirit King, he possessed enough qualifications to step on He Yao’s head?

“You untactful thing!”

A cold and sinister light shot out from He Yao’s eyes. Finally, unable to endure it any longer, he sent a fist rumbling out. Boundless Spiritual Energy swept out towards Mu Chen, akin to a giant surging wave.


Burning in black flames, Spiritual Energy surged and erupted from Mu Chen’s body. Facing He Yao’s attack, he did not show the slightest intent to retreat. Similarly, he sent a rumbling fist out, and the astonis.h.i.+ng Spiritual Energies of the two violently collided in midair.

A gigantic sound rang out as Spiritual Energy radiated from the point of impact. An ear piercing bang resounded in the air. The Spiritual Energy storm was devastating, and expelled the air from this stretch of the world.

Within this region, scorching fires started to light up within the eyes of countless students as they thought, The two have finally started to fight.

The shock wave swept past Mu Chen’s body, shaking and forcing him to retreat a number of steps, while He Yao had only retreated half a step. If the vigorous degree of their Spiritual Energies were compared, the latter had already took half a step into the Heavenly Completion Stage. Even with the Nine Nether Flames fusing with his Spiritual Energy, which allowed Mu Chen’s quality to rise to the next step, it was obviously unable to gain any advantage in a head-on clash.

However, facing this, Mu Chen clearly had some expectations, as there was not a single fluctuation on his tranquil-looking face. A sharp glint started to rise within his black pupils as he locked his gaze onto He Yao.

“Looks like your strength isn’t as strong as your mouth!”

After occupying the superior position, He Yao could not help speaking out with a cold laugh. Mu Chen’s Spiritual Energy, which was burning in black flames, was somewhat mysterious. Regardless of that, the latter was only at the strength of Heavenly Transformation Stage Initial Phase.

“Isn’t it slightly too early to get happy?” Mu Chen replied while slightly raising his eyebrows. One could faintly discern a slightly silvery glow radiating from skin, while there seemed to be a lightning glow spreading out from under his skin.

Low and deep thunderous roars started to ring out from within his body.

“That is…”

Upon seeing this happening, a glint flashed past the eyes of Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong. Thick shades of astonishment erupted from their eyes, before they shot a look at each other while saying in a soft voices, “Thunder G.o.d Physique?”

“This truly is interesting. Looks like Mu Chen had met with that Senior within the Lightning Territory. The only thing is, to what degree had he trained his Thunder G.o.d Physique to?” asked Shen Cangsheng with some excitement. With regards to the Thunder G.o.d Physique, he was naturally not unfamiliar to it, as he had also learnt and practiced it.

He Yao had also spotted the change happening in Mu Chen, and faintly narrowed his eyes. As of now, Mu Chen seemed to be clearly more dangerous than he was previously.


Radiating with a lightning glow all around his body, Mu Chen took a step forward. His body transformed into something akin to a silvery lightning bolt as he explosively shot out. In a flash, he appeared right in front of He Yao. A silvery fist, surging with Spiritual Energy, rumbled towards He Yao’s chest without the slightest bit of mercy.

“You dare to fight with me head-on!?” He Yao’s face instantly turned cold as he spotted Mu Chen actions. With a roar, he also sent his palm patting out. With the Spiritual Energy in his body being displayed without restraint, every action he did with his hand carried along the strength to shatter mountains.


When the fist impacted against the palm, a metallic sound rang out, as incomparably erratic Spiritual Energy crazily swept out, akin to a hurricane. A violent s.h.i.+ver went through the figures of the two as both of them flew out hundreds of metres away.


Clamoring sounds instantly rang out from below, since Mu Chen was clearly not at a disadvantage in this exchange, and had even managed to be evenly matched against He Yao.

Mu Chen stabilised his body and rubbed his fist. After exhibiting the Thunder G.o.d Physique, his body had become exceedingly tyrannical, being even stronger and resilient than steel. Although He Yao’s Spiritual Energy was more vigorous, from this exchange, it was obvious that Mu Chen had gained some advantage.

However, the former was still truly hard to deal with.

“Looks like you’re not as strong as I’ve imagined.”

Mu Chen smirked as he mockingly spoke towards to dark-looking He Yao. At this time, he naturally wasn’t restraining any forms of the attacks towards the latter.

“Oh really?”

He Yao’s eyes turned overcast and dark as his body suddenly flew out, before rising towards the sky. Jade-coloured Spiritual Energy circulated behind him, akin to a surging wave, and brought along an astonis.h.i.+ng Spiritual Energy pressure.


He Yao slowly closed his eyes. Following his actions, Spiritual Energy that blotted the sky erupted out. As it surged out, a sharp screeching noise was resounding across the skies.

Under that crane-like screech, traces of the Spiritual Energy in this region erupting out were faintly discernable.

Mu Chen’s face also started to turn grave, bit by bit. Obviously, this He Yao had truly started to show his genuine abilities.

“Using the Divine Crane Art so quickly?” Upon seeing the Spiritual Energy that blotted the skies behind He Yao’s body, the eyes of both Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong slightly narrowed.

On the ground, the faces of Luo Li, Su Xuan and the rest started to turn slightly grave. Mu Chen’s opponent this time wasn’t like the rest. As of now, He Yao’s strength was more tyrannical than the Bai Xuan that they had previously met. Wanting to achieve victory in this fight was not an easy matter.

This fight might not be as relaxed as they had hoped.

Rumble! Rumble!

Boundless Spiritual Energy from this region of the world seemed to howl and twist akin to a storm. Suddenly, He Yao raised his head and roared towards the sky. The sharp roar resounded across the skies, while at the same time, a dazzling brilliance erupted from his body.

As the glow extended out, it transformed into an incomparably gigantic shadow of a crane behind He Yao’s body. The crane’s shadow appeared to be approximately 3 thousand metres high, hiding the sky and covering the earth and its roar seemed extremely terrifying.

At this moment, He Yao’s eyes suddenly sprang open. A fierce glint erupted from his eyes as his hands came together to form a seal. The seal was akin to a crane flying in the sky, its shadow endlessly encompa.s.sing him. At the same time, an ear-piercing crane screech seemed to be resounding from this hand seal.


As the crane screech resounded across the skies, the gigantic crane shadow behind He Yao’s body rapidly shrank, before turning into a jade coloured feather plume approximately 30 metres in height.

As the feather plume fluttered in the air, it looked exceedingly beautiful. However, underneath that beauty, the hearts of everyone started to have some palpitations. They had a feeling that within that feather plume was a great degree of frightening Spiritual Energy.

He Yao raised his eyes that were exuding sinister shadows, as he locked onto Mu Chen. A malevolent grin rose from the corner of his mouth as a low voice rang out across the skies, “Divine Crane Art – Falling Feather Slices the Heavens.”

Extending his slender and long fingers, he slowly flicked towards the surface of the jade-coloured feather plume that was slowly fluttering as it descended from the sky.


The instant as his finger flicked out, a fluctuation that was visible to the naked-eye seemingly extended out. As the weak humm became stronger, the next instant, the entire stretch of the world had been pervaded by the humming noise.


The jade-coloured feather plume suddenly soared towards the horizon. Jade-coloured light extended from it. From afar, it looked as if the feather plume had transformed into a gigantic feathery blade, as an indescribably swift and fierce aura started to radiate from it.

On the ground below, shock rose within countless gazes as they stared at the jade-coloured feathery blade. The feather that looked seemingly weak and soft had know possessed sufficient strength and power to shatter the skies.


Mu Chen exhaled a mouthful of white mist, as he stared at the feathery blade that caused the skin of people to turn cold. At this instant, however, his gaze started to turn tranquil, bit by bit, as his hands suddenly came together to form a seal.

Boundless Spiritual Energy condensed between him, transforming into a stretch of starry sky. A white tiger condensed and formed. Stepping across the starry sky, murderous killing intent undulated and radiated from it.

As Li Xuantong looked towards the formed white tiger, his forehead faintly twitched. During the Pact of Three Moves he previously had with Mu Chen, the latter had also displayed this divine technique. However, with the current strength of He Yao, which had far exceeded that of Mu Chen, coupled with the move he had displayed, if Mu Chen wanted to rely on this move to deal with the former, it might seem a little naive.


The white tiger roared as murderous killing intent radiated out. This roar was extremely strong. However, it was clear in the eyes of the people that with the limitations of Mu Chen’s current strength, the imposing might of the white tiger was faintly suppressed by the jade-colored feathery blade.

On the ground, some unease and worry appeared on the loveable face of Su Linger, as Su Xuan faintly wrinkled her eyebrows.

“It truly is a waste of a treasure for a Deity Tier Spiritual Art of this grade to land in your hands.”

He Yao’s eyes turned apathetic and indifferent as a sinister arc appeared at the corner of his mouth as he spoke out, “Wanting to rely on this white tiger of yours to block my Divine Crane Art’s feather blade? I can only tell you that you’re truly overly naive!”

“Cut it for me!”

He Yao did not give any more chances to Mu Chen, as his arm furiously chopped down as his cold laugh rang out.


As his roar resounded out, the jade-coloured feathery blade that was floating in the sky instantly started to hum and vibrate, akin to the cry of a blade. Jade-green light shot up the sky as the feathery blade faintly trembled. In the next instant, it furiously chopped down towards Mu Chen’s location.


Everyone was able to see that at the very instant when the jade-coloured feathery blade chopped down, a jade-coloured slash line appeared in s.p.a.ce. A jade-coloured glowing blade descended from the sky, encompa.s.sing Mu Chen in it.


The white tiger roared, causing the murderous killing intent to rush out, smas.h.i.+ng head first towards the jade-coloured feathery blade.


However, just as the two made contact, the white tiger emitted a furious roar. The torrential murderous killing intent was sliced firmly into two by the jade-coloured blade, and the white tiger was also split into two.

The faces of everyone on the ground had also changed at this instant, as they thought, He Yao’s attack is, unexpectedly, so ferocious!

A sinister smile surfaced on the corner of He Yao’s mouth as ridicule appeared within his eyes. Looking at the youth that was standing erect in the distance, he thought, Looks like Mu Chen is going to get kicked out of the hunting grounds just like this…

Facing the shocked voices that blotted the sky, Mu Chen raised his head and looked towards the jade-coloured feather blade. There were still no fluctuations on his face, as his hands came together again, and his hand seal instantly changing!

The torrential Spiritual Energy behind him suddenly surged as another patch of starry sky started to condense and form. While it started to sparkle, a b.e.a.s.t.i.a.l figure even more gigantic than the white tiger started to slowly appear.


As the gigantic b.e.a.s.t.i.a.l figure appeared, a mysterious hiss that shook the world resounded across the world. A black wave, carrying with it cold, chilling air that was sufficient to freeze the Spiritual Energy of the world, swept out from within the starry sky.

“Four G.o.ds Constellation Scripture,” At this time, Mu Chen’s hoa.r.s.e voice faintly rang out.

“Divine Seal of Black Tortoise!”


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