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The Hack System is a web novel completed by L1_a.
This lightnovel is presently ongoing.

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Sam went out of his mansion and went to the auction house as right now was the time that the auction was going on. He went inside the auction and went to the stadium. He waited for the immortal being to be auctioned so he could by her and complete the mission.

Sam looked at what was going on and thought that everything being auction was a worth noting so he did not bother with it. Sam waited for a while before the immortal being was auctioned. The immortal being was a girl probably in her 20s, she had blonde hair and some trace of black.

Sam quickly said the amount he wanted to bid and when he said the amount everybody was shocked as no one expected somebody to bid such a high price for a girl.

The all thought that Sam was a cultivator that only cared about women and nothing else. n.o.body else bid after what bid on just a girl, Sam won the auction for the girl and quickly got the girl after he paid 100 peak grade spirit stones.

Sam bought a pill and told the system to heal the girl with the pill. The girl started to heal and when she felt that she was being healed she quickly attacked Sam and was about threaten him to remove the slave collar.

She went straight for Sam’s head but before she could get even close to Sam she flopped on the floor and was bleeding from her nose and mouth.

she slowly moved her head up to look at Sam and when she did she was shocked as the person in front of her had just casually defeated her by just his aura.

She slowly asked, “who……are………you…..?”

Sam turned around then said, “Why do you care”.

after he said that disappeared from his position and reappeared inside his mansion.

he collected the rewards he had earned from the system and was now time for him to do what he wanted to do,

“system can you exchange hack point into gamer points”

Ding= No but I can hack the gamer’s body to let you do that for 1m.

“Do it” Sam said and the moment the system hacked gamers body Sam converted 10 billion hack points into gamer points.

The exchange was successful and the moment the exchanged happened Sam went to his bloodline list and bought the most powerful one.

he bought the dragon bloodline, phoenix bloodline, Saiyan bloodline, Uchiha bloodline, Demon king bloodline, Kryptonian bloodline, Harishima bloodline, sage bloodline, Hyuga bloodline.

He checked the description for all of the effects of the bloodlines after he bought them.

Uchiha Bloodline; Eye Power

Founders: Uchiha Clan

Description: The Sharingan is a special kind of pupil in the eye that some members of the legendary Uchiha clan possess. Among the many abilities the Sharingan gives to the user, the most well-known is the capability to memorize any technique that is viewed by the unique eye, these include Ninjutsu, Genjutsu and Taijutsu. The only techniques it cannot copy are the ones that are limited to any other special bloodline. When a specific technique has been copied it can be used perfectly by the user. Another advantage of the Sharingan is the ability to see through any illusionary techniques.

Upgradable; 5x

Hyuga Bloodline: Eye

Founders: Hyuga Clan

Description: Can See the flow of Chakra, qi, ki, and more

Saiyan Bloodline: Transformation

Founders: Saiyan Race

Description: The more you fight and be in danger the stronger you get

Has 8 transformations

Kryptonian; superhuman strength

Founders: Kryptonians

Description: the closer to the sun you are the stronger you get, lets you use laser vision, fly, and more

Demon King Bloodline: Affinity

Founders: Demon Race

Description: you have an affinity with magic and can control demons.

Dragon G.o.d Bloodline: Power

Founders: Dragon G.o.d

Description: Your power is raised 10 times

Phoenix G.o.d Bloodline: Flame

Founders: Phoenix G.o.d

Description: All attacks from fire skills are boosted by 20 times

Harishama Bloodline: Qi

Founder: Harishima

Description; You have more qi resource and are friends with nature.

sage body: nature

Founder: ?????

Description; You can see nature energy and absorb it to strengthen yourself.

Sam quickly read through the information being displayed and asked the system “How do you turn into a Super Saiyan”.

ding=You can unlock it for 1b.

Sam quickly spent the billion and unlocked Super Saiyan.

Sam transformed into a Super Saiyan and felt his hair standing.

Sam quickly went to the nearest window that was near him and checked what was happening.

When he went in front of the window he a saw a purpled hair guy standing in front of him with grey-ish purple aura being released from every part of his body.

Sam was wondering why his hair had turned purple and not yellow, and when he asked that from the system it said that it was because he had a different bloodline.

Sam really wanted to check his power, so he decided to do the mission that he currently had. {Seals His power}

1 week later.

Sam Had finally finished the easier mission and was now his turn to do the 3-other mission that was left.

He wanted to the 7th mission, the mission was that i had to catcher a Phoenix G.o.d. The mission required him to be at 10k level.

Sam currently was at level 5k but with his dragon bloodline it was multiplied by 10 and with his Super Saiyan form, it was multiplied by 50.

Sam told the system to transport him to where the Phoenix was and the moment it did Sam reappeared in a large forest again.

Sam had appeared not to where the Phoenix was but a bit further away from where it was.

Sam didn’t want to do the mission right now as he was feeling a weird urge in his body, Sam did not know how to remove the urge in his body, but he knows it had something to with his little brother.

Even though he could just do the business right now, but he did not want to do it as he had already kept that urge deep in his heart for a couple of years and had held the urge back from coming up.


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