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The Heartbeat at the Tip of the Tongue is a Webnovel completed by 焦糖冬瓜.
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Read WebNovel The Heartbeat at the Tip of the Tongue Chapter 1


The kiss at the tip of the tongue

There are some things that Lin Ke Song will never believe happened no matter how much you hammer it into her head.

For example, the flow of the whatever Yangtze river reversing or the Halley comet hitting earth… …

But all these cannot compare to the Jiang Qian Fan in front of her.

The moment his lips touched hers, she felt like the target that was bullseyed by a bullet. She staggered backwards, trying to get a hold on anything she could get her hands on. The pounding in her ears felt like the whole world was overturning.

The tip of his tongue teased her lips open, breaking her contentedness, smashing everything she knew and made her feverish in a split second.

Lin Ke Song couldn’t possibly handle this degree of strength. When her legs turned so jelly until she was going to unglamorously plop onto the floor, his arms supported her and pressed her towards himself. His fingers grabbed the nape of her neck so tightly till she could feel like her skull was going to burst.

His encompa.s.sing kiss arrogantly swallowed her breath, sneaked through her teeth and in a moment made her feel like she went to heaven and around the world.

All the blood in her was focused on the tip of his tongue.

When his tongue licked her upper lip releasing her, Lin Ke Song looked at him with widened eyes.

Jiang Qian Fan’s facial expression didn’t even change and said in a monotonous voice, “Clean this place up.”

Lin Ke Song tried to read clues from his obsidian eyes, but unfortunately, Jiang Qian Fan’s eyes were never windows to the soul. His eyes were only for display. His chiselled features gave nothing away about his emotions being affected.

When he spoke, the tip of his tongue would loom and tantalise others to insanity.

Until he eased his long legs and walked away with an air of omniscience avoiding all the ‘obstacles’, did Lin Ke Song look down.

Eggs were in fragments all over the floor.

Different types of spices were spilled.

The bag of flour had split and spilled.

The air was pervaded with all sort of smells mingling together, giving Lin Ke Song a pounding headache.

A few minutes later, her brain successfully started up again. She grinded her teeth and asked the air: “What do you mean ‘Clean this place up’?”

What did he just do?

Is this his new invention of bring a person to insanity?

This pervert! PERVERT!

Lin Ke Song squatted and clawed her hair to the state of a bird’s nest.

All these started from half a year ago.

It was a night where the smell of super spicy lobster richly permeated the air.

The person sitting opposite Lin Ke Song was Song Yi Ran.

The dim yellow lighting made his eyebrows fainter.

“I have a fantastically good news to tell you.”

Song Yi Ran heartlessly smiled, the air between his eyebrows were seething, causing a few people around them to spontaneously look towards him.

Lin Ke Song also heartlessly smiled with him, using her gloved hands to strip the lobsters.

“What happened? Has your family finally gone bankrupt? In the future you won’t have any money to treat me to lobsters anymore? Do you have a place to sleep? If you don’t, I can let you sleep in my bathroom.”

“Your bathroom’s so small, there isn’t even a bathtub and my long legs can’t even straighten in there. Furthermore, there is such a long list of beauties who are willing to spend the night with me that I can’t even write all their names in my notebook, why would I not have a place to sleep?”

Lin Ke Song twitched her mouth, she’ll see how fantastic this news of his is. These few years, his fantastic news has only been that he spent all his tuition money but the school’s beauty didn’t dump him.

“I’m going to New York, to study.”

Lin Ke Song’s finger cramped up making the lobster’s juice shoot out, catching her completely off guard, splashing it onto the person sitting opposite her.

Song Yi Ran shut his eyes, as if he expected something like this was going to happen and knocked on the table.

That action was like he was overcomed with a strong urge to hit something.

Lin Ke Song pulled out tissues from her pocket at lightning speed and pressed in on his face, preventing the sauce from dripping onto his BOSS shirt.

Because he was near, this chap’s features were clearer, his peachy eyes carried a hint of smile, upsetting the heartbeat of other people.

According to logic, she has already seen this face for so many years, but why when it’s so close she still has no control?

From junior high to high school then university, Song Yi Ran has comfortably and consistently been the school’s most handsome male. Just casually walk around on the streets and he’d receive a few name cards of talent scouters. Unfortunately, this chap came from a rich family, all he does is think about how to burn his money, otherwise, the entertainment world would have a soaring male G.o.d.

At the moment, the male G.o.d evilly smirks, raises his hand: “Sir! Another two plates of spicy lobsters! One portion spicy fried razor! One plate of smelly mandarin fish! One portion braised snail! Oh, and wrapped quail!”

Lin Ke Song widened her eyes and looked at him: “ Wey! Song Yi Ran! Is this the last meal? Are you trying to stuff me to death?”

“Yeap.” He put on a nonchalant expression, leaned his body forward, towards Lin Ke Song, “Or… … you come with me?”

It was like something stirred through her heart’s membranes, rushing to overflow the gaps with blood. But she still perfectly suppressed her emotions,

“To New York? Why would I go to New York to sell spicy crayfish? Stop joking! I’ve devoted myself to be at your beck and call for so long, and in the end I’ll end up being stuffed to death?” Lin Ke Song fluttered her eyes, the pepper in her stomach suddenly surged up to her throat, and swished about, “Song Yi Ran, are you giving up on being an insect in china and going to America to be studying trash?”

Song Yi Ran smiled without answering, his eyes flickered, not showing any emotions.

Before Lin Ke Song could digest the news, a red sports car stopped next to the stall.

Many who were having supper looked towards the car.

A young pretty long-haired lady waved her hand towards Song Yi Ran: “Honey! I’m here to pick you up! We promised to hang out together tonight!”

The sweet voice made it feel like the air was filled with floating soft cotton candy.

But Lin Ke Song shivered, her skin formed goose b.u.mps so b.u.mpy they were going to fall onto the plates.

“Coming!” Song Yi Ran pulled out a few pieces of Grandfather Mao and handed it to the stall keeper, “Whatever my friend wants to eat, make it for her!”

“No problem!”

Song Yi Ran stood up, giving off an aura like a swan among ugly chickens.

“Wey! Bro, I’m leaving! Talk to you another time!”

Song Yi Ran pulled open the car door, and shared a shared a skillful, intertwining hot kiss with his current girlfriend, Chu Ting.

Chu Ting didn’t forget to send Lin Ke Song a provocative look of demonstration.

Ten seconds later, the sports car finally leaves the area, leaving Lin Ke Song to sit by herself at the table.

She slightly regrets eating too much.

Now she feels like puking.

She purses her lips, not letting tears fall.

Only ghosts would want to be your bro!

Which bro would be like me and carry tissue for you in their pockets? Which bro would be like me and remember your harem of lovers names, phone numbers, personalities and preferences? When you had appendicitis so pain you were sniveling and tearing, which bro would be like me and ride a tricycle to rush you to the hospital?

The only difference is they wear short skirts, I love t-shirts!

They wear high heels, I forever wear sneakers only!

They spray perfume, I use six G.o.d’s toilet water!

Lin Ke Song’s brain starts madly broadcasting Taylor Swift’s You Belong With Me, comparing the the scene of the prost.i.tute kissing the male lead in the MV and the scene that just happened in real life.

“Hey, girl, do you want anything else to eat? The cash your friend left behind is too much.”

The stall keeper is such an honest person.

“Of course. Give me a portion of fried sugar Osmanthus rice cake, salt and pepper shrimp, deboned chicken… … pack everything up!”

“Sure ley!”

s.h.i.t it, this rascal is going to New York soon, better eat all that I can now!

The red sports car stops in front of a hotel, Song Yi Ran pushes the car door open, straightens his collar, “It’s so late, I’m going to sleep, you rest early too.”

“What?” The girl in the car has a shocked expression, “Didn’t we promise that we’d be together tonight……”

“Chu Ting, what time did we decide to meet?” Song Yi Ran asked, smiling, resting his arms on the car’s door.

“Ten tonight ah.”

“Then what time did you pick me up?”

“Nine twenty-…… I just wanted to see you earlier ma!”

Even though Song Yi Ran is smiling, Chu Ting can feel faintly that this guy is not happy.

Song Yi Ran is the most intelligent kid in school, with exceptional looks and taste, many girls rush to him like eagles. Chu Ting has liked him for a full four years, and he finally responded to her confession, Chu Ting felt like this had been the happiest month of her life.

Song Yi Ran was not like the arrogant rich kids, on the contrary, he was tolerant of her pettiness. This made Chu Ting feel that he really liked her.

Chu Ting shows an expression of being wronged, pulls on his sleeves and starts to act cute, “someone just wanted to spend more time with you ma!”

Song Yi Ran flicked Chu Ting’s forehead: “I’ve already given you a lot of time for us to be together. So every minute of the time that my friend and I have together becomes very precious, do you understand?”

Chu Ting’s tears moved a whole round in her eyes, but she managed to control them. This is the first time that Song Yi Ran has said this kind of words.

Does it mean that a non-eye catching average girl is more important than her?

“Sorry ma. If your friend is unhappy, we’ll give her a treat next time? I’ll apologise to her ma!”

“Then, see you again.”

Song Yi Ran glanced at Chu Ting as if he was looking at a child, put his hands in his pocket and left.

Chu Ting was left stunned, then she angrily hit the steering wheel.

What kind of friend is it ah! More important than the girlfriend?!

That whatever Lin Ke Song, it’s not like she had never heard of her before. She had always been Song Yi Ran’s lackey! From an ordinary background, a total country b.u.mpkin! And she brought Song Yi Ran to eat at a roadside stall too! What if Song Yi Ran got an upset stomach!

Song Yi Ran too, seriously, if he wanted to make friends, he should have chosen someone with a background like Chu Ting ah, with that country b.u.mpkin, what would they have in common to talk about!

She just couldn’t stand the sight of that Lin Ke Song, so she purposely went to fetch Song Yi Ran earlier…… But, it seems that Song Yi Ran has seen through that?

It can’t be, it can’t be…… She was so natural, how could he have seen through that?

Song Yi Ran walked into the hotel room, and leisurely laid on the bed, he has a call.

“How are you doing? Mr. Song?”

From the voice, it should be Song Yi Ran’s good friend in New York, Kevin An.

“Pretty good, lazing in the hotel, don’t have to act dandy around my older brother. He promised to give his biological younger brother a monthly allowance!”

“If your older brother knew you were using the monthly allowance to live carelessly, his facial expression would be brilliant. What about your scheming fourth uncle?”

“He expressed that I’d forever be his dear nephew. Even if I were thrown overseas by older brother, he would always support me like he has always done.”

Song Yi Ran smirked, hiding his lazy smile, adding a few degrees of sharpness.

“Wait till the whole Song Family is emptied by your fourth uncle. When that time comes, your foolish older brother will be squeezed off his seat. Ah, for the previous stocks exchange, our direction and opportunity grabbing timings were handled pretty well, earned twice the original. When will you try your hand at it again, Mr Song?”

Song Yi Ran chuckled: “When the timing’s right.”

“Oh, right, when you come to New York, will you be alone?”

Song Yi Ran was silent, after a while he said: “How’s the thing I asked you to do?”

“Of course it’s done. But actually, if you wanted to bring someone along with you, you don’t have to do things in such a big circle.”

“It’s because I don’t have the right to ask her to come with me.” Song Yi Ran stared at the shining ceiling and smiled.


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