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“What did you call me?”



Having gotten used to women show some sort of reaction when they properly saw him, especially when it was from a very close range, Jian Shen was a little stunned from Zheng Niu not showing anything but slight nervousness of his face.

“Because I care about you.”

Cutely snorting a little, Zheng Niu said, “Fine. Since you are the only one who has ever bought this room, I’ll make an exception and help you for as long as you are on this boat.”

“Now excuse me for a while.”
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Ducking and slithering from under Jian Shen’s arms, Zheng Niu left the room after which a blush quickly covered her face.

Shaking her head to hastily get rid of the thoughts she was having, Zheng Niu reminded herself that she was already engaged.

Thus, she looked towards her own finger which was supposed to have the engagement ring on it and realized that it wasn’t there due to Jian Shen throwing it away.

Walking to the lower floor and then onto the deck because she wanted to breathe some fresh air and then clear her head, Zheng Niu encountered an anxious-looking Yan Bo who was still wet from what he did.

“Where did that boy go?”

“He’s in his room.”

Sighing from both being troubled and relieved, Yan Bo said, “It’s best if we just let him do as he pleases until he leaves.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Spending so much money on a room, I don’t think anyone other than those crazy b.a.s.t.a.r.ds from the Sword Island would be willing to do such a thing.”

Nodding her head because even she had such similar thoughts, Zheng Niu asked, “Is there anything else you need to say to me?”

Smiling bitterly at how this woman was so cold towards her future husband, Yan Bo stretched his hand to reveal the engagement ring that Jian Shen threw.

“I was just planning on giving this back to you.”

Stretching her hand with the intention to take it, Zheng Niu who suddenly remembered what happened stopped midway.

Pulling her hand back, Zheng Niu said, “You can keep a hold of it until the date of marriage.”

Saying so, she walked past Yan Bo and went to the edge of the deck from where she could see the sea without anything interfering in her sight.

As for Yan Bo, he was used to such things happening all the time due to which he only shook his head and left on his way.

After all, if it wasn’t because their families were close to each other and Zheng Niu chose to follow what her parents decided, it was next to impossible for someone like him to marry her.

Arriving at the end of the deck and looking towards the sea, Zheng Niu audibly sighed and asked, “How did you manage to come here so fast?”

“For you, I would even go to the sun in the blink of an eye.”

Rolling her eyes, Zheng Niu said, “Stop with the cheesy lines. They aren’t as slick as you are thinking.”

“I know.”

Shrugging his shoulders Jian Shen added, “Flirting has never really been my strong suit.”

“It’s my devilishly handsome looks which helps me seduce every woman I set my sights on.”

“Well, consider yourself unlucky because I am not interested in your appearance.”

While saying so, Zheng Niu discretely gulped and hoped for the never-ending sea of water in front of her to bring her heart some tranquillity and peace.

This was because even though she said those words and behaved uncaring on the outside, she truly was being affected by Jian Shen’s looks.

“Really? In that case, I’ll just have to expand my a.r.s.enal of tricks to seduce women.”

“Good luck.”

“I don’t want your good luck, how about helping me out in learning some new tricks?”

Turning around, Zheng Niu asked, “What do you want me to do?”

“Got any lines I can borrow from you?”

Chuckling and shaking her head, Zheng Niu said, “I’m sorry. I haven’t seduced any women until now so I can’t help you by giving you any pickup lines.”

“No worries, using stupid lined aren’t the only way I can seduce beautiful women like you. There’s something else which I actually prefer to do than using my words.”

“And what might that be?”

Instead of answering Zheng Niu’s question with his words, Jian Shen did it by using his actions.

Stepping closer to Zheng Niu, Jian Shen placed his arms on the sides of her waist and moved even closer until their bodies were literally pressed against each other.

Maintaining the same stoic face as before and not letting her breathing speed up, Zheng Niu who desperately kept herself from showing any reaction said, “If this is how you seduce women, I doubt if you ever actually managed to seduce one.”

Smiling from having expected this, because she hadn’t shown any reaction even before when inside the room, Jian Shen turned the woman around and continued hugging her from the back.

“Even if I don’t manage to seduce you, amn’t I already touching your body?”

“Humph! Pervert!”

Despite saying so, Zheng Niu showed no signs of moving because it felt quite warm and happy to stay inside Jian Shen’s embrace.

Also for some reason, she felt safe and protected when Jian Shen was hugging her.


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