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Observing Meirong closely Jian Shen found out that she had only been knocked out and not harmed in any way.
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“Don’t worry, in not so petty that I’d kill her for being cursed.”

Speaking in the same gender less voice, the spirit of the trial said, “You have two choices wielder of the Myriad G.o.d Sword you can either leave now and not take part in the trial, or take part in the trial and die if you fail..”

“Choose to leave, husband.”

“It’s best if we leave, Jian Shen. It isn’t because we doubt your strength, but this trial isn’t one which is related to how strong you are.”

Listening to the two swords, Jian Shen despite being curious chose to follow their suggestion.

“I’d like to lea… “

“Let me finish.”

Interrupting Jian Shen before he could make a choice, the trial spirit said, “If you choose to leave, you forfeit the girl’s life.”


“Yes. Only by completing the trial can you take the girl outside with you. If you fail to complete the trial or leave, she will be killed immediately.”

“Husband, we should really lea… “

Not finis.h.i.+ng her words because Juew.a.n.g felt that Jian Shen wouldn’t change his decision regardless of what he said once he made up his mind, she could only start thinking of ways to help him through it.

But before that, she needed to see the curse mark.

Turning into her human form, Juew.a.n.g didn’t bother explaining what she was going to do and rather did it directly.

Grabbing the Myriad G.o.d Sword and slas.h.i.+ng at the fainted Meirong’s back, Juew.a.n.g had an ugly expression after seeing the curse mack.

“What are… What is that?”

Changing his words, Jian Shen looked with pure shock at Meirong’s exposed back.

Honestly, what she had on her back looked very beautiful.

The image of a black coiling dragon covering her entire beautiful white back looked very pleasing to the eye.

But for some reason, the dragon seemed more deadly than strong and prideful like he expected a dragon should be.

“She really is cursed?”

“Husband, leave! She really isn’t worth trying to clear this trial. Even if you manage to save her this time, all she’ll do is bring bad luck to you.”

“I agree with her, Jian Shen. Such a big curse is almost impossible to be cured. Its best if we just leave her.”

Listening to the two of them, Jian Shen who already knew that she was unlucky even before seeing this curse didn’t even need a second to make a decision.

“I’ll take part in the trial.”


Accepting Jian Shen’s decision without showing any sort of emotion in its gender less voice, the trial’s spirit began explaining about how the Trial of Sacrifice worked.

“In my Trial of Sacrifice, you’ll need to sacrifice something at every round to complete it successfully.”

“You can choose to quit at any time, but quitting in the middle won’t let you obtain the final reward. To quit, all you need to do is sacrifice the cursed woman.”

“Now I’ll ask you for the final time Myriad G.o.d Sword wielder. are you willing to take part in the Trial of Sacrifice?”


While Jian Shen answered without any hesitation since he didn’t know what this trial was about, Qingyu and Juew.a.n.g, however, weren’t willing to let this happen.

And since they couldn’t convince Jian Shen to forget about that cursed woman, they’ll just have to convince the trial’s spirit.

“Can’t you make an exception for us and let us all leave?”

“We can… “

Interrupting Juew.a.n.g, the gender less voice spoke very loudly with clear anger in its voice.

“The spirit of an incomplete Heavenly Creation and the spirit of a wannabe Heavenly Creation are not worthy enough to try and bargain with me!”

Once it silenced the two of them from speaking, the trial’s spirit took measures to make sure that only Jian Shen and Meirong could take part in the trial while it took the two swords and the World Crest on his away.

“The first part of the Trial of Sacrifice is related to your physical body.”

“I want you to sacrifice a part of your body. It must either be an arm, a leg, your torso or your head.”

“You have one day to decide on what you’re willing to sacrifice.”

“If you fail to make a decision, I’ll consider it as you failing the trial.”

Once it finished speaking, the trial’s spirit no longer spoke any words and left Jian Shen to think about what he would want to do.

“A part of my body?!”

Stunned by what the trial’s spirit was asking him to sacrifice, Jian Shen who doubted that this was all it would take for him to clear the trial guessed that he would have to sacrifice even more vital parts next.

“You should leave.”

“Shut up.”

“Just forget about me. What that woman said is completely true. Why try and save me when all I do is bring bad luck to you?”

“Shut up.”

Covering the just woken up Meirong’s mouth with his hand, Jian Shen who was thinking hard to make a decision did his best to try and ignore her b.r.e.a.s.t.s which were visible after Juew.a.n.g cut her dress on the back.

A part of my body… I can’t give up my right arm… Neither my left arm…. Definitely not my torso or head…. My legs are necessary as well…

Feeling a headache coming up because all of the choices he was given were of the parts which a swordsman like him couldn’t live or thrive without, Jian Shen started thinking about what he should sacrifice depending on how less the impact of it would be on his future.


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