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The Hedonist Sword God is a web novel produced by Ero_Saint.
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Looking at the sword in Juew.a.n.g’s hand, Jian Shen remembered seeing this before. It was one of the nine pieces, of the Myriad G.o.d Sword!

“This is, The Scarlet Nine Tailed Fox Sword.”

Gulping from how beautiful the sword looked, Jian Shen could sense that it had a power in it. At the same time, he could sense that the Scaler Nine Tailed Fox Sword’s aura was close to the Sword of Despair’s.

However, he was sure that if he compared the both of them, the Sword of Despair was better than the Scarlet Nine Tailed Fox Sword.

Most likely, because the Sword of Despair was a complete sword, while the Scarlet Nine Tailed Fox Sword was just a part of Myriad G.o.d Sword.

Also, unlike the Sword of Despair which represented death and bloodthirst, the Scarlet Nine Tailed Fox Sword was a sword of pure destruction.

Just the crimson colour of it, and the destructive aura leaking from it was enough to make Jian Shen get gooseb.u.mps.

“I’m very capable, and can do a lot of things, husband. However, I can’t give you a Bloodline, like this one can.”

Running her fingers over the red sword’s blade, Juew.a.n.g continued, “And obtaining this sword’s Bloodline, will also make it further easier for you to wield me, who shares a few elements with the Scarlet Nine Tailed Fox Sword.”

As she said so, Juew.a.n.g had a proud smile on her have and looked towards Qingyu.

But soon the smile disappeared, as she saw the sunning smile on Qingyu’s face, which made her realize that she had fallen for a trap.

Indeed, Qingyu had long since sensed the aura of the Scarlet Nine Tailed Fox Sword coming from Juew.a.n.g.

Therefore, she materialized and put on an act, forcing Juew.a.n.g who cared the most about Jian Shen’s happiness to give her the sword.

Gritting her teeth from having been played, Juew.a.n.g was about to burst out, when she realized that she had to give Jian Shen the Scarlet Nine Tailed Fox Sword sooner or later.

So giving him right now, in exchange for a kiss, wasn’t a bad deal for her.

Seductively smiling, Juew.a.n.g twisted her body and said, “You want this sword don’t you, husband?”

Saying so she winked towards him, and put on a shy expression, which brought her a scornful look from Qingyu.

Just as she was about to say something, Qingyu frowned as she realized that her time was up. The next moment, without any will of her own, Qingyu’s body turned into that of the Myriad G.o.d Sword and feel into Jian Shen’s stretched palms.

“I really need that sword in Juew.a.n.g’s hands, if I want to stay materialized for a longer time.”

Listening to Qingyu, Jian Shen nodded his head and placed the Myriad G.o.d Sword through his sash.

It wasn’t as if he ever planned on rejecting Juew.a.n.g, in the first place. After all, not only would he get to kiss a beautiful lady, he’d even obtain another piece of the Myriad G.o.d Sword.

What kind of a sane man would ever reject that?

Thinking so Jian Shen walked closer to the excited Juew.a.n.g.

Licking her lips from antic.i.p.ation, because this was going to be her first kiss with Jian Shen, Juew.a.n.g couldn’t hold back and walked in his direction.

No words were needed, because Juew.a.n.g directly closed her eyes and pursed her lips.
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Looking at how s.e.xy Juew.a.n.g looked right now, Jian Shen’s body moved on its own and his arms hugged her by the waist, and brought her into his embrace.

Then, Jian Shen bent his head forward until his lips touched with those of Juew.a.n.g’s.

Once Jian Shen kissed her, Juew.a.n.g who felt very happy placed her hands on the sides of his face, and forced what was supposed to be a quick kiss, into a long one which showed no signs of ending.

Not that Jian Shen was in a hurry to end it, anyway.

Parting their lips, and sucking on each other’s tongues, the both of them very feeling more turned on by the second.

Just when Jian Shen’s hands which were around Juew.a.n.g’s waist, started feeling restless and we’re about to make their way a little lower, Qingyu could no longer stay calm.

“Enough! Are you kissing each other, or searching for treasures down your throats?!!”

Snorting from how Qingyu ruined the moment, Juew.a.n.g handed the Scarlet Nine Tailed Fox Sword to Jian Shen.

“I’m going to turn into my sword form. If I stay close to you like this for long, who knows what I’ll end up doing.”

Saying so Juew.a.n.g turned into the Sword of Despair and hung herself on the other side of Jian Shen’s waist.

Because she truly did mean what she said. After all, unlike in the past, Jian Shen was no longer just as strong as her.

So if in a moment of weakness, Juew.a.n.g ended up forcing Jian Shen into having s.e.x with her, she didn’t know how she would ever face him again.

Therefore, she decided to stay in her sword form as much as possible, unless she felt the need to materialize in the human form.

Also, having spent so many years in her sword form, Juew.a.n.g didn’t feel any discomfort in it.

Holding the crimson red coloured sword, Jian Shen’s hand trembled with pain as he hastily put it inside the World Crest.

Turns out, that his body was too weak, to hold on to the sword which focused on destroying everything, without ever holding back.

Looking at his hands which were red and almost got scorched from just holding the Scarlet Nine Tailed Fox Sword, Jian Shen wiped the sweat off his brows and looked at the seemingly endless forest around him.

“Qingyu, what should I do now?”


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