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Read The Heir is Here: Quiet Down, School Prince! Chapter 755 – I’m Your Own Guardian Angel (3)

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Chapter 755: I’m Your Own Guardian Angel (3)

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations


Hadn’t that mysterious caller disappeared?

She picked it up with trembling fingers. “h.e.l.lo?”

It was that processed voice again.

“Heh, long time no see.”

An Xiaxia nearly dropped the phone. “Didn’t… didn’t you say you would never show up again?”

“Aren’t you curious about who I really am?” The voice guffawed, its tone tantalizing.

An Xiaxia asked involuntarily, “Who on earth are you?”

Who was this person that had threatened her with the safety of her family and forced her to leave Sheng Yize?

“You’ll know soon enough.”

An Xiaxia was utterly baffled. Just then, a bodyguard that had accompanied her here bowed politely. “Madam, please get some rest inside the villa.”

Her head was pounding and she thought it was going to explode any minute. She then stumbled into the villa.

Through the enormous French window, she could see the sea and blue sky outside. It was a luxurious seaside house.

An Xiaxia was in no mood to savor the view. She called An Yibei and Papa An in a hurry.

Both were safe and sound.

Days felt like years staying here alone on the island.

Not too many bodyguards had come with her, but this was a very safe location, somewhere Song s.h.i.+ could never find no matter how capable he was.

However, hidden arrows were much harder to guard against than a spear in the open.

On the fourteenth day after she arrived on the island, An Xiaxia was s.n.a.t.c.hed away in the middle of the night. When she woke up, she had been left alone on a speedboat.

She had no water, no fuel, and no means of communication. It was as if she had been abandoned by the world and she could do nothing but drift on the ocean.

An Xiaxia bit her lip and looked helplessly at the ocean around her.

Back at home.

When the news of An Xiaxia’s disappearance got back to him, Mr. Song was so shocked that he fainted.

With a livid face, Sheng Yize went to the Song family firm himself. He punched Song s.h.i.+ mercilessly without preamble.

“Where is Xiaxia?”

Song s.h.i.+’s face was covered in bruises and he found the accusation absurd. “Do I look like someone that would go after a girl?”

Sheng Yize cursed and punched him again.

The old Sheng family home.

Grandma Sheng paced around with an anxiety-ridden face, while Grandpa Sheng held little Hope in his arms with a look full of despair.

They couldn’t begin to imagine what would happen if anything happened to An Xiaxia…

Grandma Sheng knew better than anyone else how dispirited Sheng Yize had been when An Xiaxia had broken up with him back then.

What if Xiaxia…

Grandma Sheng wiped away her tears. Sitting on the sofa, Sheng Qingyi couldn’t help but console her. “Mum, don’t be too hard on yourself. Crying won’t bring An Xiaxia back!”

“Shut up! You brat!”

Sheng Qingyi pursed his lips. “It’s all the better now that she’s missing. The Song family is too big a chunk for us to chew on. If you ask me, Yize will be better off if he marries a girl from some other family.”

“What did I do to have a son like you?! Xiaxia is your daughter-in-law!” Grandma Sheng scolded in exasperation.

“If you ask me, she’s probably floating somewhere in the ocean. She’s not coming back alive! We better prepare to find Yize another wife…” Sheng Qingyi prattled on. This time, Grandpa Sheng couldn’t take it anymore and began to hit him with his walking stick!

The old man was hale and hearty and he took the beating very seriously. Sheng Qingyi cried out in pain.

Grandpa Sheng only stopped to gasp for air after quite a while. A cold devilish voice than came from the doorway. “How do you know she’s in the ocean?”

They looked up and saw Sheng Yize approach Sheng Qingyi with steady steps.

He grabbed Sheng Qingyi by his collar. “I don’t think I told you about sending Xiaxia to an island. So, how do you know she’s somewhere in the ocean?!”


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